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  1. The cat is out of the bag, as we say in Germany when something unknown becomes known. The new Games Workshop Edition will be no new Edition but a Reprint of ffg 4rth revised edition. That is a tremendous good news for Leavon (and for us of course, no sigmar ! ) The models will stay actual. Maybe Leavon takes the chance and makes a deal with GW ? However, i am very lucky and hope this motivates Leavon.
  2. So it will be no new edition, but a reprint of the ffg 4rth revised edition. well, better then an age of sigmar, i would say.
  3. Leavon i would like to hear your opinion about the landscapes. there are not too many buldings left to do now, ( mines, ruins, maybe oasis, werwolvden, runestones) so far the models are accessoire for talisman board game. but if you do the unique landscapes (deep woods, crags, gorge, hidden valley, valley of fire, plain of peril, ) and the standard landscapes too (fields, plains, hills, woodlands, desserts) then it will become an own gameboard in itself and can be placed together in endless ways. the player would have the unique chance to build his own talisman board, different each game. (like a card game, but with marvallous 3d models) does this appeal to you or do you think it would be too much work ? Talismanisland, what do you think about this ?
  4. Welcome back ! Order and paypal just on your way. Next please Mines and Ruins, they are needed for Mage Knight too.
  5. my order of tower and graveyard comes with the next model for sure. six weeks have passed and this is as dead as a....graveyard. so this was the meaning of it.
  6. BTW Castle, i would like to have a drawbridge. It doesnt look so in Talisman, but all Castles have a drawbridge.
  7. Looks exactly as i thought it would like. Quite addicitve. i guess the castle means a challenge ?
  8. i would like to order it, but the shipping costs are half the money the model costs. thats why i was/am waiting for 3 or 4 models to ship
  9. Looks great like always. But hey, 4-6 weeks is much too long. that means that it will take until the end of the year until graveyard, Castle, ruins, mines and crypt Aare available. plus the shipping costs for each of it, because waitung for 3 or 4 will be an eternity.
  10. Hello friends, i would like to hear if you are happy with the unit types in RW:MG. Well, i dont mean if you like the quality of details, the model as artwork. i mean if you like Undead riders on Carrions, with a green light as eye, elven scions a bit like trees, with the same green light as eye, human Golems with multiple arms, etc. i am an older classic player and would descrive the units this way : indefinitely Monsters everywhere, same in Undeads, Humans or Elves, no difference, just monsterlike "Things" Sure there are infantry, cavalry, lightartillery (crossbowmen, rangers), but the "bigger ones" are no match to the classics in my eyes. I would have favoured real Treeman, Manticores, Nightmares, Angels, etc. It looks like FFG thought that these kind had their time in the past and something new should be done. ok, but indefintely Things with a green light cant be an alternative. really not. so my plans with RW:MG are frozen until some models appear which appeal to me. Thats my point of view.
  11. i place cata at the tavern/city - village/chapel side. the middle space on that side counts as one space for both boards, so you need a 6 tagain to move from the tavern to the city or chapel, and from the village to the chapel or or city. that mens longer ways and horses make sense. both crowns must be visited but just as keys to the dragon tower, where the crown is finally taken.
  12. FFG always make expansions to be used with the main board. they are not meant to be played all together. there are no rules for that. players who want to play with more then one expansion cannot stay with the ffg rules. they must make their own game. the easiest way to bind the 3 corners into the game is to make the rule that all 3 bosses must be killed from each player. thats it. monsters in the corners are too weak if you go for the boss. the highland must get +3, the woodland +4 the dungeon +5 to all moster die rolls. place a dice with the number at each board. these numbers dont count for the trophies. important is the leveling, which is too fast with standart rules. so you get trophies only from equal or stronger enemies (measured without objects and followers) and need 10 trophy points for a level up. this way you have nearly the fast leveling from the original game in the beginning but later it is rare to get harder enemies so the bosses in the corners might be a challenge.
  13. Agree on Buggernaut. Wanted to do this with Battlelore already, nut elves never came. RW Elves actually only 4 types, have to wait for more expansions.
  14. Good to hear Leavon