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  1. Take a look at reaper miniatures, especially the bones series
  2. So i make the final dot here. Months ago, i ordered a bigger amount of models, mulitple copies for gaming uses beside Talisman. Ii insisted forf the quality and colour of the models they had until end 2018. Models after that do not look like the pictures here and on his website, not like the models you have. He uses cheap replacement flambent and that makes them look like black ashes. You can see that on the last models he send. He fefuses to craft the models in the original quality and sended my paypal money two times back. a very bad end of the story, profit instead quality for no choice.
  3. Yes. You dont need to be a troll to see the mistakes on the first sight. No dice, no characters other then those for the LoTR Fanboys, again too overloaded with rules and mechanics, artiificial unnatural boards, especially the mini battlefield, and so on. Iz contains clearly elements from half a dozen ffggames. Descent, Runebound, Runewars, Fallout, etc. It wants to be everything and is nothing, but a hundred Dollars. Good to see that is is not Terrinoth to flop. The reason is the academic overscrewed thinking of game designers. They can get a doctor title at university for this, but wont make any fun for the players.
  4. Yes, i am living in Germany. Here it came at least 4 month later. However, after all discussions, we should make a poll: do you think that there will be new models this year or not and never ?
  5. The difference with other "dead" games and Runewars is, that runewars neverlived. It started with a 2 player box, months later the units, that were in that box came out as single epansion packs, a year later the elvn starter box came out, some months later the units, that were in this box as single expansions....etc. then there was a rest for 9 months new units announced but long way to the shops, the second wave finally was not treanslated and distriubuted in non - english countries. the units are "round", every faction has the same, ..., but still incomplete, compared to runewars boardgame and battle lore, and a joke against warhammer. Runewars never lived and had no chance because of crazy marketing errors. they claimed the selling was low. what selling ? what was there to buy ? i think we should start a petition and force ffg to announce if the game is dead or if new models will come this year. to keep silent is again a coward marketing error. bad bad people, nothing in mind than dragging the money out of the purses for buried games....
  6. There should be a 3rd edition of descent, to keep in that market. so long ffg opened a gap that other game publishers jumped it. Gloomheaven and Sword&Sorcery are hard opponents now. probably fffg really fears them, afraid to produce their next non-starter flop. the whole terrinoth series is dead now and it would surprise me if ffg would resurrect it. i guess they stay with their Movie / TV powered games Star Wars, LoTR, Games of Thrones. A TV Accessoire Company.
  7. Today i get post from USA. Asmodee service did not only send me a right leg, they send me a complete spined thresher model but of course the wrong one ! couldnt be otherwise
  8. i repeat : FFG make chairs with three legs and because they sell bad they never make the fourth leg. the elven army for battle lore would not only sell good in its own, it would raise the game ion general. in runewars bigger models for flying mounts (as shown in the runewars boardgame : rocrider, pegasus rider, undead dragon, chaoslord) would not only sell good but raise the game in general. the marketing directors of asmodee germany should be fired immediately, they have no idea of what they are doing. additional, an easy - to - play rule would be necessary. but who are we. as long as every american would buy **** if on the package it is named luke skywalkers ****, marketing directors do not need to think.
  9. FFG make chairs with three legs and because they sell bad they nevermake the fourth leg (they forget BL so much that they dont care to move it into archive)
  10. I wish you good luck and hope you find a way to continue new Runewars Models too.
  11. Finally i get a link to replacement parts, will see how long it takes until something comes from usa. point is, we have asmodee germany, they bought heidelbären, whith whom replacemant was part of the fun. asmodee germany does not bought the licence for the second wave of models, so i have to get it from usa. maybe you know how much i like asmodee germany and at all. it is a virus in this branche that will break down in a few years.
  12. Spirne Threshers, two left legs in the box, but no right leg. Did that happen to you too ? Replacement service does not exist in germany for those, i fear britain will do nothing, though the box came from there.
  13. problem is, demand will be so low, they never will do it. Now listen : Asmodee Germany did not buy the license for the second wave of the Minis ( those after the command units 9 month later) because the selling of the first wave was so bad. not necessary to say , we got a hundred of GW shops , one in every city of 50k + inhabitants, which run well since the 90s. So there is definitely demand for a good fantasy tabletop that takes the gap warhammer has left
  14. Runewars second edition, sure. if ffg would be able to make games. but all they can do are flops and high financial losses. and of course everything else is guilty, but not the bad gamerules themselves. Runewars as the strategy campaign for the tabletop, of course, but the tabletop also flopped because of the also overloaden rules. too much things to do that are no fun and soil all energy immediately.
  15. All you need is a good 3d Printer Artist like Leavon Archer and his Spare oom Studio. If you convince him to make Runewars Models and there are enough people who order them he will do it for sure. Just take a look https://www.leavon.co.uk/online-store You find his excellent Talisman models also here in the Archive forums of Talisman. Actually i try to convince him to make the four Runewars faction castles you can see on the player sheets of the boardgame. For FFG policy in Games like Runewars or Battle Lore i found a good compare : They make chairs with three legs and because the selling is bad they never make the fourth leg !
  16. FFG never say they stop a game. they stopped battlelore, runewars board game, descent, etc but never said a word. they want to sell their stock. now see the facts : Holiday selling CHristian Petersen left Organized play ended There is no place for hope of new releases = dead. sorry but true, all Terrinoth is dead. And the last who would pick it up is Asmodee. Fantasy gone.
  17. Good to hear , Leavon ! it is 20 % in x, y, and 50 % in z (height) if it is only one scale number to change, then it is 25 % same numbers with the vampire tower actually i wanted to order the first package with 7 cities, 7 villages and 7 castles, could add 4 bigger towers and 1 bigger labyrinth. castles depend if you make the runewars castles or not and when. i forgotten the 20 % code, ups
  18. i got the Labyrinth Modell today. It is very detailed as always, but too little. i dont like it.
  19. FFG kills all Terrinoth, now that Christian Petersen has left (why ? Because he was the Boss but he wasnt. He could not do anymore as he wanted to, they put him on ice) FFG creates half or less games and want to sell it like crazy. They are crazy. To expect a twoplayer game with 2 factions in one box to sell like warhammer in the best years. In battle lore they didnt made the elves, in runewars they didnt made the huge flying models. What do they have to offer that we shall buy? Where is it what we want to buy ? FFG should start to offer complete games when they want to sell them in large numbers and not appetizers. But now with Asmodee you can forget this company. They didnt get the models to Europe, they didnt made further translations, they done nothing in europe since asmodee took this over. It worked so well with Heidelbären before Asmodde came in. Now it is completely ruined. fanzasy is history. (maybe that was the plan). BTW i am not a fan of runewars rules . to me,, and many others, they are overloaded. you have to learn chinese to use these command holders, every step takes much too long, overcomplicated. no fun to play.
  20. Hi Friends, take a look at spare oom studios, Leavon has made the Labyrinth, which is a talisman place card. He made the Mage Knight Model for compability to both games and because on the talisman picture isnt much to see from the Labyrinth.
  21. Any news or at least rumors about new models ?
  22. magicrealm


    Sorry, i thought you mean dice instead of the counters. that would have been an intereesting thread. Terrain dice ? i didnt used them already in 2nd edition.
  23. i give a new addon for descent 2 zero chance. I give a 3rd edition 33 % chance, but only 25% that this 3rd edition will be a good one
  24. i just dont like it to be so silent here.
  25. Now that all developed unit are available i am very curious what comes next and if something comes next. As i written before, i hope for the pegasus rider, undead dragon, roc rider and whatever the horde takes (chaoslord).
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