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  1. I have to agree with Lynata on most things. In the entire history of TT (up until the RPG) there has only been one set of bolt gun stats. Through all the editions they've remained fairly constant. Sisters and Marines should have the same bolters. Lucky Rogue Traders too. In my games I'm going hardcore and sticking to a RT level of stat conversion. Boltguns are: Boltgun Basic 90m S/2/4 1d10+5 X 4 24 Full Tearing If a kill team wants to pack a bigger punch, that's they they have requisition points and ammo selectors. Or a spare meltagun for melt your face action.
  2. deinol

    Mark of Xenos

    DFK! said: Ok, so... skimming through this I gather that Eldar aren't in the new book. That means I don't really want this book. What I want is a book of 40k Roleplay, beit DH, RT, or DW with some damned Eldar in it. I already have Creatures Anathema. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Xenos Compendium for Rogue Trader coming sometime "Summer" (I expect early fall) will have a fair chunk of Eldar. Hopefully about as much as we had Tau in Mark of the Xenos. There are some scattered Eldar in other RT books, but I'd wait for XC to come out.
  3. deinol

    Mark of Xenos

    I hate to re-open the Eldar debate, but nobody even seemed to have blinked when I mentioned the RT Xenos Compendium coming in a few months which will contain (hopefully a ton of) Eldar stats. Are there any of you wanting Eldar stats that won't pick up the book just because it doesn't have the DW logo? I mean, I understand the outcry if FFG said they'd never publish Eldar ever. But they already have a book announced that is going to fill in more Eldar info. I think it is smart for them to try and have minimal overlap between the different lines, so people don't complain about the opposite problem. There's already enough grumbling over how often the genestealer has appeared, although I'm kind of surprised they weren't in the main book. As to the original stats for guns, that makes sense. The new errata stats are optional, the books are going to follow the core baseline. I for one can't wait to get my hands on this. I also can't wait for the Xenos Compendium as well, but at least their staggered release lets me spread out my budget.
  4. I have no problem with marines mowing down a ton of orks. That's the right proper reason for the horde rules. I'm sorry if I also want a game where standing and firing isn't the optimal decision to make in any situation. I want a game where things like greater deamons and hive tyrants make marines pause to consider their tactics. I want to be able to run a Space Hulk style scenario where even a marine in terminator armor sweats it out. In short, I want a role-playing game that represents space marines as they've been represented in every other game they've been in. From 40k to Space Hulk to Dawn of War to Titan Legions.
  5. I want a book that lets you play Scouts and work your way up to full marines. I also want at least the rest of the founding chapters covered.
  6. "f I wanted a game that reflected TT, then I'd play TT. But it's been stated time and time again that TT marines are nerfed horribly for play balance reasons. If they were as good as novel marines, then it would make a poor wargame, because everyone would buy ten marines, and never need any more figures. The handicapping is obvious, given the amount of effort that goes into creating a marine and his wargear, only for him to be outmatched by five reluctant dudes with lasguns." First, while SM fans seem to say they've been nerfed for play reasons, I've never seen it from a credible source. I've been a fan of 40k since the beginning, and their stats have remained reasonably constant over the years. Actually, there's been a bit of power creep as later designers believe the imperial propaganda more and more. Second, I must be reading the wrong novels. I've seen IG take out Chaos Space Marines with lasgun fire. The last novel I read 400 space marines died. Nameless spacemarines are killed all the time to make the named protagonist all the more badass when he defeats the enemy. What the lead character of a novel does is what a high level hero (Rank 8+ maybe) should do. Not the baseline every character starts as. Compare the special character stats in TT to the basic marine in TT. So yes, I want an RPG to play the marines I've always known and loved, not the marines other people seem to have invented in their minds. Yes, an RPG has different needs than TT. That doesn't mean it should be a completely different universe.
  7. deinol

    Mark of Xenos

    Q3 Xenos Compendium for RT will have: "Xenos Compendium is a comprehensive collection of countless horrifying denizens of the Koronus Expanse. From the Rak’Gol to the Yu’vath, Orks, Eldar, Daemons, and monsters from countless worlds, Xenos Compendium provides the details necessary to defend yourself" Yes, it would be stupid if FFG never put out info for Eldar. However, the lines are somewhat compatible for a reason. They divided the settings so they wouldn't have to reprint the same stats over and over again. I just hope the few orks in Mark of the Xenos are suitably different from the ones in RT Core.
  8. deinol

    Mark of Xenos

    I would expect that the Xenos Compendium for RT later this year will have plenty of eldar goodness. And probably more orks.
  9. signoftheserpent said: Is this a crossover book with DW? It is a DH book primarily, but it is supposed to have a section on using it with DW. We'll see how big that section ends up being.
  10. Yes, TT is an abstraction. However, it still gives a basis for how powerful things should be relative to each other. RT does a good job of reflecting the power level of different weapons. According to the TT stats, a bolter and a shuriken catapult should do about the same damage and penetration. The original DW rules make bolters about as good as a shuriken cannon. Something is a bit out of whack there. Also remember that a single die roll on table top is not a single shot. Each turn represents 15-30 minutes of fighting. Dropping a guy in TT isn't killing them, just disabling them enough to take them out of the fight. There used to be rules for longer campaigns and after the battle you'd roll to see how injured a guy was after the battle. He may have been just dazed, or he may just need a bionic hand, etc. TT rules are the only impartial guidelines we have into the universe of 40k. I understand some people's desires to use a different standard, but that doesn't make those of us who want a game that closely reflects TT wrong.
  11. More importantly it should be possible to use the Deathwatch rules to play an all Grey Knight campaign. Hopefully they allow Grey Knights to train diverse enough paths that make a party of GKs an interesting campaign.
  12. The daemon hunters book will have a section on using Grey Knights in the Deathwatch RPG. That isn't to say that they will be a members of the Deathwatch organization, but much more likely working alongside a kill team in much the same way an ascended inquisitor might. I am curious if there will be a difference in how they are played in DH vs DW, but either way I will be picking up this book.
  13. Kael said: deinol said: Mutant Chronicles was certainly influenced by 40k. As a 40k player from when it first came out, it definitely seemed to try to ride 40k's popularity. Not that they didn't put their own unique ideas into it, but the designers of Mutant Chronicles had to be very aware of 40k. Riding their popularity is not the same as using 40K as your inspiration. Much in the same way that being aware of 40K at the time doesn't mean that they borrowed from it. "And so did the Dark Legion descend upon us, howling with lust for destruction and corruption. Snarling and barking, the degenerate wolves bared their teeth, smelling the blood and carnage that lay ahead. Hordes of Heretics were whipped into an evil frenzy by the Dark Apostles and they marched under cursed banners towards the light of our Brotherhood." The Dark Legion always sounded a lot like Chaos to me. Flipping through the book, it definitely feels influenced by 40k to me. Or it could be that they were merely influenced by the same things. I'm not saying that it's a copy, just that there are hints of influence. And a definite awareness of 40k and its effect on the sci-fi RPG community. There's probably quite a bit of Rifts influence as well. And there's nothing wrong with that. Space Hulk is clearly inspired by the Alien/Aliens movies as well. Warhammer Fantasy has roots in Tolkien. Early Warcraft took inspiration from Warhammer too. It's hard to draw hard lines, but cultural media has influences on other media of its time. Even subconsciously to the creator.
  14. I am a fan of space marines. I have been since I first read Rogue Trader in the 80s. I own over 100 space marine models, plus vehicles. I own every Deathwatch book. Yet I want my space marines to have a challenge. While I want an experienced (IE, rank 5+) to be able to go toe to toe with daemon princes and the like, I want to start as a normal marine and earn it. For me, TT defines the world, and I want an RPG that reflects it. What's the point of playing a superhero if there are no supervillains?
  15. Mutant Chronicles was certainly influenced by 40k. As a 40k player from when it first came out, it definitely seemed to try to ride 40k's popularity. Not that they didn't put their own unique ideas into it, but the designers of Mutant Chronicles had to be very aware of 40k.
  16. DH is way awesome. However, if you have a game that is going well, I wouldn't stop it. Your players may not click with the themes or setting or rules of DH (or any game) and then you've already lost steam on your old game. So I recommend you keep playing Planescape until that starts to loose steam and not be as fun anymore. In the meantime, feel free to write up thoughts and notes for DH as they come. Then you'll be extra ready when it is time to start a campaign.
  17. Shouldn't Damaris be "near the coreward end of the God Emperor's Scourge"? The map from the resources page seems to put the Foundling Worlds SE of the God Emperor's Scourge. Not that I envy you for trying to make sense of the maps. They are intentionally inaccurate as in-character aids. On the other hand, I'm tempted to make a traveller style subsector map now.
  18. To be honest, the reason the HB is so overpowered is that the rules for full-auto are messed up. The reason burst fire mode was created was because when you fire a machine gun on full-auto you are just spraying an area with bullets. Yes, you are more likely to hit a guy. But you aren't likely to get more than a few rounds into him before the kick makes you loose your aim. Full auto should be good at two things: suppressive fire and hitting hordes of guys. The problem is, under the rules, not only do you get a giant bonus to hit, but you are likely to pump a ton of rounds into the same target. I keep thinking that full auto should have a per target limit, and that you need to spread your hits amongst nearby targets or you simply waste your ammo. Burst mode should be able to put all of their rounds in a single target, that's what it was invented for. I haven't yet decided how low to limit the per target values of full auto. I was thinking either burst rating or 1/3 auto rating (round down) for those that don't have a burst mode (heavy bolter). Of course, larger targets can be hit by more rounds at GM discretion.
  19. You are right, I had forgotten about the last book in that PDF. It wasn't high on my list of books to get, so I just tuned it out. Still, I hope they start announcing new books again. I guess we'll have to wait until GenCon to see more though.
  20. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2268 I believe this is the first new book announced since Deathwatch's initial release. I'm always prefer my planetary info with a more concrete adventure to go with it, but I'm sure I'll browse this at the store and see if it has enough to hold my interest. So not an automatic buy like Mark of the Xenos, but it is nice to see continued support announced. If it has enough adversary stats I might pick it up. Any wild speculation as to what this book will be like? Is this what people want for Deathwatch? What other sorts of books are you looking forward to? Of course, I expect they'll release another round of pdf catalogs in time for GenCon.
  21. 40k, the table top game, is really designed to play out like WWII battles. Look at how the IG are structured, the British Army writ large. I just started reading Horus Rising, and there is a spot where a company is sent in to crush the last of the rebels in a mountainous region. My first thought was, why don't they use some air strikes? Or at least use some of the Guard's fantastic artillery to pound the walls of that mountain stronghold? On the other hand, with all our modern day tech, the ability to drop a missile on any building we want from 100+ miles away, and we are still slogging through the mountains of Afghanistan. Of course, those guys aren't in forts we can see from the air.
  22. I want to echo the above statements. Only use Extraction if you want to run a short (2-3 hours) intro. Otherwise, Final Sanction is a better longer session or multi-session adventure.
  23. You realize that Solo Abilities can be used even when surrounded by nine of your fellow squad mates? The question is, who in their right mind would face a Hive Tyrant with only a bolter? That's why the Emperor grants you requisition points.
  24. I really like the new stats. Astartes Bolters are still slightly more powerful than I would like, but close enough that I can't really complain. I especially like the change to Melta weapons. Double penetration at short range is exactly what they needed to feel right. Besides, the new weapon lists are optional, so if you like rolling lots of dice, you can still use the old stats.
  25. Wounds in DH aren't the same as HP in D&D. 0 wounds in DH is much more like 50% hp in D&D. At that point you are starting to take serious damage. You just have to shift your mindset. If you really want to cut out wounds entirely, you should use criticals more like WFRP 1e/2e. They don't stack, each fresh hit has a critical effect from 0. Of course, WFRP had a chart you rolled on, so a 6 point critical might do slightly different things each time.
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