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  1. Bought a conversion kit, then wondered if the 1E expansions are playable under 2E rules. Anyone?
  2. Anyone else missing elite muton?
  3. 1) Principle of the thing. It seems obvious to me they should exist alongside the game shortly after the game comes out. 2) I'd rather pay to have them printed in color and laminated.
  4. FFG could also print the *&%*&^% unit cards for us Warfare players!!!!
  5. Hell yes! It boggles my mind that Dust Warfare was introduced with no proper unit cards. Shame on you FFG!
  6. So nice to get feedback from someone who's played the game instead of someones who's only read the book. Kudos!
  7. I really don't enjoy playing Talsman so I hope they do a very different job with Relic.
  8. I only buy Dust from FFG. Simple, really.
  9. I ain't buying one more Dust Warfare product until they release the **** unit cards!
  10. A cursory glance yells me it's a worker placement/resource management game at heart. I have enough of those games.
  11. I've been buying online from Amazon and saving a pretty penny
  12. We all remember what trolls look like, right? Big and stupid looking with drool draining out of their mouths. Some of them still live with their parents.
  13. Seeing as these forums are almost blind, perhaps people should list their credentials when they say something of seeming importance. However, that might imply these threads are important; discussing pressing issues like pastimes, not politics or war or food security issues, things of that nature. I will start, I'm a musician a teacher.
  14. thejughead said: @Gunther, Nice story …but you forgot one thing, ALL the German troops would have gotten a reaction opportunity, including those in the bunker (if not suppressed). I've said before and I will repeat it. If a minority want to poo-poo about the reality, there are other popular systems (FOW) or not-so popular (DIRT!) pick one you like and use the minis for that. Let the people who are paid to design, DESIGN. Its their but not yours and frankly, Andy Chambers body of work says more than anyone's post and their lifelong claims to know how to play much less design a game from the ground up. My point is nothing is as broken with the game as some people would lead us to believe. Stretch the imagination, yeah a little. Those of you that want it black and white, I hope they never listen to you. The narrative in my head as I play makes sense to me. I don't want Gimp's or Gunther's vision (no offense), I paid for Paolo Parente's and Andy Chambers vision. It's theirs to screw up, and so far they are in the lead with me. Best summation on this thread and I am in total agreement.
  15. I hate the music of the Foo Fighters. I don't think they can write themselves out of a wet paper bag. Perhaps, if they wrote their songs by committe, it would help. Was that in the spirit of this thread?
  16. Glad to know I'm not an incompetent, insane person; I couldn't find the proper placement either. Not to get that **** dozer blade/main gun assembly working!
  17. I know! I'm having the same problem getting the blade to contact the main gun to hold things into place.WTF?
  18. For the life of me I cannot see why they would not print unit cards. They have them for dust tactics!
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