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  1. That Blasted Samophlange

    Star Wars episode IX

    That this is a seldom trafficked subforum on a website devoted to a miniatures game set in the Star Wars universe, and maybe, just maybe.. people come to the main forum to talk about the game, as opposed to other places which can discuss movies as their main focus? But by all means keep plotting this same course with your hyperbole drive. 🙄 I did just see an interview with Kevin Smith who just visited the set.. and seemed happy, but people will hate him too now because he went Vegan after his heart attack.
  2. That Blasted Samophlange

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I agree with this outlook on Kazuda. However, I don't want them to leave the Colossus. I want them to be defending it from the First Order. I want the entire station to work together for this, for their home. While the resistance is getting tromped elsewhere, I want the people of the Colossus to band together when the First Order comes and say to them, ‘NO!’ In a unified voice. Now more episodes involving fighter battles, yes please, but I want them defending their home, with the occasional mission to get supplies/accomplish a goal. I feel the family/home ideas have been teased and I would like to see more of this.
  3. That Blasted Samophlange

    Luke vs. The Death Star

    Many have watched the Galaxy of Adventure shorts by now, but this is the most impressive. Good use of 3d models, and how they did the effect for the force makes me wish for a new x-wing (or better yet, TIE fighter) game, and not the dumbed down battlefront ships, a proper flight game.
  4. That Blasted Samophlange

    How many CIS and how many republic

    Were I to play a faction other than Imperial, of the two presented above, I would play the CIS. They had some really cool commanders (Greivous, Riff Tamsen, Kalani) that I want to see. Despite the CIS majority here, I think Republic will be more popular. Ironically, clones present more options for creatively decorated armies while still being thematic. While nothing can stop you from painting stormtroopers however you like, we see them only in white, dirty or otherwise, wheras there are so many awesome schemes for the clones. Heck I want to see Plo Kloon and the Wolfpack, but generic jedi general and a personalized clone army is VERY tempting.
  5. That Blasted Samophlange

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    In the quote of yours, in my previous post, the army troops mentioned as being at Endor, are either piloting AT-ST, or (and I honestly don't remember off hand) standing in formation when the Emperor arrives, and possibly some with Vader’s arrival. They are NEVER seen in another role. What we DO see is Stormtroopers being in the infantry role. Now here is the thing with The west end game stuff.. there is nothing in them at the time published that says they are “canon” at all either. The writers creating, did many VERY dumb things in my opinion. They were creating things based on their knowledge base (limited or elaborate based on the individual I'm sure) and also going by single lines. “A legion of my best troops..” = Stormtroopers as elite troops only. “Many bothans died..”. Means all bothans are spies. Etc. The latter is a common thing in fantasy and sci-fi, that of an alien species being genetically defined by one trait - Klingons are warriors for example. It isn't particularly well thought out, but works for quick snippets we see in the shows. WEG is very steeped in nostalgia for many. Much to my chagrin, as I personally feel it was a mediocre system and the amount I hear “but weg did it” on these and even the WotC forums, makes me wish I could round up every existing copy and burn them. Suffice to say I'm not a fan. The only saving grace is that WEG I heard beat out palladium for the RPG rights, so at least there is that. So.. back to these army troops, I think Solo did a fantastic job of incorporating the (IMO only , stupid and superfluous army trooper) by combinig the old weg lore and the more common stormtroopers are the most common infantry as seen in every videogame, movie, comic and everything besides weg products. I feel much of this argument is based on the “it was done this way before..” mindset. Just because something was done one way previously doesn't necessarily make it better (remember in much of the world slavery is considered wrong, but it used to be legal. Things change), nor does something being new make it better. In the case of the mudtrooper/army trooper, Solo found a terrific middle ground. These troops do exist, and are being phased out, and consist of the imperial warmachines dregs. Game wise this will make them a not quite as effective troop as a stormtrooper, which, makes them have the same position and role that weg had in minds, just nowhere near as numerous.
  6. That Blasted Samophlange

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    I think others have mentioned it, but the troops you mention were only piloting the at-st. The imperial Army consists of different jobs, as it were, and stormtroopers are the infantry, the foot based troop. Death troopers are trained to take down vampires and undead, with the former being currently legends still, and the latter being canon thanks to the nightsisters in Clone Wars, obviously. 😜
  7. That Blasted Samophlange

    Uh, soooo... I thoroughly enjoyed Solo

    I liked both The Last Jedi and how he got his name - a middle management go nowhere shmuck who thinks he’s witty.. it was fun and fitting.
  8. That Blasted Samophlange

    Am I the only one..

    Yes. Yes it is.
  9. That Blasted Samophlange

    Am I the only one..

    ..who thinks Palob Godalhi should take extra damage from cannon based attacks?
  10. That Blasted Samophlange

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    While the abilities are alluring, the Krennic sculpt is the seller.
  11. That Blasted Samophlange

    Clone Wars faction EPTs: "DEVOTED" and "TREACHEROUS"

    Devoted to Order 66?
  12. That Blasted Samophlange

    Nubians in the future

    I saw the title and came here to post this if no one else did.
  13. That Blasted Samophlange

    Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure

    I'll watch it.
  14. That Blasted Samophlange

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    To many, the legends stuff is meaningless..
  15. That Blasted Samophlange

    So the Aurore? Large or huge?

    Because there are some that like function over form? Not every ship is a nubian. Some folk can only afford an ugly economy model. Also, when carrying slaves, I doubt the Zygerrians cared what they came in. Real world answer; it is easier to model and render?