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  1. It's probably personal taste, in my mind they are set firmly against plasma, which have few drawbacks when compared directly, another issue is silent running is alittle hit or miss, the rules are not cast iron, some areas say -% to be detected but full augur sweep automatically detects it requires 'fudging' But this depends on your and your GM's play style, the Pyros is not a bad choice it's relatively easy to fit and does solid damage if you can land your hits, not using mathhammer will give it a soft nurf, it does indeed set fires (if your GM bothers to simulate npc fire, I wouldn't bar 'they're on fire, sucks to be them') where the plasma quality is simple for a GM to complete and very effective. It's a decent gun, but there are better that do more, the only reason I would take one is if I wanted a quick knife fighting ship with little power, like.. a destroyer. And hey, it isn't the Sunsear so good one
  2. That would make the logic implant even less useful man.
  3. Whoa there, I was just engaging the community. PM him?
  4. I like the idea of owning a device that can answer any question. It is entirely within the universe that something like this exists. The Rolodex of Secrets: Ordo Chrono Published by yourself.
  5. This is pretty dang sweet. Wonderfully interesting
  6. For me, is when a plan comes together. All the hard work, prep, lore, story telling, manipulation, blood and tears are worth it when an Arch completes perfectly. Normally completely different to how I imagined.
  7. RakGol? they have wonderful turret ratings and a can do attitude, turret rating 5 is no slouch. Also bombers are speed 6, so they can be kited by a high mobility ship right?, a circle strafing heavy raider perhaps, if you out-turn them, they cant move fast at you and cant get the bombers in range reliably to do anything, they could also break-off at any point and be untouchable, but of course PC's are clever but its a valid if simple tactic, sadly the minutia of space combat is alittle beyond me without too much practice.
  8. Im not so sure, they normally go to length to tell you if its a pair, instead the blurp is 'normally taken as a pair' etc. In my mind its for one, the rest I blame on FAC being incredibly dodgy.
  9. Though doesn't solve anything you guys mentioned, Ram ships, are just downright snazzy, if they tag your PC ship, they'll know about it.
  10. Isnt this similar to how Dead Space 1 mined ore? crack open a planet and use the magical powers of gravity to 'lift' chunks of planet to access the valuable tasty core of minerals, I would think its possible in 40k, give or take GM discretion, players rolling around opening up planets for a small PF bump would be alittle .. well.. un-heroic, one off 'salvage this endeavor because we done messed up' would seem suitable.
  11. Enjoy what you can of 40k, they have been adding silly stuff for a while now, I am concerned they would do such wholesale butchering of established and interesting fluff to no doubt replace it with a less cool, more campy alternative.
  12. Accused of Heresy by a Monodominant Lord-Inquisitor, spends a number of comics running around but ultimately cleared of the Heresy but nolonger welcome within the Sisterhood.The classic =D Temple Tendency sabotage of her career? they hate Sisters like it's their job.Calixian Synod isnt 100% pure after all. Chosen from the Schola Progenium by the Sisterhood, amidst training was uplifted into Inquisitor service, and we all know thats 100% safe. I love the Sisterhood and look to them often in my stories where it makes sense.
  13. Hard, hard issue to take on fairly, I would talk to the player and hammer out a good working house rule that makes you both happy and keep your hair firmly in your head.
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