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  1. Perhaps that was already done.. there are still the legends fiction being printed. Suurely the legends fiction can endorse that idea. I love the sequels, despite any flaws, because by son has grown up with them they are his era.. ****, Star Wars is probably more his now than mine, and I love every part of that.
  2. The trailer specifically calls out 5 pilots. I'm thinking this an online squad sim, rather than a true flight sim similar to x-wing.
  3. First issue I have with your system is it doesn't seem to go with the design intent for FFG. FFG is trying to make their system work with x-wing products. As it is, I could buy a core set print off the AI and play, requiring nothing else. No additional dice Needed, using what is in the box. That is a good idea for FFG. Second issue; Looking at your AI... it looks complicated. Say I’m running a dozen AI ships. Going between all those charts is going to slow the game down. It seems you are proud of your creation, and that is good, but it is not what FFG is likely to do. They want people to keep buying x-wing products - they are a company, and they aren't likely to start making d10’s and d12’s or whatever your system needs. They are designing their system with existing materiel, namely their dice. Providing a complete overhaul and new AI system (that looks very complicated at first glance) is not providing feedback.
  4. Honestly, I think that Heroes of the Aturi Cluster is so much more elegant in the approach, but, FFG can't use that and considering that the system here is using only what you can get in the official expansions, I think that is a good start. Maybe I'll break out my x-wing stuff again. (Honestly I do prefer Battlestar Galactica for fighter pew pew action, and I’ve been working in my own AI for that)
  5. I've tinkered with making a TIE walker, something to replace the, in my opinion, silly tie crawler design. Basically, all it is is a standard tie cockpit, but the wings are a variable geometry like the vulture droid. The reason being is that a fighter can zoom around in air and space, then land to give troopers support. A versatile platform, able to adapt to any engagement conditions makes it an idea option for a special forces squad, but also for distant garrisons, or an orbiting Quasar-Fire carrier.
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