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  1. Now that "The Enemy Within" module has been released, is FFG going to bring out more expansions (not downloads) and other products to support WFRP? Have we seen the last of new products for WFRP? There is nothing listed in the "Upcoming" section of the web site. Thank you. Dave
  2. Hi, I'm looking for Middle-Earth Quest players in the Sacramento/Roseville/Folsom, CA Area If interested, send email to EpicGamerGeek@me.com Dave
  3. Hi, I'm looking for Gears of War players in the Sacramento/Roseville/Folsom, CA Area If interested, send email to me at EpicGamerGeek@me.com Dave
  4. Wanting to start a WFRP Campaign. Have two players including a GM. Looking for two mature adults to complete group. If interested, email me (Dave) at TotalGamerGeek@me.com Thanks. Dave
  5. I'm looking for people to play Battles of Westeros in the Sacramento, CA area. I've had the game for a while, got the figures glued to the bases and ready to play. :-) Dave
  6. I'm going. Disappointed to see no Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay games scheduled. Hard to find a group to play with up here in Sacramento, Ca area.
  7. Hey all, I'm looking for 3 other players for WFRP to start a campaign in the Sacramento/Roseville/Folsom/Fair Oaks areas. If interested, send me an email to: TotalGamerGeek@me.com Thank you. Dave Schwartz
  8. If any of you live in the Sacramento, CA area and interested in a weekly or semi-weekly Game of Thrones LCG group, let me know. We could also incorporate the board game on some nights as well, if interested. I'd like to get something going this summer. Send me email if interested: MusicTechGeek@mac.com Dave Schwartz
  9. Hey Guys, Sorry I won't be able to make this one. My local Wargaming group (including Warhammer Fantasy) is having a meet tomorrow and we are bringing the new 8th Edition rules and all, here in Sacramento. I wish they both weren't on the same day or I'd be down there tomorrow. I'd like to make it to the next one. Keep me posted. Dave Schwartz
  10. EpicGamerGeek

    Is the game sold out

    I sure want one of these games and hope FFG releases another wave!