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  1. The other thing that would be nice about it is getting it all in one place. Right now there a couple Eldar stats scattered here and there in a few books. If we had a book that looked at them as a threat, giving stats for most of the unit types you'd expect from the table top, and maybe an optional appendix that has a career path for the exiled Eldar pirate who could possibly work as a Rogue Trader crew member. Orks I could also see getting similar treatment. Has there been any indication of how much material will be in the Xeno Compendium?
  2. Errant said: Writing enough material about the Eldar to fill a book without going over the bounds of what GW's IP guys will permit would be tricky, I'd imagine. Maybe I'm not understanding the nature of the license. I'm not asking for the invention of a bunch of new IP, the lore about Eldar already exists in GW's material. I just want RPG stats for things like Harlequins, Exodites, Aspect Warriors, Guardians, etc.
  3. Xeno Compendium will be very nice, but I still really want an Eldar book. I'm sure others are just as interested in some of the other major races.
  4. What I would really like to see is a series of books focusing on the major alien races. Eldar, Orks, Tyranids, Tau, etc. Style them like the Skaven book for WFRP 2E. Details on the races, their culture, and how to make characters with them. These can either be used as villains in the normal 3 games, or optionally as players in either Rogue Trader or their own games. If they are written under the assumption you have the Rogue Trader (or another core book), you can easily fit all the rules and background info in something like a slim 128 page book. I love all 3 games, but I would like to see some exploration into the alien races. Of course, another Creature book (for either RT or DW) would be nice as well.
  5. Reading the rules of Dark Heresy, getting a Righteous Fury rolls a single d10 (for each 10 rolled). Looking at the rules for Rogue Trader it looks as if a Righteous Fury gives you an entire damage roll (the example is 1d10+2 again.) The Rogue Trader version looks incredibly powerful, especially when you are using something like a Heavy Bolter (with tearing) where you can be rolling a number of hits already (3d10) and likely to RF at least once during a full-auto attack. Is the rules difference intentional? Is there something I'm missing? Looking at the Deathwatch quick rules, it looks like it is back to the Dark Heresy method (a single additional die.)
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