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  1. I play with my 4 year-old son (with simplified rules, of course).
  2. I got the Revised Core Set with some expansion units for Christmas. I love the game and, of course, my almost 5-year-old son wants to play "Daddy's army game" with me. Using very simplified rules and with my guidance, he's actually beat me 9 out of 10 times (the lad can make the dice rolls). However he's still learning to be gentle with the models. For future games that I play with him, I bought some WW2 green and gray plastic army men to use in place of the FF models and that works fine, but he really loves the walker models. I've been looking for something to use as time period appropriate alternatives but haven't really found anything. The closest I can come up with is maybe using Lego Hero Factory toys to use as walkers and super-gluing the pieces together for sturdiness. Has anyone seen or can think of anything that might work better?
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