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  1. Agree, except the ruins should come as soon as possible and terrain should be real the terrain. cards can always go under the model. as i said, i see the models for more then talisman. mageknight and selfmmade board. one more model i think everybody would love to have : the maze (labyrinth), it is a card, but as model superior and very good use outside talisman.
  2. i wondered how you would give this faceless werewolfden a face. Putting the werewolf into it with that gesture is once again a fabolous surprise from you. Talismanisland wrote on his website that you are working on the runes next. Runes or Ruins ? Edit : email says runes, ok will be fine too, but disappointed not to get the ruins and with that the mageknight set this year. Our time is running out, we wil get larger problems soon then Talisman models.
  3. Your models are too good. Thats why i am waiting so hard for ruins, it is the last Piece necessary for mage Knight. With that one i have to think seriously about buying additional pieces like 2-5 per model or creating my own game.. you have this Special taste in your models that makes them ...ah...,fantastic.
  4. sp no further models like ruins in next time ?
  5. We had this discussion before. i dont want any further character models. There are still things to do for the mainboard. There are 70 chracter models in 4rd Edition, 120 in Descent 2, and thousands in pewter industry. there are Zero building and landscape miniatures in Talisman, Descent 2 and Industry. Zero. (except the 15 from Leavon so far). " There arent a lot of good resources out there" ? Sorry this shows you did not take any research. Look at reaper miniatures for example. Sandra Garrity, Werner Klocke, etc are highly professional and amazing good modellers who created hundreds of character figures. For Talisman so much better could be done than further characters. Ruins, Mines, Runes, Crag, Deepwood, Gorge, Landscapes, even Card places like the maze and the swamp, Addon Highlights, etc Those do not exist anywhere. Not that we ask for buildings and landscapes from outside the game like the dozens of Talismanisland - Addons ! As your characters from Nomad are.
  6. Your first words on this webside : "Hi, I am a 3d Artist...." Yes you are and you can be proud of.
  7. Count for my order, but, as always, together with 2 or 3 more models. im looking forward for ruins and mines, hopefully before christma.
  8. There is more than that. for example, if you Play with more then one board Expansion, you need to slow down leveling. best way is to get a trophy only from equal or higher enemies, not from lower ones. not counting objects and followers
  9. Lovely model, good to see you stay with talisman
  10. Would you paint my set ? just joking. i have to find a studio for this and the character models.
  11. Get my order today (from 2nd august)
  12. This Shows what i mean with the Standard landscapes. Regarding what you can do with it, i think it should be really worth the 5 pieces work.
  13. The cat is out of the bag, as we say in Germany when something unknown becomes known. The new Games Workshop Edition will be no new Edition but a Reprint of ffg 4rth revised edition. That is a tremendous good news for Leavon (and for us of course, no sigmar ! ) The models will stay actual. Maybe Leavon takes the chance and makes a deal with GW ? However, i am very lucky and hope this motivates Leavon.
  14. So it will be no new edition, but a reprint of the ffg 4rth revised edition. well, better then an age of sigmar, i would say.
  15. Leavon i would like to hear your opinion about the landscapes. there are not too many buldings left to do now, ( mines, ruins, maybe oasis, werwolvden, runestones) so far the models are accessoire for talisman board game. but if you do the unique landscapes (deep woods, crags, gorge, hidden valley, valley of fire, plain of peril, ) and the standard landscapes too (fields, plains, hills, woodlands, desserts) then it will become an own gameboard in itself and can be placed together in endless ways. the player would have the unique chance to build his own talisman board, different each game. (like a card game, but with marvallous 3d models) does this appeal to you or do you think it would be too much work ? Talismanisland, what do you think about this ?