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  1. That Blasted Samophlange

    Limited Visibility Change

    Agreed. I think this is more of a quality if life change. If anything it speeds up gameplay, and is a lot more concise and clear.
  2. That Blasted Samophlange

    new rules out

    So.. we can let them all hang out? wait.. that sounds dirty..
  3. That Blasted Samophlange

    Clone wars factions speculations

    Okay.. just an equal dose of reality and conjecture here: in terms of how effective stormtrooper armour is; when we see one hit, yes they go down. If you were wearing a bullet proof vest and get shot, if it doesn't kill you will you keep standing? We have evidence on screen of just how much force a blaster bolt imparts. Look at a new hope during the escspe from Mos Eisley. Look at the impact of Boba’s blaster on the wall by Luke in Empire. The fact that a stormtrooper is dropped doesn't equate to being killed. As for Rex, heck every major character in Star Wars and most fiction, they have what I like to call plot armour - which is impervious to all things except enhancing the drama of a story. Rex being wounded was important to that story, which is why it happened. Otherwise the heroes of the story can and do things that would make most people collapse. Rex also has Arc Trooper Armour which may be surdier. As for the game, the clones were better trained than the stormtroopers who were ususlly enlisted (or conscripted) from planetary populations. As such, a red defense and a black attack could be possible. Though two White attack is just as viable, but in either case, a higher cost for each corps unit. A couple other things to factor in; when comparing the effectiveness of trooper armour, don't use major characters in the argument, as noted above. We see just as many, and likely many more clones felled from blaster bolts from B1 droids than we ever see stormtroopers. In regards to the two white dice, the clones were created to deal with the seperatist army. They have weapons to take the fragile foes down, but they often have trouble with any other type of troop (like on Umbara). So if we factor in droids having white defense (or no defense as I've posted above) two white dice is not bad. We know veers has a e-11 with two white. While this is possibly modified, I think it far more likely for him to have better training. So, red defense, two white attack will still make a better quality troop than the stormtrooper. I would also make them have, perhaps, a higher morale of 2, surge to hit seems fair, as well as Disciplined 1. To me, that makes a decent clone trooper. They will, of course, cost more.
  4. That Blasted Samophlange

    AT-ST Down. FFG gives us another awesome preview.

    Have we not seen the movies? I mean, there was at least one real good example of just that happening. Scout trooper did not plan for that tree stump. 😜
  5. That Blasted Samophlange

    AT-ST Down. FFG gives us another awesome preview.

    Is that not only an issue with the mandatory move? Otherwise you can use a lower speed.
  6. That Blasted Samophlange

    Aftermath Novels as Legion?

    I hope so. I actually enjoyed the characters, if not always the writing style. Mr. Bones (HUGS ARE VIOLENCE MADE OF MOVE!) and Sinjir Rath Velus were my favourites. Admiral Sloane is fun too, as well as Norra. At the very least, the empire getting loyalty officers could be interesting if done right.
  7. That Blasted Samophlange

    Clone wars factions speculations

  8. That Blasted Samophlange

    Clone wars factions speculations

    As a side note; I would absolutely LOVE some umbaran units. I mean look at this tech! It deserves to be on the table!
  9. That Blasted Samophlange

    Clone wars factions speculations

    While there ARE a multitude of other posts, I shall post the thought I just had here; What if the b1 didn't have a defense die at all? Now hear me out. The b1 was notoriously fragile, but they did travel in large groups. Lacking a defense die makes them different, and would allow for, perhaps, a few more models in a squad. We HAVE seen them march headlong into battle heedless of incoming fire. Being cut down while even more come. So, lacking a defense die will not be as detrimental. Also, they CAN, and even more so SHOULD, take cover and dodge actions to reduce damage. Let is also theorize that they will also have a white attack die. With no defense, and the above we could get a unit that has say 6 troopers as a base. Remove the heavy slot and instead add two trooper slots, or a single trooper upgrade that adds two models. We could easily get a seperate squad of super battle droids. With obvious better stats, but still fragile, say black attack, and white defense. This IS an improvement, but will likely still be inexpensive. Make a two team STAP, for support, or my preference, a Droideka. Droidekas should be a support, rather than heavy, as there ARE a number of vehicles that will fit. Though, special forces could work I suppose, but I don't see droidekas as being a “trooper” a good choice for the heavy would be the HMP droid gunship. This droid is not too large, and as the picture shows, can take on ground troops. Plus it looks cool. A hailfire droid could work as well, being an analog for the AT-ST, with the gunship being similar to the t-47, though I do seem to recall the gunship hovering.
  10. That Blasted Samophlange

    AT-ST Down. FFG gives us another awesome preview.

    I'm going to pass on this. Frankly, it is not worth it for my very limited gaming budget. I love the concept, but with all the battlefield cards being for the same scenario, the replay and versatility of this expansion is minimal. I honestly see my self playing this a couple of times and it just being terrain. If the objective/battlefield cards were not for a scenario, I would consider.
  11. That Blasted Samophlange

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I'm actually happy about the logistical nature of it. It makes sense why they don't just all out attack, that and the First Order is trying not to show their hand, at least for a few more weeks.
  12. That Blasted Samophlange

    The First Thing I Thought Off

    Great if you want to minorly inconvenience a Jedi.
  13. Apples to oranges here.. they are two different types of games.
  14. My hope, is that the lack of corps diversity at this point is because the powers that be are making whatever the next corps release be, more customizable. I think the biggest weakness is that all Corps squads look the same. Exact same poses, exact same heads every rebel squad has a duros, etc. All Stormtrooper leaders are singing their orders opera style,
  15. That Blasted Samophlange

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    The real problem is this is a liscenced property. With any liscence it includes the characters seen onscreen as people relate to, despise, or root for them. We see them do amazing things, that others can't pull off because they are heroes (in the protagonist/antagonist sense, not that they are just the ‘goodguys’). FFG is not making a generic wargame ruleset. Or even their own intellectual property. They are doing star wars, and to many, that is consisting of the named characters. Making our own mark (with generic units) is not the primary business model for FFG or this game. Now that being said, I will be among the first to say that the generic units make for a BETTER game. The removal of the flashy bits (unique heroes with scores of abilities) makes for a more visceral and tactical game. You have to rely on actual thinking and planning as basic or generic units are so squishy and offer only the most simple synnergy as opposed to the best combo or list building. Sadly, FFG’s star wars miniature games are more of a CCG deck building game with a minor in posistioning. But, still, it works for them sales wise. At least Legion is, so far, the least egregious concerning this design philosophy, as I have had stormtroopers beat Vader in a melee brawl - lucky dice to be honest, but the basic corps units can do damage. Currently, I run Darth Vader with every list I make. The reason for this is I cannot afford to purchase every release, of multiples of packs, so I need to fill out the points. The named individuals do this, and while they ARE effective, they will usually succumb to an opponent that has far more activations. Also, there are still a limited number of units availiable, and apart from buying multiples of releases, some may find it hard to fill out a list, currently, unless including the named characters. Now, as time goes on, and my army grows, I will personally field the Named characters less and less. I would also love it, though not likely to happen, if FFG actually did tournaments without any unique upgrades or units.