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  1. My thought is that with The final season of the resistance matching up with the Rise of Skywalker and Kazudo Xiono looking like his actor Christopher Sean.. .. we MAY get a crossover.. which would be awesome! Edit: Looking at the cast.. they could transfer over to live action.
  2. Misread. I wasn't perfectly clear. Each point in the timeline is a year. What I was meaning was that each series could conceivably be confined to that timeframe, each taking place within a years time. Not that they are taking place in the SAME year, only that the timeline seems to only show a year in which the story is taking place. Hope that clears it up.
  3. I know this is being trying humorous, but Isn't he in the middle of a firefight in that scene? Isn't that a good time to be ready to squeeze the trigger? I think this is a good thing for Star Wars. Show that you can tell a gritty story at the same time that you have lighthearted ones. For as long as I can remember people have wanted a more grown up star wars, but at the same time Star Wars should be for everyone I feel. Now, we have the chance to have both.
  4. Very commendable work.. however the layout galls me. As shown, there is no way the empire wouldn't have eliminated the natives before putting their facilities so close. Also, the shield generator is too small. but, that is my only gripe. Visually, they are great. But layout wise, poor.
  5. Agreed, they might not be the “meta”, but they could very well be fun to play. With the numbers you put out above, the First Order exceeds that, and the Resistance can do it as well with what they have. There is also the point that, if the Resistance is built in a way that they are functionally different from the other armies that they can be interesting to play, as well as differentiating from the Rebels. Resistance could be done in a way that requires them to have a bunch of Mini-operatives for corps units - like the Bistan and Pao cards from the pathfinders. Who knows, but there are creative ways that it could be done.
  6. I am aware, that is why I put the caveat “this is where they start”. Regardless, the timeline chart seems to have each notch as a year. Obi-Wan and the Mandalorian seasons could all take place within that time span, or they (disney) are leaving it open as they don't know when it will end. I would be fine with a single season of Obi-wan series if it tells a compelling story. If it is him going off on wacky wizarding adventures, less so. He was supposed to be watching Luke, but not make it look like he was watching Luke.. you know.. stalk casual.
  7. There are lots if interesting tidbits here; the names for the eras Age of republic, rebellion, and resistance; The Obi-wan series seems to be only one season, as does the Mandalorian, but this could be just when they start; Resistance’s last season coincides with the Rise of Skywalker, so likely a time jump in the show; there is a space on that chart for 13 years after the end of Rise of Skywalker in the Age of Resistance.
  8. Actually, this isn't the first time Anakin/Vader utilized carbon freezing on humans, he, obi, some clones and Ahsoka were frozen to sneak into a separatist facility.
  9. Maybe, as the show isn't out yet, and this is a SPOILER, we will likely find out when the show airs. But just a casual look shows the pilot doesn't resemble an imperial at all, so a logical conclusion is that it is not owned and operated by the Empire any longer. That means it has probably been repaired and likely modified, at the very least painted. As Lego tends to do new models all the time of star wars vehicles, incorporating new elements (pieces), they change things but it is also likely a plain old at-st that is operated by “raiders” that the mandalorian is hired to deal with.
  10. While I could do that, it is ridiculous that I should have to. The good news is that it has been announced that it will be launching in Canada at the same time. Also, that it will be on x-box and ps4.
  11. This. My son is the sequel trilogy target. He wants to play Kylo Ren and Rey for Legion. It is why, for me, there will never be a better Star Wars movie than the Force Awakens.. as much as I enjoyed that movie (and I did) it doesn't compare to watching my sun laugh, gasp, and sit in wide eyed wonder at watching that movie. He’s six now and he LOVES the sequels. He would, and will, lose his poodoo when the sequel stuff comes out for this game. Also, he likes general Grievous too.
  12. I think in theory it is a good idea, however, how does it work if a faction grows beyond the analogous units that we see with the Rebels and Empire? What I mean is, say the Galactic Republic only ever got the two corps units, phase I & II clones respectively, but got a huge variety of commander and operative options? Why should each faction need to have the same analogous releases? I uses the above example because we don't see a lot of different clone types in the clone wars. Yes, we do see some, but more often than not, we saw the clones differentiated by how they stylized their armour, rather than function. I could easily (well maybe not easily) paint my same clone troopers up as either the 501st or Plo Kloon’s Wolfpack.m. There could be lesser variety for the republic than the separatists, Who could get more heavies while the republic gets another operative to choose from. as long as the factions remain so cookie cutter, it makes sense, but as the factions evolve that will be less likely. There is also the issue of budgeting, as a player with a limited budget, I already have to pick and choose, I'm sure many that collect multiple factions prefer the spread out release.
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