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  1. I have an easy solution for my home game: Combine Assault Marine with Chaplain. Replace the Assault Marine starting gear with Chaplain gear. Add the chaplain advances to the Assault Marine advances. Presto, instant Chaplain career. I'm fairly certain it will still be less powerful than a devestator with a heavy bolter.
  2. You have to remember, FFG doesn't send to stores directly. They send it to a distributor, and the distributor sends it to stores. If your local game store doesn't have it yet (in the US at least, international may take longer) your store's manager should be on the phone to their distributor complaining about lost business due to the distributor's slowness. Or they should find a new distributor.
  3. boruta666 said: in many countries RoB will be in april or even later. btw there is very good House Rule set for Raven Guard, balanced and accurate. This forum has terrible search capabilities. Link?
  4. Delays in getting to stores are probably not actually FFGs fault. They send a bunch of books to distributors. If it has arrived in any store on time, it means they sent it to the distributor. How long it takes the distributor to get the product to the store can depend on a lot of factors. If your store has trouble getting product to the shelves on time, complain to them. They should complain to their distributor. Assuming the problem isn't: I forgot to order that, which is far too often the case in small stores. Or a lot of smaller stores only order product once a month to save on shipping, etc.
  5. DW Space Marine said: And anybody knows when would be available PDF for buy? FFG has a policy to let books be in stores for some amount of time before being sold as PDFs. I think it is about a 2 month delay, but I could be wrong by up to 4 weeks in either direction. Of course, I personally think their PDFs are overpriced, but I'm spoiled by Paizo and other companies that give free PDFs with purchase.
  6. From experiences Paizo customers have had with new releases through Amazon, I can assure people that delays at Amazon are almost certainly Amazon's fault. FFG, Paizo, and other RPG companies do not sell to Amazon directly. They sell to distributors like Alliance. Game stores and Amazon both order from Alliance. However, Amazon is cheap by being a juggernaut. Alliance doesn't ship to Amazon. Amazon sends a truck over to Alliance to pick up orders when they feel like it. This can be a week or more after the book has been sitting in the Alliance warehouse. RPGs aren't a large enough portion of Amazon's sales for them to care about being the first ones to market on books. They order in bulk to get deep discounts, but are fairly slow about when they get things into Amazon's warehouse. Once in an Amazon warehouse, they do process orders and ship things fairly quickly. So the short answer is: Pre-ordering from Amazon means a cheap book, but it will arrive anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after the release date.
  7. Daisuke said: Honestly, at this point I'm starting to think somebody at FFG really hates the Wolves, or at least has some vested interest in making them such an unattractive choice that no one wants to play them. Or maybe they just paid attention to the Space Wolf Codex which doesn't have Chaplains? The problem with Space Wolves is they are one of those chapters that doesn't follow any of the Codex Astartes rules. So either you make them just like every other chapter (which means they aren't really Space Wolves) or you make a bunch of special rules for all the special types of Space Wolf characters. We haven't seen a list of all the specialties available in Rites of Battle, but I would expect at least one Space Wolf only specialty. PS: I blame everything that is wrong with Space Wolves on GW.
  8. I'm not sure why FFG doesn't like branching career paths. Particularly since they have provided quite a few alternate career ranks, which are like mini-branches really. I always liked the mix and match career system in the Fantasy RPG (1st and 2nd editions) and wish the 40k RPGs were a little more flexible. I do think they did a good job with Deathwatch having multiple parallel advances to choose from.
  9. This is a great web-supplement. Thanks FFG!
  10. I would definitely run an all eldar pirate game, so this is great stuff. I think a fan-based eldar supplement could have a lot of uses, both for players and GMs. So keep it coming!
  11. One house rule we adopted to make Tactical marines more flexible is allow the special ability to share chapter abilities to work both ways. IE, allow tac marines to count as being another chapter when another character uses a chapter squad mode ability. It lets a tactical marine be useful even when he's not acting as leader. Using an assault marine isn't a bad choice either. It really just depends on how shooty you want to be.
  12. MILLANDSON said: If you looked at the release schedule, you'd know already. MILLANDSON said: If you looked at the release schedule, you'd know already. Unless you know something I don't, "Expected by Winter" is a fairly broad range of dates from now until late March.
  13. Finally they fixed Righteous Fury to sane levels!!! Thank you FFG!
  14. What I would do is make the two +10 advances depend on chapter. Overall, this is looking really nice, I might steal it for my game.
  15. Kyorou said: deinol said: I don't get why people use novels as a reference point for starting characters. Do you think Aragorn is a level 1 ranger at the beginning of Lord of the Rings? Experienced characters should be able to emulate characters from a story, but RPGs always start below that and leave room for improvement. Always ? Feng Shui doesn't, nor does Agone and other non-reward-based systems. I can understand why DH took the zero-to-hero approach (it is the most common) but it was in no way a necessity. Ok, not always. Traveller also tended to have characters not advance much beyond character creation. But most games have an experience progression from weaker to more powerful. As it is between the 3 games there are plenty of starting power levels available. Deathwatch starts a little too high for my tastes (at least as a longer game, it is perfect for one-shots as is), but I like having the option of starting a game with rank 1s in Dark Heresy.
  16. The "Imperial Munitorum Manual", an in-character book for Imperial Guard, has a great flow chart on whether to allow a requisition or report the requester to the inquisition. Not specific to the sisters, but it has a lot of cool little forms that give one a good idea of what the Imperial Bureaucracy is like.
  17. I don't get why people use novels as a reference point for starting characters. Do you think Aragorn is a level 1 ranger at the beginning of Lord of the Rings? Experienced characters should be able to emulate characters from a story, but RPGs always start below that and leave room for improvement. I like that I can always use a Rank 2 Guardsman to represent your average infantryman. PCs are the ones that stand above and grow beyond that point, but I much prefer a low start and a long progression so I can tailor things to my specific game. Just look at all the conversation about what pre-deathwatch marines look like on the other forum. Even if PCs are starting at a certain level of experience, it would be nice to have a progression for scouts and normal marines for comparison and NPCs. If you want to start out a little stronger just begin the game at rank 2 or 3.
  18. Actually if I recall the original WD article about implants a scout only has the first few to start with. During the 4-5 years as a scout they get a few more, becoming a full marine with the black carapace implant at around age 18. Ranks 1-3 of their career would be while they are still on their homeworld. Only the best of the primitive warriors from the feral recruiting world become marines. This topic would probably get more discussion over in the Deathwatch forums. I definitely would like to see a career chart that allowed for starting as a scout and moving up through the ranks pre-deathwatch. I suspect it will be at least 2 years before FFG has room on the schedule to tackle the topic however.
  19. deinol


    I agree that minis aren't necessary, but they can be fun. I also have a fairly wide collection from back when I originally played 40k, Space Hulk, Tyranid Attack, and Necromunda a decade ago. Even if you aren't using them on a grid it can still be fun to have one for your character. Any game I play in for more than a couple months I would want a miniature for. My biggest problem is half the stuff I would want to add to my collection is out of print.
  20. I'm not an apologist for FFG. There are things I think are mistakes, like Righteous Fury rules in RT/DW. There are design decisions I disagree with, like "astartes" bolter damage. I'm just also realistic. FFG doesn't have an active presence on these boards. FFG is very slow to make errata. So all we are left with is fans trying to figure out how to fit things into their games. I myself have no problem with full confessional service being rare or nearly unavailable to lowly citizens. If you want to make them more common feel free to lower the price. Myself I would probably go with a common confessional which has no specific in-game benefit costing 5 thrones and taking about 5 minutes in game. The full confessional for 75 thrones would be a half hour ceremony with chanting, prayer, incense, and whatever other ritual trappings are required. But seriously, of errors FFG needs to "FIX RIGHT NOW BARGLE", this one seems low on the list because how many games will it actually affect? As a long time player of 40k games, I'm used to the background being changed frequently at the whims of GW. I stick to older fluff if I like it better. Make your game how you want it. Speaking of which, I have some Squat house rules to go work on...
  21. I do really like the idea (from Traveller) that you can't jump in near a massive body (planet, star, etc). So typical travel is a day or two of moving away from a planet on thrusters, a week in the warp, then a day or so of using thrusters to get close to your destination. That of course gives pirates a chance to strike with fast thruster ships hanging around near the jump in spots. As for the time in the warp, the chart can probably use a little tweaking. Warp time should always be a function of GM discretion anyway.
  22. deinol


    I don't know how many are still available, but the Necromunda line of miniatures work well for Dark Heresy. Necromunda was a skirmish game about gangs in hive worlds, so a lot of PCs (and the scum they fight) will look like them (at least to start). This reminds me, I need to find which box has my adeptus arbites miniatures. I think those are long out of print. Sisters of Battle and Imperial Guard are still widely available though, as are most of the xeno threats you might be interested in. I believe Reaper minis also has a line of non-fantasy miniatures that include some good sci-fi figures. GW used to have a list of independent retailers that sold GW stuff. I don't know if they still maintain that list. If you tell us where you live we can probably give recommendations. Or there is always ordering direct from GW's website. Does anyone know of a good online store that sells GW minis for less than full retail? I haven't purchased any GW stuff in years.
  23. Adam said: As usual a clear mistake is attempted to be excused with a very shakey in-game reason, rather than simply admitted as an error and then fixed. I don't believe anyone responding above is an actual employee, just helpful fans. I haven't read the book, but as others suggest it doesn't sound unreasonable to assume the confession/blessing cost is for higher level clerics to perform with an in-game benefit to the recipient. A commoner can likely get a no-in-game-effect blessing from a lower ranking cleric for much cheaper. Or, if that double standard bothers you, then just remember life is hard in the Imperium. Suck it up peasant scum.
  24. It's an artifact of the inflation of Bolter stats in Deathwatch. I scaled mine back to be closer to Rogue Trader levels, which I feel are a better reflection of the weapon differences in the tabletop game. Of course, I'm of the opinion that tabletop is an accurate representation of the 40k universe and trumps other sources (novels, etc). Here's what I use, which makes Plasma a reasonable specialist choice: Bolter (Astartes), Basic, 100 m, S/2/4, 1D10+6 X, Pen 5, Clip 28, Full, Tearing Storm Bolter (Astartes), Basic, 100 m, S/2/4, 1D10+6 X, Pen 5, 60, 2 Full, Storm, Tearing Bolt Pistol (Astartes), Pistol, 30 m, S/2/-, 1D10+6 X, Pen 5, Clip 8, Full, Tearing Heavy Bolter (Astartes), Heavy, 120 m, -/-/10, 2D10+3 X, Pen 6, Clip 60, Full, Tearing Plasma Gun (Astartes), Basic, 100 m, S/2/-, 1D10+7 E, Pen 6, Clip 40, 4 Full, Volatile Plasma Cannon (Astartes), Heavy, 150 m, S/-/-, 2D10+10 E, Clip Pen 8, Clip 16, 5 Full, Blast (1), Volatile Plasma Pistol (Astartes), Pistol, 30 m, S/2/-, 1D10+7 E, Clip Pen 7, Clip 12, 3 Full, Volatile
  25. For those who have had a chance to look at it, how is it? I'm curious about Sisters of Battle, but I have this book on my maybe list. The books on Arbites and Guard that are coming later will be must haves, but this one I need to be wowed. What is inside that will wow me?
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