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  1. I asked FFG: "If a sabotage marker is present in the system containing the Death Star Under Construction, does that prevent the Death Star from deploying when it reaches the end of the build queue?" Corey's answer: "The Sabotage mission is intended to work only in systems that have a resource icon. If the Rebels could use this in a remote system then the Imperial player would be unable to remove the sabotage marker. I hope this answers your question!"
  2. No, the leader in carbonite is treated as captured, so he can be interrogated. Maybe they thaw out his face, ask him a bunch of questions, and then freeze him again??
  3. Don't worry, my group has one of those people too, and it's definitely me.
  4. There seems to be a lot of rules lawyering going on with this game. Not sure if it happens to all of them since this is the most I've been involved in a board game forum's discussions, but over on BGG especially there are myriad threads of it. There's always that ONE guy... and unfortunately my playgroup has one. It's you, isn't it.
  5. "Capture Rebel Operative" works the same as other mission cards. After the Empire reveals the card, the Rebels may assign a leader from the leader pool to oppose it. Then, both players roll dice equal to the number of skill points they have in the system that match the skill type of the mission (in this case, Spec Ops). Each side rolls for ALL leaders from their faction that are in the system, including the targeted leader, the leader sent to oppose the mission, and any other leaders that were already in the system from previous actions. If the Rebels have a leader in the system (which they ALWAYS will for "Capture Rebel Operative"), but none of them have Spec Ops skill points, the Empire must still roll and achieve at least 1 success result otherwise the mission fails. The only time they don't have to roll is if the mission is completely unopposed (ie - no enemy leaders in the system).
  6. Just remember that any defending units destroyed by the attacker still get to fire back that combat round before they are cleared off the board. So conceptually the units attack simultaneously but the dice are not rolled simultaneously.
  7. I for one don't really care how many dice you have on the table or if you use an app or what. But just pointing out you aren't really supposed to roll simultaneously. The attacker is supposed to resolve an attack, then the defender. The difference is subtle, but basically the attacker doesn't get the benefit of knowing how well the defender will roll before he has to assign damage and choose what tactic cards to play. If you want to play it differently of course I'm not going to stop you and it probably wouldn't make a difference in the majority of cases anyway but I'm just pointing out what the rules say, because I'm that kind of guy. "Sometimes you just have to roll the hard Direct Hit." - Admiral Adama (paraphrase)
  8. Also I just realized I'm arguing with you even though I think your interpretation makes the game better! But I still think it's worth talking about because in my view this requires an errata so might as well discuss why I think that.
  9. Ok I think I get what you are saying now but I have to say I still don't agree with this interpretation as it still involves "teleporting" the DS. The card text changes the deployment rule in this one case so that the DS is deployed where the DSUC is by replacing it. I'm sure I still haven't convinced you but I hope someone somewhere is finding this discussion useful.
  10. That's an interesting interpretation of the card text but to me, "replace" the DSUC means take the DSUC and put the DS where it was. The DSUC "turns into" a DS. To me it doesn't make much sense for the DS to warp across the map as soon as it's finished. For the Star Destroyer example, the materials to build the thing maybe come from Corellia but it's not necessarily being assembled there. But the DSUC is sitting on the board for three turns, they are working on it RIGHT THERE in Endor or wherever. So they turn the last bolt and suddenly it's in Naboo? Now if it said "remove the DSUC when the DS is deployed," things would be different. But it says "replace." Instead of a DSUC you now have a DS. Why would you suddenly be able to move it across the board?
  11. By definition, "deploying" means putting units on the board after they slide off the build queue. Other effects that put units in a system (like revealing the rebel base) are NOT deploying. Sabotage does not impact those other effects but if it says "deploy" on the card then sabotage prevents it from happening. The whole thing we are discussing is that the Empire CAN deploy a unit to a remote system IF they use the Construct Death Star card (the card text takes precedence over the normal deployment rule). And if there's a sabotage marker there, it can't be deployed. I've already said I don't like this fact and I think it should be changed, but for now that's what the rules say.
  12. Except the card text overrides the normal deployment rule by saying the DS "replaces" the DSUC when it is deployed. Card text takes precedence over the rule book. The problem is, it says the DS replaces the DSUC when it is deployed, so it can't do that if the sabotage marker is preventing it from deploying. If the text said "the Death Star replaces the Death Star Under Construction instead of being deployed," there wouldn't be an issue.
  13. Except the next post he did cancelled that as the Oversee Project card reads (emphasis mine): Resolve in any system that contains an Imperial unit and no Rebel units. Choose 1 Imperial unit on space 1 or 2 of the build queue and DEPLOY it in this system So you can't deploy it in the system where the sabotage marker is as that prevents units from deploying. So I guess the argument is that you then deploy the Death Star to an entirely different system than where the Death Star Under Construction model is? But then that breaks the Construct Death Star which says when the Death Star is deployed it replaces Death Star Under Construction, which is in the sabotaged system. I had an answer to this written up and then took one more look at the rules and I see where I was confused. RR p. 3 says "if the ability is resolved in a system, it can be performed even if there is a sabotage marker in the system." But that is referring to abilities that "place units on the build queue," not ones that "deploy" units. So yes, you are right. There is no way to deploy the Death Star with the sabotage marker there. Doesn't sound like much fun and seems waaaay too easy for the Rebels to prevent the DS from being built so for that reason I think it will be errata'd. But as it stands I see no rules reason preventing it.
  14. Sabotage says "attempt in any system." So it can be attempted in a remote system. As far as I know there is no way to get rid of the sabotage marker. Someone on the BGG thread pointed out that the DS could be deployed even if the marker is there by using the mission card "Oversee Project." This seems like kind of an awkward situation, with the DSUC just sitting there forever unless the Empire is lucky enough to draw that one card. Makes me wonder if the designers intended for it to work like that. On the other hand, the "any system" wording wouldn't make sense otherwise... it would be useless to play it in a remote system. So maybe that was their intention. If so, it seems a little too powerful for the Rebels but I guess we won't know for sure until there is an errata. I think I might house rule this in the mean time because it doesn't seem very fun, at least to me. Either say the DS still deploys even if there is a sabotage marker in the system, or allow an exception so that R&D can be played there.
  15. Learn to Play says Empire wins if DS blows up the Rebel Base's system. Rules Reference says Empire ONLY wins if Rebel Base is revealed. By strict reading, this means destroying the base with DS doesn't win the game unless the base is revealed (since RR takes precedence according the "Golden Rules") I'm about 99.9% positive that this was an oversight on the part of the developers and will be corrected when the Errata/FAQ comes out. In the meantime a few people will insist on being unreasonably pedantic... the rest of us will keep on playing according to rules that make sense.
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