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  1. It plays well with two, but ofcourse is most fun with four players
  2. What about these objective fulfilment rewards? Border Wars: draw one strategy card. Diplomatic Power: Place one emissary in home province and get two gold. Hyborian Empire: draw one kingdom card. Merchant Kings: Get three gold. Military Power: Place two army units in home province. Sea Power: draw one strategy card. Sorcerous Nation: Get two sorcery tokens. Taming the Wildlands: draw one strategy card. The Power Behind the Thrones: draw one strategy card or one kingdom card. The Road of Kings: draw one kingdom card. Trade Routes: get two gold. War Against the Pirates: get two gold or draw one strategy card.
  3. Great feedback I will take this into consideration about the objective rewards and mercs. Maybe add some additional reward for when objectives are fulfilled, like a strategy card, kingdom card etc. Got some nice news, beta 7 is now out. Check the first post for link and changes.
  4. Beta 6 is now online! Check the first post for link and notes. Enjoy!
  5. There, I fixed the download link, and the change log to include all changes Enjoy!
  6. Sure. But the change log is also included in the zip.
  7. Beta 5 is out! Check the first post for link and change log.
  8. Ok, beta 4 is now out. See the first post with the link and change log. Unfortunately, I had to change a few cards based on yesterday's extensive playtest. But, I have included my own A4 size print sheets for the cards, which should make it easier to print them. Just set the printer to print without margins and it should be fine.
  9. Well, I am going to release new updates until I die ;-) Well, I think the next Beta will be my last until we get the official expansion playtest material from the designers of the game. Coming sometime in September. I can say that in the next Beta, no cards have been changed, only the document. The printed cards you have look great! 1. The new Kingdom Cards that are not about Seafaring can be included without any additional rules. 2. I paste them into an image in Paint.NET that is the exact size of an A4 paper. Then I print using no margins. They turn out to be a teeny bit smaller than the originals, but good enough IMO.
  10. Wow! Never realized these combos
  11. Beta 3 is out! See the first post in this thread for the link and a list of what's new.
  12. Nevermind.. did not read the rules correctly.
  13. Are they ever discarded after assigned to a player or do they remain in play until the game ends? Played a little just a while ago.. seems like a never-ending game to me, but I hope to be able to play it for real soon.
  14. I have been thinking about adding Khitai as a fifth kingdom to the game, but so far I haven't been able to see the benefit of that (other than one more player being able to play the game). Turan will become quite squeezed in.. And in terms of what Khitai would have, they would be like Stygia I think, but with an Asian flavour instead of Egyptian. But the idea has not entirely been abandoned. Eagerly awaiting to see what the designers will have for us when we get a chance to try the unpublished official expansion.
  15. I found that being able to use sorcery to force an opponent to re-roll was too powerful. I had that effect on the Sorcerous Nation Objective Reward card, but ended up removing it. All those things, Siege Engines, Spies, saboteurs etc. exist as Kingdom Cards.