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  1. I use the app a fair amount and not just for Star Wars. As the previous version had the full mix of dice (d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d20) available it could be used for virtually any game. Why would the update reduce that functionality? Now only a d6 and a d10 are present in the rpg section which makes this actually less useable than the previous version.
  2. One of my favourite characters from back in the day playing WEGs version of Star Wars was a Jawa with an unpronounceable name that my compatriots nick named Bill. I had a blast playing the little mechanic who tinkered his way through adventures building up an impressive collection of modified Droids while jazzing up our ride on his off time. He made for a half decent spy as well when he hollowed out an R2 unit, got inside and drove it around using a little control unit. He was not much in a straight up fight but that was what the other PCs were for! I look forward to seeing their treatment in the game then and hope it comes sooner than later!
  3. Are the official stats for Jawa PCs out there somewhere yet?
  4. Are the dice available as a separate product? It would be very handy to have a second set of dice for the game (particularily when playing with five players). Erik
  5. This would be a very good thing! If you do, PM me and I am sure we can work something out. Erik
  6. Is there really no one out there who either has a Greyjoy House Card who would be willing to part with it (for payment of course) or knows of where one could be obtained? I have tied EBay, Noble Knight, various online stores amoungst others but to no avail so far. My eldest son is our Greyjoy player and he is jealous of his brothers who run Baratheon and Martel decks and have their own house cards! I need help to restore the balance! Erik
  7. Fair enough! Is there anyone out there who has a Greyjoy House Card that would be willing to part with it?
  8. This is good to know! You would think that they might have made that clear in the rulebook that the game is not just a 2-4 player one. As soon as I get my hands on cards to make Martel and Greyjoy decks we shall try playing with 5-6 players and see how it goes.
  9. That is unfortunate. You would think that they would have started off with Stark, Lannister, Targ instead of going with Martel and Greyjoy. At least Baratheon makes sense for one of the first to get done. I guess I will have to dig around for someplace that might still have copies of the old version of the Greyjoy box so I can get my hands on that one at least. If anyone happens to know where one might be found, please let me know!
  10. Another quick question that I thought I would ask is if there are any provisions in any of the expansions or elsewhere for playing with more than 4 players at once. With the group I have there is a fair amount of time when there are 5-6 of us available. I just was hoping that the game could accomodate more players but am not sure if this was ever done.
  11. I have just started playing the Game of Thrones LCG and have been picking up stuff for it as fast as I can! Everyone who has played it has really enjoyed the game. I have gotten the resin house cards for Baratheon and Martel and understand that a third one was made as well for Greyjoy. Does anyone know where I could lay my hands on one of these? I hope the FFG makes the cards for the other houses as well as the players really seem to dig the cards to pile their power upon.
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