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  1. magicrealm

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    Good to see you get good sales this time. So we can hope for the Deep Woods coming ?
  2. magicrealm

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    ordered and payed june 15 , still nothing done yet. Nice prompt delivery as always.
  3. magicrealm

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    With the dice you are right, but not the talisman. the total of oppposite sides on a dice is always 7. so 6 and 1, 3 and 4, 5 and 2 are opposite.. the reaper cheats, what else have you expected? i am happy you have overcome your frustration about low selling and returned to make these fantastic models. low seling is because nobody knows about it and the price in total is high. we buyed one after the other and did not count the total costs, but someone who discovers your page now for first time will probably be shocked . just look if you can make advertising on the forums of the new talisman publishers and gaming magazines. just an idea. Btw a complete fortress GW Age of Sigmar goes up to 1000 euro. of course GW sells the towers walls and buildings single for 150-220 euro.
  4. magicrealm

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    who finds the error on the reaper Picture?
  5. magicrealm

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    You re the best , Leavon ! We share our heart and mind in these models. (now the deep wood is just another free weekend away...)
  6. I am sure a 3rd edition will come sooner or later, i am not sure if we will like it - see runebound 3rd edition. i hope for larger minis, compatible to those of runewars miniature game. the last heroes from hero and monster set already grew into that size. The small descnet 2 minis were excellent as long as they were the only ones. if you get used to larger scale minis like rwmg the descent minis are looking really - too little.
  7. magicrealm

    New Waiqar Hero: Lord Vorun'thul

    it is good to see that ffg has not abandoned the development of the game and finally continued with a new hero. but i doubt that this teethless whitebeard elder vampire raises the attraction of the game. If ffg would make anything new for the valquar, i was expecting an 8 inch Undead Dragon. Sorry guys , i cannot share your happines-for-everything-they- make.
  8. magicrealm

    Next Shock

    Thanks Budgernaut for pointing this out.
  9. magicrealm

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    Please make at least the ruins so at least all buildings are made
  10. magicrealm

    Next Shock

    After the Hurray that 7 unit packs (3 from basepack uthuk) finally made the step beyond the Printer on the boat, the next shock comes immediately : x- wing 2nd edition At upcoming list development is full of x wing fighters. that looks like no new units for runewars for a long time or forever. desperate.
  11. magicrealm

    Runewars rumours

    i just look at the number of Posts here in the Forum for diffferent games. that seems to be an easy measure of sucess or failure. x wing has 1.3 Million Posts, runebound 3rd ed 826 .....
  12. magicrealm

    a measure of sucess ?

    Are the number of Forum Posts a measure of sucess ? If so, RWMG is not as bad as said. the 31k Posts are nothing to x wing 1,3 Million, but compared to boardgames it is not far behind descent 2 and Talisman, which are 10 years in series. Legion is actually shortly behind rwbg. Battlelore is really bad with 2k Posts. so RWMG is not so bad that selling is in red alert and abandom the game is necessary to avoid more financial losses.
  13. magicrealm

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77194#detail/77194_g_1 you may be interested to see this. And the neighbour https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77029#detail/IG_5789_1
  14. magicrealm

    Runewars board game as a campaign engine

    This was my plan too, with descent 2 for the characters quests, a game trilogy. it would have fit with battlelore armies, but ffg never did elves. now with rwmg they stopped half made the basics, just one mage (within the command unit), no Flyers. those can be taken from battlelore, just the Pegasus is really not on market. there is a pegasus in dungeon and Dragon atttack wings, but in battlelore size. actually i gave ffg up, i dont like to continue disappointments. i am replacing it all with reaper bones. they make 25 models each month, having around 600 actually in catalogue plus their thousands of tin minis.. they seem to be the best.
  15. magicrealm

    Elven Faction Incoming in 2018?

    complete pegasus in BLsize : D&D attack WIngs Pegasus