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  1. I would really like to know something definitive. My credit card has not been charged yet, and if this is due to a massive computer failure, then so be it. I can just go on looking through more holiday sales. But I don't want to accidentally buy the same game twice.
  2. I used the customer support form and received an automated message from Asmodee North America. That being said, I placed an order on the 22nd and still have not received any updates on its status. The reply email address to my query is: customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com Hope this helps!
  3. Are you removing enemies I'm the shadow when you travel? Doing this, especially if the waywatcher rests one up there first, keeps em down. Yes, when the enemy allows us to. I should have been more specific, but I was mostly referring to final mission of the campaign where monsters are nearly constantly spawning in the final room, and the fourth mission which has no travel. Again, at least my experience, which is not exhaustive... at least not yet.
  4. My own personal opinion, having played the game with 2,3, and 4 players, is that the difficulty really stems from the amount of monsters the party can engage. The game spawns the same number of monsters regardless of the number of heroes. But the party can only engage a maximum of 3 monsters per hero, or 6, 9, and 12 monsters, respectively. In my 4 player games we really had no problem keeping the monsters below our engagement max, but in a two player game this has been challenging. The difficulty here is that when you spawn a monster and the hero is already engaged with 3 monsters, the spawning monster automatically does damage and then goes to the shadows. And I think this mechanic is the real difference in the difficulty among the different party sizes.
  5. I was pretty sure that it was mentioned either in the Core or FAQ that the primary ability is not mandatory, although I can only see a few cases were that would be relevant.
  6. Yes, but it begs the question...why send a fleet when I can snipe enemy ships 100's of light years away?? But I digress...
  7. IMHO - the unstoppable power of the Rune Golem doesn't seem that great. Mostly for the reasons already pointed out by Steve-O. I suggest unstoppable the trait and power. (Or they can have differing names to avoid confusion.) Trait: In battle, this unit can only be voluntarily routed. When retreated, this unit is not considered routed. Not great, but it does add some agility to an otherwise slow military. Power: Add 3 to your army strength when resolving the battle. This power may only be invoked once per battle. Counts as a damaged fortification. Similar to the wall upgrade allowed to human fortifications. Although 3 may be too high, now that I think about it I think the wall upgrade is only 2. So maybe the power should be add 2 instead of 3. Otherwise I agree with Steve-O. You have a great start and I see some very interesting mechanics.
  8. I figured it was to support the lavish lifestyle of the faction leaders.
  9. Steve-O said: I don't know which quest you're referring to, but I don't really have a problem with Battlemage Jaes's ability working across a mountain. Each hex represents a significant area of land, so if we can accept Jaes shooting at units a few miles away from his current position, I don't see mountains in between being a big problem. I always had a similar problem with Deep Space Cannon in Twilight Imperium. It always seemed a bit far fetched to me for a cannon on a planet to be able to shoot a fighter out of the sky in another solar system. At least Runewars the scale is miles... and it's magic.
  10. I often use rounds as abstract periods of time during story mode. For example, the action Call of the Wild (I think that's its name) grants a [W] bonus to various nature related skill checks for a number of rounds. Well it makes little sense, and would be very cumbersome, to have the player roll the action every time a related skill check comes up during a multi-day or hour trek through the woods. Say they are tracking orcs, for example. So in that kind of situation I treat "round" to mean "round of skill checks", even if the skill checks are minutes or hours apart. This also rolls quite nicely into combat type situations because then "round of skill checks" converts quite nicely into "round of combat". I use a similar approach to social skills. I prefer to handle social situations in story mode, rather than social encounter mode. In my experience, most players just roll with it. Some players are still having issues wrapping their heads around relative distance and rounds. But the players that embrace relative distance also embrace relative time.
  11. Yes...we also have been playing the game since it came out. Most of the players have either switched or are approaching their 2nd career. (We have had a few PC deaths along the way.) So the biggest complaints are... I like being a pit fighter, I don't want to switch careers What do you mean my mage can't advance any further? Set up and tear down take too long (compared to PnP RPGS) Balance The last issue balance has become an increasingly growing concern as characters progress rather quickly in WH3ed. And when a player dies, or misses a few sessions, we are beginning to get a group of widely varying abilities. We do also have a huge WH fan in our group that is very unhappy about some of the design choices made by FFG during this edition, but we have been able to work around his issues with very slight tweaks to the rules as written. There is also some concern regarding advanced careers and such. But I think that is because most of us are used to "leveling up" rather than "leveling sideways". That being said, we are all still in agreence that for small groups (less than 6, including GM) this is one of the best systems we've played. For larger groups (6 or more) I think its fair to state that most of us would prefer a much simplier system, like D6 from West End Games.
  12. There are a number of ways to improve the utility of piercing weapons, rather than the very simple method I first proposed. Pierce: Ignore 1 point of armor soak for each boon rolled. My distaste for pierce 1 is that I see very little value between that and +1 damage.
  13. We are of the opinion that a character can only learn those actions if he is... In the associated career Taught by a career master
  14. It makes sense to me. I like the idea that a weapon could potentially do little non-lethal damage, but is very good at negating armor and scoring critical wounds. With a "archer" character with 5 agility, even against a toughness 5 monster, he will do 2 points of damage, with a high likely-hood that one of them is a critical. It keeps in mind my personal feeling of how bows should work in these game. Impaling weapons will either have very little or very detrimental effect. You may even lower it to CR: 1
  15. I like the idea... The main issue that I see is that there isn't a great 1:1 mapping for the dice. If you were doing a percentile system you could easily flip things...like well the monster has a 70% chance to hit you...so you have a 30% chance to dodge. In this game you have two types of "fail" dice and four types of "success dice". Whites and Blacks are easy enough to swap. With some reservation you could even swap Purple with Red/Green dice. Purple challenge dice yield slightly more challenges (0.75) than stance dice yield successes (0.70). So then you are left with the blue and yellow dice, which have no corresponding "fail" dice. Another thing to think about, is that this game does not factor in the other party's skill at all during an attack roll. During opposed rolls it does a little, but even still it seems to me that that would be difficult to try to back-map skill checks to enable a "player only" roll. It seems to me...that if you want more player involvement, then at this point, it would be easier just to include your players in the dice pool building.
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