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    Ork Weaponz

    Heh, I converted the burna before I found all the good stuff in Into the Storm. Once I did find Into the Storm I was mostly looking up power klaws and stikk bombs, and skipped over the burna entirely. Edit: My conversion was pretty close though. Clip is slightly larger, dam is +1, range is 15m instead of 20m. If I get around to converting any of the other weapons from TT I'll post them as well.
  2. deinol

    Ork Weaponz

    I'm prepping myself for running Frozen Reaches and want to diversify what the ork hordes will be wielding in battle. I know Into the Storm currently has the best selection of ork weapon info to date. Are there any other ork weapon stats floating in other books that I should dig up? While we are at it, are there any other ork stats in books besides RT, Creatures Anathama, Into the Storm, and Frozen Reaches? I noted that the ork burna in TT have the same stats as a standard flamer, so I figure add "unreliable" to a flamer and that's probably all I need for conversion.
  3. One of their developers has said on their forums that it will be available to the public outside of the grand masq, they just haven't released the details yet. I know they say they have no plans for more oWoD material, but I'm sure they will look at the sales of this book. If it sells out quickly, that will show that there is demand.
  4. In a completely unrelated note: http://blog.vampirethemasquerade.com/ a 20th anniversary edition of VtM has just been announced. I hope everyone buys it and convinces WW to resurrect the old lines.
  5. Last I checked an IG company had between 2-6 platoons. A platoon has between 3-6 squads. Most companies end up within the 100-300 trooper range.
  6. I have to agree with Peacekeeper. It would have been nice to see an Imperial Navy career.
  7. All editions start out with a peak of sales which off over time. So of course the peak sales of nWoD are higher than the tail end of oWoD when the all of the really popular topics have already been covered. What I'm arguing is that nWoD peaked lower and dropped off faster than oWoD. How is oWoD more suited to an MMO than nWoD? If that is so, which of those reasons don't also make oWoD a better RPG? I can also assure you that popularity is the most important thing a brand has. The fact that oWoD still has enough popularity to even be considered for a new MMO means they think it is a stronger brand than nWoD. Business decisions are based on perceived potential sales, not the "quality" of the game. Yes, the industry has changed. And the players in the industry have adapted. D&D is still a top brand. WoD used to be #2. In the last decade it has declined dramatically. In an industry where niche games like Traveller and Earthdawn have a stronger 2011 release schedule than WoD, I can only conclude that WW has failed somewhere along the way. Vampires are still popular. RPGs are still popular. Why do you think White Wolf has fallen so far? Dresden Files was the number 5 brand in Q3 2010. So whatever happened to White Wolf?
  8. Wow, I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. There are two releases scheduled on WW's "Future Releases" page, both in the October-December section. One for Mage, one for Exalted. I miss you WW.
  9. You can't make a space wolf army that is just 5 guys in terminator army and a dreadnought anymore? As to the bolter vs rock debate, a space marine can only throw one rock per round, it has no penetration and has those pesky primitive drawbacks. A bolter (with tearing) averages more damage, has a higher penetration, and most importantly can fire full auto. I prefer my game to run closer to TT. I understand not everyone does. My Imperial Munitorium Manual states that anyone without bionic augmentation shouldn't fire a boltgun on anything beyond single shot mode. I'm tempted to house-rule that normal guys have to treat a boltgun as a heavy weapon (IE, brace) on semi or full-auto. But I think 1d10+5 Pen 4 is plenty good damage.
  10. Since my account of White Wolf's decline came into question, I will restate it. I admit that before I mixed facts with conjecture and my own opinions a little too freely. Theory: Old World of Darkness is more popular than New World of Darkness. Fact: While the initial release of nWoD boosted sales, they never reached the heights of the old versions. Fact: New releases of nWoD books have slowed to a trickle. Fact: White Wolf was sold to CCP. Fact: CCP considers the table top RPG a "legacy" product. Fact: CCP has announced a Vampire MMO based on the oWoD universe. Fact: Official nWoD LARPs lost enough players to unofficial oWoD LARPs that they resanctioned official oWoD LARPs. Fact: Modern day vampires are still a very popular genre. Look at Twilight and the entire "supernatural romance" section at your local bookstore. Anecdote: I was an oWoD LARP storyteller for many years. I came in contact with a lot of oWoD fans. Anecdote: The majority of my friends who liked the oWoD dislike the nWoD. Anecdote: The one person I know that likes the nWoD disliked the oWoD. Anecdote: Unlike D&D, I have never heard complaints about mechanical changes to explain why existing fans disliked the new system. My Conclusion: In trying to attract new players with their new game, they alienated a larger number of existing fans. Vampire the Requiem is a different game than Vampire the Masquerade. Existing fans would have rushed to buy a 3rd edition of VtM with streamlined rules. While they gained new converts, they lost far more than they gained. It could be argued that the change in format led to the decline, but I doubt this. Everyone seems to like the 1 core + supplement format. On the other hand, it could be argued that multiple points of entry of the old system led to increased exposure and helped build its initial popularity. I don't have enough information to judge one way or another. I do have to conclude that content wins out over format. With the announcement that Daemonhunters will contain rules for using Grey Knights in Deathwatch, I have no fear that they will be unable to support multiple lines. Even if a line becomes less popular, new content can still be generated for it under existing lines. As long as FFG keeps making books people are interested in buying, they are making good business decisions.
  11. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not as active with Rogue Trader as I am with the other games. I'm more likely to play Deathwatch or Imperial Guard (DH). So what sort of info do they have on ground assaults? How detailed is the info on the Imperial Navy?
  12. FFG only has control over when it arrives at a distributor. Even if they specify a release date to the distributors, those distributors often send the book out early. When you are talking about a worldwide distribution, which countries distributors get it first is going to very by a couple weeks. Usually if a store doesn't know when a book is coming, it's usually because they are too lazy to actually call the distributor and ask. If you haven't seen them on the phone with the distributor, it probably means they didn't call. If the distributor doesn't within a few weeks of release, they aren't doing their jobs right. Amazon is another matter entirely. They set a release date when they first put the product in the database. This is usually months and months before and is a wild estimate. When that estimate arrives they add 2d4 weeks and call that the new release date. They could call the distributor and ask, but they simply don't care. From what I hear, they don't even have shipments sent to them. Amazon sends a truck to the distribution center to pick up their orders. Depending on the distributor they are working with, they may only be getting stuff once a month. Amazon doesn't care about getting stuff quickly. They know you'll wait for 20-40% off. Once it is in an Amazon warehouse, they do ship out very quickly. But they take their time stocking the warehouse in the first place. If you want a book at release, use a local game store. Or at the very least a local website. Paizo.com is pretty good for the US, and I get a %10 off for being a Pathfinder subscriber. I'm also lucky in that my local game store (dice house games) gives 10% off pre-orders and special orders. So I understand why FFG would be reluctant to specify a street date, because it will always be wrong for 90% of the world, and almost always vary because of the distribution chain. I did find an interesting article here: http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/19601.html That basically advocates the gaming industry start setting standard release dates. Everyone knows Movies come out on "Friday" and comics come out on "Wednesday", why don't RPGs come out on a set day?
  13. The news says "Available Now". Who has a copy? Does it have cool stuff? Convince me I should buy it.
  14. Old WoD made them tons of money and made them rivals to D&D in popularity. New WoD has barely a trickle of releases now and they are begging for money from an MMO company. The lesson I take from this is that a good game setting is far more important than which way the rules are released. I know some people prefer nWoD over oWoD, and I don't really think one game is better than the other. Just that the new one was designed to appeal to people who didn't like the old one, which mostly meant half their regular customers stopped buying their books. ~50% loss for a ~20% gain didn't work out that well for them.
  15. Maybe I'm unique, but I find the supplements useful across the line. Example, I plan on running Frozen Reaches (RT), except instead of a Rogue Trader crew the characters will be Imperial Guardsmen (DH) deployed to assist the planet. I plan on converting some of the larger battles into hordes (DW) and use imperial assets and reward honors and marks (Rites of Battle, DW). The core books are about $10 more than the equivelant book would be as a supplement. So far my extra $20 has given me hours of entertainment. I'm willing to chip in another $10 more for additional rules on chaos. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  16. I as a customer want lots of supplements available for the game I play. If you look at last Quarters sales report, Warhammer Fantasy RPG does better than all the 40k lines combined. Yet if you look at the number of published supplements for the 40k lines, there are more of them than there are for Warhammer. Thus, the multiple line strategy has made more supplements possible. Giving me lots of available supplements. Seems like a good deal to me. I would rather have a lattice of interconnecting rpgs that support each other and grow the overall game, than one rpg that doesn't make enough money for them to continue support. Sometimes the best business decision is the best customer decision, because it allows more products to come to market at all. That said, when 2nd Edition rolls around, I would like better compatibility between the lines.
  17. @Lynata - I doubt they will make Grey Knights weaker than DW characters. While I would have liked marines in DW to have been a little less potent, that's not the direction FFG chose. But in theory all 3 lines are in the same system/setting. My guess is they will be on par, but have psychic squad mode powers. That's what would make since to me. But I haven't played TT since 2nd Edition, but that's what I remember them to be like (a whole squad counting as 1 psycher). I am interested in seeing how they integrate the material. The book should be a useful guide for anyone wanting to mix Deathwatch with Dark Heresy.
  18. Warhammer 3E is only slightly newer than Dark Heresy. I find it interesting that released to date: WFRP 3E - 15 products DH - 12 products RT - 6 products DW - 4 products 40kRPG - 22 products So while any particular line has received less support than WFRP, (and really, several of those products are actually re-releases of the material from the core set split into smaller packages) the 40krpg line overall has received a lot more support. So more targeted lines have actually allowed FFG to make more supplements. As a 40k fan, I think this is a pretty good deal.
  19. Blood Pact said: You all seem to be taking it for granted that not everyone buys in to every game line. And that an expansion book for Rogue Trader doesn't help someone who only plays Dark Heresy and only has Dark Heresy books, or vice versa. Suddenly you need to go out and buy the core book and expansion in question, or you just don't buy it at all. That isn't exactly true. I've used Creatures Anathema with Rogue Trader without any need to refer to the Dark Heresy book. Yes, putting a book in another line makes it less likely that a person will look at it. It may make certain things harder to use. But the systems are compatible enough that you can easily get some use out of an expansion for any of the game lines. If needing it to be a stand alone book is what it takes for the book to be produced, I'll happily pay the extra $10 for repeated (hopefully with all the most recent errata) core rules.
  20. I'm fairly certain the "these bolters are different" debate can go back to the Deathwatch forums. I've said all I need to say over there, and house rule my bolters to be the same. This thread should be about what kind of chaos cultists we can play. I really prefer the Dark Heresy level of game. I hope the rules provide a wide range of playable ranks.
  21. When I told my friend about the announcement he said, "They keep hitting the money tree, don't they?" My thought was, if it keeps dropping money, why not? If this works better for them financially, and it makes it more likely for them to produce more (like an eldar or an ork game), then I am all for it. A lot of books have crossover potential. I keep wanted to run Frozen Reaches using Dark Heresy rules as an Imperial Guard campaign. I'm definitely using Creatures Anathema for all 3 games. If you don't feel it adds enough to your game, don't pick it up. I for one can't wait to have more robust chaos rules.
  22. I want to play a follower of Necoho the Doubter, Chaos god of Atheists. Always been my favorite.
  23. I know I will buy it. I've got the 3 core books so far. There are plenty of books from each line that I am still interested in picking up. Whether or not I actually play a chaos game I am not sure, but I will use these for villains in any of the other 3 games. I'm really looking forward to the Xenos Compendium and Mark of the Xenos as well. I don't mind "core" books if they maintain good cross compatibility. I suspect they know what they are doing when it comes to sales.
  24. I really wish there was a central "40k RPG" forum. Subforums for each game are certainly a must, but there are plenty of topic crossover and I hate having to look at 4 forums to keep up to date.
  25. My home chapter has always been the Raptor Legion (see Badab War) and as such I've always had them favor Mark VI armor. (Raptors have beaks, right?) So when I play I want to be a Raptor marine in Mark VI armor. I'm disappointed that it feels like powergaming to take that option. I would have been perfectly happy if there were another drawback or two for the older armors. I will likely tweak the numbers for my own home game. Like I already did with most of the Astartes weapons anyway. I definitely like the idea of being able to use the rules for an older time period. Horus Heresy anyone?
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