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  1. If you know much about orks, yes, the only thing to motivate a heavily armored ork to move that quickly is the prospect of krushing skullz.
  2. The company my playtest group built: (63) Irvine Regiment (Imperial World, Choleric Commander, Mechanized Infantry, Sharpshooters, and Augmetics) Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to Willpower, +3 Agility, -3 Perception, and +3 to any one other (not Willpower) Characteristic. Aptitude: Ballistic Skill Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Operate (Surface) Talents: Deadeye Shot, Rapid Reaction, Rapid Reload Blessed Ignorance: Imperial citizens know that the proper ways of living are those tried and tested by the generations that have gone before. Horror, pain, and death are the just rewards of curiosity, for those that look too deeply into the mysteries of the universe all too likely find malefic beings looking back at them. Their wise blindness imposes a -5 penalty on all Forbidden Lore (Int) Tests. Kill the Mutant: The general citizens of the Imperium are trained from birth to fear mutation, for it heralds the taint of Chaos. All Imperial world characters start with Hatred (Mutant). Standard Kit: One M36 lasgun and four charge packs per PC (Main Weapon), one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour per PC, two frag grenades and two krak grenades per PC, Photo-Visor, Microbead, and Targeter. 1 Crono and 1 ration Recaf , per PC. One Chimera IFV per Squad. The regiment gains an additional +10 on all Logistics Tests made to obtain bionic replacements and implants. Chimera Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter Turret Mounted Autocannon Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter
  3. I should note that I believe the standard organization is that: A Sergeant commands a squad, which contains a corporal and 8 troopers. A Lieutenant commands a Platoon, which contais 2-6 squads. A Captain commands a Company, which contains 2-6 platoons. Higher ranks get into regiment and battlegroup command, which vary a lot more.
  4. Imperial Infantryman's Uplifiting Primer Chapter 3 Section 3 Ranks & Insignia Given the immense size and complexity of the command structure of the Imperial Guard and the fact that it is spread throughout the Imperium on my different worlds and amongst many different cultures, only the most prevalent ranks are listed below. In fact there are a lot more. The most important thing to remember is your place on the list, and the fact that an order given to you by anyone above your rank is to be obeyed without question or delay. Warmaster Lord General General Marshal Lieutenant General Major General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Trooper
  5. Routa-maa said: From the beginning every guardsman in OW could be punished for not having 500 shots worth of ammunition on himself or in his resting area. As I counted that 4 chargepacks contain 240 shots so 260 shots are missing. "Let the flogging commens!" Failure to carry a Munitorum Manual is a capital offense, but you have to spend an extra point to get one added to your regiments standard kit.
  6. So while 5/12 may be regular guardsmen, 12/12 are part of an Imperial Guard army and from the IG Codex. The only thing we are really missing is the Rough Rider, which is definitely coming here. I'm very happy with Only War so far. I just wish I could play it more. I am very curious to see what else comes in Hammer of the Emperor.
  7. Anyway, more importantly, many of us don't care at all about using the default setting. These books have rules that work for just about any time from shortly after the Horus Heresy to far past the current tabletop timeline. So people want rules for cool stuff. Just like the Deathwatch series (particularly Honour the Chapter) has rules for tons of chapters that aren't likely to be in the Deathwatch at all, or in whatever sector they made up for DW. (I for one appreciate that it has most of the chapters required to run a Badab War campaign, for example.)
  8. Doesn't the Arbites/Ganger Dark Heresy cover almost everything you need? All you need is a few alternate advancement options for each faction and you are done.
  9. Is there actually support in the fluff of an autogun regiment? I thought the whole point of making lasgun the standard IG weapon is to give them powerpacks that can be recharged in the field and avoid a huge logistical nightmare.
  10. Have you read the Munitorum Manual? Losing your las rifle is a treasonous offense punishable by execution. So is leaving your fallen comrades gear behind. Logic has nothing to do with Imperial Requisition procedures.
  11. deinol

    Rough Rider's

    Rough Rider would definitely be a regiment type.
  12. deinol

    Ork Index

    I'm finally getting around to running Frozen Reaches. I'd like to supplement the attacking forces with other varieties of Orks. I have the DH and DW Xeno books, but are there any other adventures/supplements out there with unique and interesting Ork stats that I should plunder? Into the Storm has more Ork vehicles, right? Thanks.
  13. H.B.M.C. said: Why are you still here? You obviously have grave issues with this entire process, so why are you sticking around? If you don't want to be involved, and find the idea of being involved so utterly repugnant, then why are you actively antagonising others here on the board set up for those who chose (note: 'chose', not 'were forced') to buy the Beta and are participating normally? Your posts serve no purpose and you are just repeating yourself. Go away! BYE I know I'm here complaining precisely because I want to be involved in the process, but I object to how it is being done. I've been buying 40k RPG books for quite sometime. My Dark Heresy book has the Black Industries logo. I have a shelf full of Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch books. But I haven't purchased a single PDF because I feel FFG prices theirs too high. I would prefer a free, open, public beta. I think those are better for the business (exposure to a wider market, more feedback, etc.) But I do understand that it is FFG and GW's choice on how they handle things. I would participate if spending the $20 meant a discount on *either* the final PDF or the hardcover. Hell, I'd participate if it was pre-order the hardcover and get the Beta PDF. But as it stands now, I will not participate. And this is the best place to tell FFG why.
  14. Blood Pact said: Now getting back to Pathfinder for a second. Their books should be only about $10 to have in print. Pathfinder still uses 3.5e (still better than 4e, but we're moving on to 5e now). It's not cheap out of the kindness of their heart, but simple business practices. Same reason you wouldn't see someone trying to sell 2nd edition material for full price, even if they went and made a bunch of new expansions and adventures for it. And as for the PRD, that's kinda expected since Open Game License pretty much requires them to slap the hard mechanics up somewhere for people to read for free. Wizards did it with D&D too, I probably still have the 3.x System Reference Document that I downloaded years ago sitting on a harddrive somewhere. It's pretty much something that applied to all of 3.0/3.5, some business strategy to try and get more third party publishers in on the game, more easily. Go read the OGL right quick, you'll see right where it says they have to make the mechanics available for free. I'm not saying it's not nice. I'm saying don't be quick to hand out credit, getting this stuff for free is something that Wizards' lawyers already decided for Paizo, when they wrote up OGL. First, $10 is the PDF price for Pathfinder, not the in-print book price. A full color 576 page hard cover costs more than $10 just to print, and retails for $50. Second, the OGL allows companies to declare anything they want as "Product Identity", so Paizo didn't have to release their rules as open content. Especially not their expansion content from their other books. But they do. Compare this with the new Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG which is also based on the OGL but only released part of two chapters as open content. As to someone else's comment that the Wizard's beta isn't the full game: It isn't yet. But before the playtest is complete we will see a near complete game and it will still be for free. So what does Wizard's get out of it? A lot of good feedback (and advertising) about their new line, and an e-mail list directly to a ton of customers that are interested in the new version. That has a ton of value. So anyway, yes, FFG has the right to conduct their beta as they wish. But when other industry leaders have been doing playtests with great success that are far more customer friendly, I have to conclude that this is a mistake. A pay to Beta will only reach a small number of hardcore fans. A free public beta would get many curious potential customers to check it out which may not have ever looked at a 40k rpg before.
  15. Peacekeeper_b said: Well most playtest material has little to know visual appeal (half a$$ charts and tables, no pictures, standard word documents) and are rarely (in my experience) 250+ pages. Plus it gives me a good head start on what the game will be like before paying $50 for it (since I am planning on multiple copies of the game if I like it, its a good start and worth thte $20). It also seems to be more to my style than the last 2 40K RPGs, though I dont like the comrades rule so far. I guess you never saw the free Pathfinder Beta PDF. And for someone else who said they haven't seen a lot of Free Pathfinder material, the free online PRD has all of the rules from all of the core books (without the art). They also price all their hardcover rulebook PDFs at $9.99. I would hope that FFG would learn a lesson from how Pathfinder grew to be the top selling RPG on the market. Even Wizards learned enough to put out free playtest documents. If this gave a choice between $20 off the PDF or $20 off the hardcover, I'd consider it. But while I will probably by the book when it is released, I'm not going to buy the PDF. Also, since we've been playtesting the core rules for the 4+ years since Dark Heresy came out, a Beta now seems a bit late.
  16. Even Wizards isn't stupid enough to try to charge for their playtest. Pathfinder, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and many others have had free public playtests. I'd love to help FFG out, but I'm not going to pay $20 to do work for them.
  17. Doesn't that effectively make it even harder for Khorne to win? Not only does he have to kill someone, but he also has to have a cultist there. Have you tried to use this version? I'm curious how it turned out. But I think it would turn Khorne into the weakest power in the game. As to winning by VP, I've seen Khorne do it. Nobody wants to mess with him, so it's easy for him to claim big places like Empire. While he's also stomping with his bloodletters all over the place.
  18. I just picked up Chaos in the Old World and the expansion pack. Great game! One thing I noticed though, is that it mentions 9 expert-level cards. Is "The Horned One's Due" replacement card included in that count? Because I only have 8 others: Call to Arms Closing the Portal High Elf Protection The Light of Day Morrslieb Eclipsed Rousing the Rabble The Warrens Erupt Vermin Outbreak Am I missing one? If so, what card, and what are the rules? Thanks.
  19. I really like running skirmishes on a hex map. I usually use 1 hex = 1 meter, but I could see adjusting this depending on battle size.
  20. How can Rogue Trader be a hard sell? "Do you want to play space pirates?" is usually all I need to say. I do think that whenever they do a 2nd Edition they need to just make a Core 40k RPG book with unified mechanics and release each of the player options as new supplements.
  21. I'm not using them yet, only because I don't have a DW game yet. I will be using them whenever we do start up a game. I think it helps unify the systems, making DH and BC feel more like the same system. Especially with what I hear of the Grey Knight stats.
  22. It's true. It is about time for a Dark Heresy Revised book.
  23. They are bound by the terms of Free RPG day not to release the PDF or sell the print version until after the event. The point of the event isn't to get it into the hands of people who are already eagerly awaiting the product. The point is to get people who have never heard of the product to take a look. In any event, the PDF will be up soon enough. You'll have plenty of time to play and replay it before the official release.
  24. Lex1nat0r said: N0-1_H3r3 said: ...to be honest, I prefer the results to Deathwatch RAW Well now I want to try them out. I'd like the next errata will list all the significant changes as optional rules so we get them in a semi-official capacity. I'm not certain there is really that much of a need. I mean, its not like there is an organized play environment or tournaments. Any group that wants to vary the rules can and will.
  25. Unfortunately, by the time FFG shows us previews the book has already been sent to the printer. So there was no time to fix the problem. Clearly X = 10. Even the Romans knew that.
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