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  1. The Race

    A Variation, more fun than you think of. Each character starts at the tavern. Movement ClockWise only. winner is the first character who arrived at tavern 5th time. (shorter games 3 rounds, longer games 10 rounds) teamplay : every Player plays 2-4 characters. The Rally the 4 outer realms are added. Rally goes through all of them each round. no move back. Bosses do not fight. move to deepwoods-crags-ruins after Boss space. 3 rounds. The Burning Race Dragons are added.....
  2. Foreshadowing to terrible times

    The Undead Army Packs are really great in Detail and rich in different types. for me it was clear, that next the elves will come in same Quality. but nothing came anymore. FFG went the negative spirale: Because they dont produce more,, the customers dont buy anymore and so nothing will be produced anymore. same in Runewars Miniature Game, exactly the same : because too less Units are published noone is buying it and because noone is buying it no more Units are produced. the negative spiral. Games Workshop Warhammer once went the positive spiral : because they produced endless amounts of Units the Gamers buyed endless amounts of Units and so GW produced endless amounst of Units. This is the small 1x1 of Business and FFG should be Aware if it. but they aren t. The elven army woulf have raised the selling of BL really much. i am convinced of that. Orks and dwarves would have brought the game to the top. about blockls : was part of games in the 70s when miniatures did not exist. (Risk, Diplomacy) i am sad about the undone elven army. It is worth a gravestone.
  3. All Expansions - Suggestions please.

    1. That is Game Workshop Talisman ! These fate points are made for americans.... 2. The Question here is, how to play Tallisman with all expansions, not how to make a one- move shortened Game. If i want a short Talisman, i would play as it is. But i never do this. 3. I ask myself if players understand sense of gaming at all. It is like in modern PC Games, WoW etc. They all rush through it. Now the quickest rush is NOT TO PLAY IT !
  4. 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    Can this card be buyed anywhere in german language ?
  5. An Article!

    it is you who makes it negative, i dont see any negative in it. 8 trays Need 4 army boxes, that is a fact. separate fleshrippers boxes in upcoming list at the Printers since some months. Facts.
  6. An Article!

    aehm , yes thats what i meant. 2 trays in one army box, but there are 8 trays in that battle, still 4 game boxes necessary. of course it is all ffg stuff.
  7. An Article!

    What Legion fans ? Are there any ?
  8. An Article!

    Yeah finally something. It is like fresh air. How to get four trays of fleshrippers ? you must buy four army boxes to get this ! i think FFG should write an article about the printing situation, why it takes so long, why dont they buy more printing capacities,, what are their plans with rwmg etc. Blizzard does this all the time with their products and this keeps the plaýers in the game.
  9. Legion...

    Star wars is about starships , no ? Inside space stations and death stars, ok thats imperial assault, but what is legion ? a star wars tablezop ? Teddybear offensive or what ? This is going much too far crazy, degenerated moneymilking. i hope, i really hope, that legion becomes a desaster full flop so ffg becomes the feedback from their kicking fantasy game politics this way.
  10. New Units release dates

    FFG didnt threw out an acknowledgement of Battlelore too, they simplay never made the elven army. and there are fan (atics) who still hope it will be made. so it is here. i wish i could share your optimism that rwmg will continue, but this is as unrealistic as the elven army for battlelore. there are plenty of new games and expansions announced beside star wars, but nothing anymore for runewars mg. see it as a fact and live without it.
  11. no update since end of august last year for the elven warriors and ulthuan basic units, sais the upcoming list. ( but ulthan released in decembre, so what message is that ? ) Now the 6th months at the Printer ? This is what we call " Wirtschaftskriminalität" ! Do i have to consider myself an idiot to have spend a lot of money in that game ?
  12. Elven Faction Incoming in 2018?

    What models do you use? Where did you get the bases from ? For the treant you may take a look at Reaper Minis, Moosbeard. I want to have the runewars Boardgame minis, 15mm, in Battlelore size - because i want to use the Monsters from Descent 2, so i need smaller sized unit models, battlelore is optimnum for that. Runewars mini game is very big and just a few Basics released. Pegasus is hard to get.