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    deinol got a reaction from steamdriven in Is 20$ worth it for just a beta?   
    H.B.M.C. said:
    Why are you still here?

    You obviously have grave issues with this entire process, so why are you sticking around? If you don't want to be involved, and find the idea of being involved so utterly repugnant, then why are you actively antagonising others here on the board set up for those who chose (note: 'chose', not 'were forced') to buy the Beta and are participating normally?

    Your posts serve no purpose and you are just repeating yourself. Go away!

    I know I'm here complaining precisely because I want to be involved in the process, but I object to how it is being done. I've been buying 40k RPG books for quite sometime. My Dark Heresy book has the Black Industries logo. I have a shelf full of Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch books. But I haven't purchased a single PDF because I feel FFG prices theirs too high. 
    I would prefer a free, open, public beta. I think those are better for the business (exposure to a wider market, more feedback, etc.) But I do understand that it is FFG and GW's choice on how they handle things.
    I would participate if spending the $20 meant a discount on *either* the final PDF or the hardcover. Hell, I'd participate if it was pre-order the hardcover and get the Beta PDF.
    But as it stands now, I will not participate. And this is the best place to tell FFG why.
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