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  1. Good to hear Leavon
  2. As a fan of the Runewars Board Game i still hope for the Pegasus rider, Enchantresses and the Guardian Melees.
  3. If anybody at FFg would ask me why i dont buy this game, my answer is : Not without the elves ! I guess i am not the only one. If the elves do not appear this year autumn, i doubt the game will be a sucess. and because it is no sucesss, they do not make the elves, funny, isnt it ? Lets hope the game as it is sells good enough for ffg to make the elves
  4. Opposite is true, think about it (of course only if the minature game becomes a sucess) Battle lore is gone, no elves there
  5. Sure i do, if the elves ever come true.... at that time a 2nd edit of the boardgame has a good chance. but if the miniature game is a flop like battle lore, then runewars is gone and with it terrinoth...(having runebound 3 ed as a flop)
  6. When the elves are in the shop i go into this game, not earlier. Remember Battle Lore 2 finished with 3 factions, without the elves, remember Rune Wars Board Games already had these 4 factions, but in mini scale. if the elves come true, i also hope for a 2nd Edit of the Boardgame. On the long hand dwarfs and orcs should add, but this means the game has a sucess like Star Wars, i dont think so. We will see.
  7. i took a closer look at the Mainboard. there are 49 spaces. 14 of them are multiples, from the 35 solos 10 are landscapes : fields, woods, hills, plains, crags, gorge, dessert, hidden valley plain of danger, valley of fire (sorry dont know english names) one is the black Knight, which is a model in cataclysm and one is the reaper, which is a moidel in the reaper Expansion, 3 are runestones, 10 we have already done. the 10 left are Graveyard, Ruins, Deep woods, Castle, Oasis, Mines, Crypt, Vampire Tower, Werwolf Den, Fire Pit, for a nice moedelled Mainboard 10 more to do, but if leavon would make the landscapes too, with a pack of multiples, the gamer doesnt need the board and could make his own 3d board in any way he wishes. That would be fantastic.
  8. If you keep on Corners, then vampires Tower would be next, because there is nothing else in the inner realm corners. if so, you can keep my order to wait for the Tower. i still hope to see castle and graveyard.
  9. You love to do that, dont you ? If you didnt start my order, please take that into it.
  10. Woods? you mean cursed glade ? so you stick with the four Corners ?
  11. You could make two Caves, one vanilla as it is and one as a card holder or whatever. Òn which bbg Forum are you active ?
  12. no3. as it is. my opinion about no 1 and 2 i have written before and got a warning from ffg for it, thanks. children call for big brother.
  13. Well, if we see how brutal GW violated Warhammer, killing all brave bretonian Knights, replacing them with Demons in angelic Outlook, i share the fear that Age of Sigmar will overrun Talisman. I dont expect a new classic form, oh no. there is no place on earth for this anymore, except in our dreams, if we can keep it.
  14. Good to see you continue the board miniatures. It is surprising how you find Solutions for Details, this time the well inside, making 3 pieces. Thumbs up! i hope you keep with the main board, there is still so much to do. of course , there are great possibilities in the expansions, like the Palace of the ice queen, but one after the other.