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  1. Does anyone have these files somewhere? Specifically I'm looking for the elite advances.
  2. TiLT said: Having read this thread, I get the impression that this whole issue has been overcomplicated dramatically. There's a simple rule to make macrobatteries less powerful (reduce armor), and then a whole bunch of additional rules to fix the problems this causes for other weapons. I went with a simpler solution for my game: Reduce the armor for macrobattery attacks ONLY. There's no reason to make any changes to the other parts of the combat rules IMO. As for unusual stuff like the Rak'Gol cannons, I just revert to the standard rules for those attacks. Why make things complicated when they can be easy? Yeah. I've been wondering if simply removing salvo and adding +12 to macrobattery damage, and making broadsides strength 3 with Storm quality wouldn't give basically the same results without the need to modify a lot of other weapons.
  3. Thanks both of you. I can see both solutions working. My main issue is having to think about two completely different mechanics as once, since the group as a Space Marine Librarian as well. So I'd like the basics to be as similar as possible. Think I'll start by comparing the DW and BC systems.
  4. I've added a bunch of tracks, I use when playing. They are mostly instrumental, but a few do have vocals. Still they tend to be either chanting or growling rather that outright singing. Feel free to clean up if you want it entirely instrumental.
  5. I'm going to start a Deathwatch game shortly, with one of my players playing a Dark Heresy character. Since the player in question is an Adept with psychic powers, and kind of torn when it comes to the psychic rules. I see two options: 1 Let him play using the Dark Heresy psychic rules 2 Try to use the Deathwatch base mechanics (fettered, unfettered, push, etc) with the Dark Heresy powers. And anyone recommend one over the other? Or present a good way to do the conversions needed in option 2 with a minimum of work?
  6. Following the release of Shards of the Throne I made a new Tech Tree, that my group uses when playing. I never got around to sharing the thing though. But here it is if anyone else wants to use it. http://www.mediafire.com/view/?fk2rsomh7ed4210
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