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  1. Assuming he isn't carrying a backpack ammo supply or extra clips? I still say bolt pistol. When he runs out of ammo he can throw rocks that hit harder than a lasgun. Assuming he hasn't taken a weapon from the first 8 guys he's killed that is more effective than a lasgun. Hint: Any other weapon in the game. Ok, not a las pistol. Those are more like ammo for his rock throwing.
  2. Bolt pistol. Tearing + penetration is better than ... did a lasgun have any pros?
  3. I do hate it when people role-play space marines as big dumb jocks. Space marines are genetically enhanced to be smarter on average as well as stronger and tougher. I know smart people can be jerks too, but I would expect space marines to behave better. It's not the game, those players are just jerks.
  4. Those were the good old days. I do feel sorry for that 5% of marines who weren't given a boltgun and had to make do with a lasgun or autogun. And 20% of special weapons marines got a shuriken catapult. Sadly, despite some of the strange idiosyncrasies of the Rogue Trader era marines, I do tend to prefer the older material. Things were a little rougher and down to earth back then.
  5. deinol

    Mark of Xenos

    Just because it has aliens, heretics and chaos doesn't mean they will be covered in equal space. I would expect more xenos than the others. We'll have to wait until it is out and someone posts the table of contents.
  6. Fenrisnorth said "I'd still not want Space marines if 10,000,000 guardsmen are the equal of all the marines in the galaxy, doesn't seem like a good deal for the expense of the marines." I'm sorry, pet peeve here, but I hate it when people try to use economics to justify anything about space marines. Let's scale the question down to something understandable: Why spend $6 million on a single tank when you can hire 100 soldiers instead? Because it saves lives. Don't think of marines as soldiers, think of them as compact tanks. Compact tanks who are extremely loyal to the emperor. It doesn't matter if marines are 3x or 5x or 10x a single guardsman. What matters is that they are better than the guardsman. So when an imperial world goes renegade and takes a regiment or two of IG with them, you can send in the Space Marines to put the fear of the Emperor in them. The other reason you *need* Space Marines, whatever the cost, is that there are threats that no amount of Imperial Guard can take care of. The IG can take care of a rebellion. The IG can fight off an ork raiding force. But when the Tyranid Hive fleet assaults a world, the IG can only hold the line for so long and pray to the emperor that the Marines arrive in time. You also have to remember, this is an empire. Not a democracy. Why go through all the expense of flooding the coliseum in Rome just for mock naval battles? Because I'm the Emperor, and I want it. Why go through all the expense of making super soldiers who are condition with undying loyalty? Because that's how the Emperor stays on top. For thousands of years. Also, remember the scale of the empire. The world right now has a total GDP of around $60 trillion USD. So the emperor takes 10% of that. From over a hundred thousand worlds (a very conservative estimate, I'm sure someone can find a better quote). That's a budget of at least a quintillion USD. If the emperor wants to funnel 10-20% of that into a pet project, why does he even have to justify it? Justify it to whom? It's not like he has to answer to a senate oversight committee. There is no economy in the Imperium. There is only the Emperor's will.
  7. Even in tabletop I don't really trust the fluff. GW uses unreliable narrators too often. So I play things much more conservatively. For me TT rules > TT fluff > all other fluff. For example. In TT a shuriken catapult has always been roughly equivelant to a boltgun. Shorter range, but slightly faster rate of fire (assault 2 vs rapid fire). In Rogue Trader, their stats are fairly close to each other. In Deathwatch, marine bolters are practically heavy bolters. I'll stick to Rogue Trader stats. But that's ok, you can have heroic marines, I can have gritty marines, we can all enjoy playing in the 40k universe.
  8. My rogue trader can easily take out a space marine. Orbital Bombardment Who says rogue traders have to fight fair? More seriously, the main reason Marines are hard to include in any other game is that they don't work well with others (RP-wise). They have enough trouble trusting battle-brothers from a different chapter.
  9. @Siranui - That's true, but I don't actually care about Vampires. Where is my rules update pack for Changeling and Mage? I certainly would play either of those with the new rules. As it is, I'll be using the Dresden Files RPG for that instead. Edit: I'd also prefer a real book to a PDF. But hey, at least I have that 40k rpg I've been wanting since the 90s.
  10. My impression is that Grey Knights will stand with Ascension level Dark Heresy. How different the rules for these vs Deathwatch Marines is questionable. I suspect they will be like DW marines, but we'll have to wait for the book to release to tell. If your DH campaign faces daemons, Grey Knights might fit in quite well. Especially if you already have potent things like assassins and sisters of battle.
  11. I only have two words: "Space Pirates". If that sounds like a fun theme to explore, Rogue Trader is awesome.
  12. I don't know about others, but I none of the people I gamed with cared about the metaplot. We bought clan/tribe/tradition books about groups we liked. We bought the main books and player's guides. We bought books about topics that interested us. We made our own stories and never used any of the pre-made npcs or events. There is nothing inheret to oWoD that requires a metaplot. WotC did a great job with their re-release of Dark Sun by resetting things to the original boxed set, before the liberation of Tyr even. Players want to play their own stories, not be sideshows to someone elses. I doubt they'd lose that many customers over releasing a meta-plotless oWoD. I'm sure they would piss people off if they started some other, new metaplot. I don't think anyone is asking for that.
  13. Well, they do also have the Three part anthology books (Purge the Unclean, Emperor Protects, Lure of the Expanse, etc) which are $40 for 144 pages each. I wonder if they sell better or worse than the $25 ones. My guess is a combination of factors. The smaller books are faster to get out, there development can happen on a set of 3 shorter cycles. The price point may be easier to swallow. $25 is closer to impulse buy than $40 or $60. I certainly would consider a larger adventure, but I'm already one of the more hardcore customers with 3 core books, 3 supplements, and 1 adventure on my shelf and plenty more I want to pick up when funds allow.
  14. I always liked that GW left plenty of room for making your own chapter. I picked Raptor Legion back in the day when the only "fluff" for them was a picture in white dwarf. Now I keep wanting to pick up the way too expensive Imperial Armour Badab War books.
  15. @MILLANDSON That's a very elegant solution. I'll be using that for my games.
  16. It's because the production of books takes time and money. The reality is a large omnibus edition would take too much resources and not sell enough copies at the price it would need to be. So instead of 3 books spread apart, you'd get none. Paizo is the only place I know of that manages to produce adventure series in such close proximity, and they can only afford to do so because they have thousands of subscribers who have pledged to buy each installment in advance. If running them in series is important to you, then yes, wait until they are all out. I plan on running Frozen Reaches, but I'm not sold on the sequels until I see them. I think it was worth the purchase as a stand-alone adventure. But if you don't like the release schedule, either don't buy the adventures, or wait until they are all released to pick them up. Edit: Weird, all of my ands and ors were removed from the post.
  17. Ultimately, it always comes down to your preferred source of primary canon. For those of us old school players who feel the Table Top is the defining source, Deathwatch marines feel overpowered. For those who prefer the novels as the primary source, Deathwatch marines are either about right,a little weak. There really is no wrong way to play it. 40k has a loose canon structure. GW doesn't have tiers of canon the way the expanded star wars does. GW doesn't even try to maintain strict control over the canon. So fans disagree because different sources disagree. Play the game how you want to play. If you want grittier space marines, a few house rules will do it nicely. It all comes down to what works for your group. As long as you are playinghaving fun, you are doing it right.
  18. deinol

    Mark of Xenos

    On the other hand, I would be surprised if any particular species got more than 5 or so entries, so assuming 35 statblocks I would expect at least 7 different species.
  19. Depends on the mission. And who you put into the torpedoes. I can see a squad of terminators deployed into a genestealer space hulk that way. Maybe we don't expect them to come back unless they succeed at the mission. Besides, who is to say the PCs will be doing the boarding. They could always switch to a squad of house troops for a suicide mission to blow up the bridge/weapons array/engines of an enemy vessel.
  20. Stalker Pattern Boltgun: I do agree that the stalker probably should have a longer barrel. On the other hand, when has GW ever been a stickler for realism? I really like the look of the regular scout sniper rifles, I would probably use one of these for a stalker pattern instead:
  21. Those numbers sound about right to me. If you really want a few more, maybe 1.5-2%. Anywhere in the 1-2% range should be good,there will be plenty of variance between ships.
  22. I think there is good fun stuff going on, it is just harder to find. Part of that I blame on the forums. I think there should be a general 40k rpg forum with subforums for the different games. I mean, do we really need 4 different places to find 40k Fan ArtFiction? There also isn't a good way to archive really good fan stuff (at least, not here, dark reign is does a better job). If I write a cool new class/background/ship/whatever,post it to the House Rules forum, nobody is going to see it after 6 months when it is on page 4. If you take all the forums together, there is a lot of activity going on. But a lot of discussions are repeated in different places from those who aren't paying attention to all of the 40k forums.
  23. This makes me wonder how well Frozen Reaches would work as a Deathwatch adventure. Not only do you get to kill hordes of orks, but you have to deal with the politics of the planet as well. You would have to modify the ground fighting to add some hordes, but those seem to be pretty much up to the GM anyway.
  24. macd21 said: Siranui said: Didn't WW recent do just that (kinda) by releasing free update rules for oWoD disciplines and clans in the nWoD setting? That's not really comparable to re-releasing the line with continued supplement support. Also, link? I want to download that!
  25. Opponents and foes are very easily compatible. Judging the difficulty of a foe is a little harder, but that is kind of true even for foes from the same line. Equipment is easily used from one line to another. Giving access to certain gear too early might shift the balance in a low level dark heresy game, but the stats are more or less identical. Character options are of course the hardest to convert. On the other hand, I plan on giving Rites of Battle style honors and distinctions to my DH Imperial Guardsmen. Of course, they will have to earn them on the field of battle first. Still, I find the books can add quite a lot to each line. I'd peruse each book in store (or check out reviews online) to find out what to expect from each particular book. For example, my DH IG game can see use from Rites of Battle and Into the Storm, but is less likely to need the starships from Battlefleet Koronus.
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