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  1. Bought a conversion kit, then wondered if the 1E expansions are playable under 2E rules. Anyone?
  2. Anyone else missing elite muton?
  3. 1) Principle of the thing. It seems obvious to me they should exist alongside the game shortly after the game comes out. 2) I'd rather pay to have them printed in color and laminated.
  4. FFG could also print the *&%*&^% unit cards for us Warfare players!!!!
  5. Hell yes! It boggles my mind that Dust Warfare was introduced with no proper unit cards. Shame on you FFG!
  6. So nice to get feedback from someone who's played the game instead of someones who's only read the book. Kudos!
  7. I really don't enjoy playing Talsman so I hope they do a very different job with Relic.
  8. I only buy Dust from FFG. Simple, really.
  9. I ain't buying one more Dust Warfare product until they release the **** unit cards!
  10. A cursory glance yells me it's a worker placement/resource management game at heart. I have enough of those games.
  11. I've been buying online from Amazon and saving a pretty penny
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