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  1. "Uz boyz finks its not on dat dem umies Deffwotch finks dey is da hardest! Well, we Green boyz is da meanest and we iz da biggest, ardest and shootiest boyz! Much 'arder dan dem deffwotch umies. So, da boss az a kunnin plan... we iz gonna start da umie wotch! Only da bestest boyz iz wonted." - Not to be outdone by the new Deathwatch release, my regular group of PC's have rolled up a group of Ork pc's and plan on calling themselves Umiewotch. The idea is that these wannabe Kommando's are a small and elite (?!) strike team of Orks who have decided to strike back at the Humans and Marines, in their own Orky style of course. Inspired by the Deffwotch who are obviously so hard that they've impressed the greenskins these boyz get the best equipment and weaponry (that they can steal...) and go up against only the most dangerous and hardest foes (well, anybody they can pick a fight with - Humans, Eldar, other orks...) using nothing but Orky know-wots and Kunning (well, mostly hitting things or blowing them up!). This will be an irregular game purely for giggles, our first game was so funny that several of the players almost passed out with laughter. As the Player who was to be Da Boss was absent due to his wedding anniversary the theme of the game was "Wheres' da boss?" - as the remaining PC's hunted him down across the scrap wastelands with predictably insane consequences. This was easily the most fun campaign start of Dark Heresy or Rogue trader and promises to be sheer anarchy!
  2. I'd start slowly decreasing his Profit Factor as the sheer cost of running low paid cargo starts to hit home - he won't be able to compete with the bigger boys (cargo hauling wise) and when the money runs out... Also, the holds may be physically big enough to stuff a lot of people into, but living quarters? Training facilities? Even Toilet facilities....?! You stick a few thousand folks in a big hold and you're gonna have problems, plummeting morale which will already be low with the monotony of hauling in the back of nowhere and you could even have a mutiny on your hands. Add to this the strain on the life support systems which will require constant (and expensive) maintenance twinned with equipping and maintaining that many troops without a battle and you have a powder keg on your hands. Have them spend a few scenarios firefighting mutineers, breakdowns, part shortages (and wouldn't you just know that Parcelforce Galactica has bought up ALL of those spare life support components....) then offer them a juicy cargo run with some shady goods deep into the Maw, perhaps Port Wander or such and take it from there. Just help them realise that the quietness of the boonies isn't real, that Rogue Traders who don't try will crawl off and die.
  3. As a wise man once said.... "Space is big... really big!"
  4. I can see how the Endeavours idea works, but I didn't really feel it worked for me.. I've kinda gone mainly for the whole Profit Factor thing as well, the PC's feel more like they're rewarded well for a job well done but don't accomplish so much if they've messed things up somewhat. Also, Profit Factor can be burnt if they want to achieve something really big, e.g. outfitting a new ship, etc but so far they've not been inclined to reduce their Profits. So, I'd overall have to agree with you, my players have been known to go off on complete tangents forcing me to do some serious winging it, so I just modify the game accordingly.
  5. Hmm... his own private Shrine Moon, that sounds just Flash-hearts' style, I think once they've dealt with the Whisperer they may just pick a small moon and bury some of their many dead...
  6. Feel free to use and abuse Flash-heart to your own hearts content I'll post up a list of some stats, etc for Flash-heart and his merry band later on but in the meantime you can flesh him out how you like. The replacement pc... hmm... still thinking it over - we have a few ideas that the player is looking to investigate but is contemplating an Explorator with heavy cbt focus as a new bodyguard, gifted from the Admech to replace the 1 that got killed helping them out. The other contendor is a sniper but he's not 100% that it will fit in the same?! I'll let you all know when we have the newbie.
  7. We just played out the Cog segment of the Whispers scenario from the GM pack and it was a corker, 1 party fatality with a borderline 2nd escaping minus a lung! The PC's have an insanely good Sensor array on their Ship, the Ask Questions later..; they used it to identify the System Ships and Wasps protecting Cog and decided to call in Keel and his big guns. Keel wanted more specific Intel as his sensors just weren't as good as the Rogue Traders, so they managed to "borrow" a Guncutter from him as they don't have 1 and are feeling very hard done by because of this and sent the Pilot in alone with the Admech to do a complete sensor sweep flyby of Cog. A series of mishaps were finished by an almighty 01 on the Sensor roll and the Guncutter legged it out of there with a good picture of the System Boats and Wasps, they'd also picked up the weak signal from the Admech in the Core warning them to attack from the lower levels. Keel decided that he'd lead the attack with the Rogue Traders' Dauntless in behind; however the aggressive nature of the Ask Q's Machine Spirit meant that it soon poured on the power and ran the gauntlet between the Wasps, battering 1 of them heavily and taking a 2nd right out with a flukey roll of 05 on the Lance Battery followed by a sickening pair of 10's on the damage.. exit 1 Wasp in a blaze of glory (they whacked its void shield out with the macrobattery first). Keel in his Cruiser followed up by lancing both Wasps, the System boats did little or nothing against the Hand and dropped a void shield on the Ask Q's. The following turn was a repeat excercise pretty much leaving a mauled System boat afloat which died quickly in Turn 3 leaving the PC's alone in space. Keel decided to take a high orbit to guard against further attacks whilst the PC's went in with their Redshirts. They took in 1000 Redshirts with them in Cargo shuttles mostly whilst they headed nearer the core in Flash-hearts pimped out Aquilla lander. They all had sealed vac suits against the Toxic Storm but I was giving them 2d10% degradation every turn that they were exposed to the superstructure so they aimed at getting inside the facility pretty quickly. The best laid plans... They ran into a bunch of admech whisperers which they took down easily over a few turns and a few mm of protection ground off of their vacsuits. It was the Servitors released from the Airlock that caused them the trouble, they killed Flash-hearts bodyguard who had ran out of fate completely and almost killed the Astropath. 1 of the Servitors attacked with a flamer and everybody dodged aside except the Astropath who took an unholy amount of damage and had to burn a fate point to stay alive - I ruled that the Storm had blown out the flame igniter but that he was doused in Promethium which was burning through his suit for another d10 degradation points. When they reached 100% basically the suit was blowing seals, exposing them to the elements, etc. The Astropath followed up by really pushing his powers, caused a Perils attack and got Furies - he spent a further couple of turns wibbling on the deck and being eaten by the elements. The rest of the PC's managed to finish off the Servitors and literally flung the Astropath through the airlock door, by which time he had totally lost his Vacsuit and was making T rolls to avoid taking serious internal damage - he had the affrontery to make 2 of them and the 3rd only resulted in the permanent loss of 1d10 T, and I rolled a 1! He had a lucky escape as he lay gibbering. The communications with the Admech, upon entering the Cog did not go well... Flash-heart, understandably peeved at losing his bodyguard and almost his Astropath failed to hide his disdain of the Cowardly Admech hiding in the Core (he was a little more colourful in his language though) and proceeded to roll a straight 100 on the Fellowship test to try and talk the Admech into opening the Core up or turning on the defences or something. His apology was almost as heartfelt but as he only rolled a 98 he didn't offend them quite as much he had previously... either way the Admech were none too keen on continuing a dialogue with him. Things were not going well with his Redshirt security contingent either, his command rolls failed by 5 steps and then 3 steps - his dice rolling tonight was obscenely high all night and he was well out of fate. He lost pretty much everybody as he tried to talk to the Admech... This, of course, left him in a stinking mood and he was contemplating taking off and nuking (well, macrocannoning) the site from orbit when the Explorator suggested that they could take down the Storm Shield and scour everything from the outer levels, leaving only the cowardly Admech in his safe zone. A decent security hack later and a Servo skull rigged with both a viral spirit and explosives and the shield was down. Leaving the PC's to run the gauntlet of the storm back to the shuttle - only 47 out of 1000 of their Redshirts made it back... they shall be remembered. Well, for a while anyways. Flash-heart was happy to spend a few days in the tender care of the ships Medicae and returned to the surface with all guns tracking the Facility. The Admech were far more willing to receive him upon his return and even agreed to very very favourable terms despite him having caused extensive damage which would take them many months to repair. To be fair, Flash-heart didn't really give them much choice and was so pissed off that he took a fair chunk of the Admech staff as tithe and insisted on them being reprogrammed to replace his Security staff, he also took a few choice items from the Admech and promises of more to come, as soon as they finished repairs. All in all, it wasn't too bad - they even salvaged the dead PC and replaced the Explorators Servoskull with a Gunskull! Want not waste not. We have even started a new custom - I am building an Imperial Shrine World with lots of statuary of heroes, etc - now there is a shiny tomb with the statue of a Bodyguard adorning it. We've come to the plan that any future fatalities will also have a tomb / remembrance built and added to the board.
  8. So much unknown... The PC's aren't sure whether the dome is keeping something trapped, or perhaps keeping something out... thereby indicating that there just possibly may be something valuable inside?! All of the men are dead, they were clearly killed in combat but in a myriad of ways; some shot, some eviscerated, others in novel and icky ways. What still isn't apparent though, is what killed many of them... They found a reinforced door torn asunder as if it were cardboard. There were no "civilian" inhabitants of the rock, they were mostly Skitarii and the number of bodies found indicates to the PCs that they made their last stand in the Command Node. The body of a ranking Admech was found near the jury rigged controls of the Void Dome - its clear that he rerouted most of the facilities power to the dome and that he built the mechanism before dying, but as most of his implants were fused and melted including his Membanks, its impossible to tell how he died or what killed him... So, a mystery wrapped in intrigue with a dash of greed thrown in for good measure. The Death World like interior is farmable and will produce some high quality Pharmaceutical product to be traded near and far, they can't tamper with the energy output unless they disrupt the Void Dome... hmm.... there may be something valuable inside or they may unleash hell.... decisions decisions...
  9. My lot "happened" across a long abandoned moon giving out a weak signal, they of course investigated and found a long abandoned base atop a huge deep shaft to the moons interior. I had based this encounter on 1 of those mentioned in the scenario, the moon of Kybo; they sent down a security detail after finding a dessicated corpse in the command dome and a repeated signal warning them to stay away from the moon = a warning which, of course, they ignored completely. They found a stripped barracks at the foot of the shaft, and a large sealed door. The door in turn led to an amazing sight - a long tunnel, full of plants and fauna and lit by Solar lights. The slightly innebriated Admech discovered that one of the many vines was not only flammable but drinkable - and had a fair old alcoholic content, severa other of the plants had narcotic or medical properties making them fairly valuable. It was at the end of this tunnel, however, that they discovered the true treasure; a massive interior cavern tunneled through the moon containing an intact and thriving biosphere. Think Genesis cave! Their party of Red Shirts had gone on ahead and disappeared off of the chart... a few encounters later and the PC's discovered why; I dipped deeply into the Creature Anathema and created them their very own mini death world. They didn't enjoy it overly, playing tag with plants and discovering a few unfriendly big cats before deciding that discretion was the better part of valour and fell back to the nursery tunnel. Not to be put off, they brought down more Security teams and some heavier equipment and gradually established a slash and burn foothold. They even brought a few small flyers down and investigated deeper into the cave from the air, eventually locating an Admech command module on the roof, some several km away. The PC's of course headed out in a flyer and investigated. What they found scared them, the Cmd Module was allocating power out to the entire facility but only a small portion of its total power output - the rest was being routed to a shielded area deep within. As they advanced through the area it was obvious that everybody was dead, and that they'd gone down fighting, but fighting what..? They investigated their way into the interior and found where the power was going; a heavily shielded area which supported a small but strong void shield, containing something within. They decided not to press the issue and turn off or reroute anything but instead committed forces to collecting the various local flaura and fauna. Overall, they have a mystery and a small but lucrative pharmaceutical lab which will, in a while, give them a +1 Profit factor. This small detour took up 2-3 sessions and I largely winged the rest of the cave, with a bit of planning from the Creature Anathema.
  10. Lord Tiberius Flash-heart is a cross between Kirk / Blackadder / Flash-heart, he is usually well intentioned and likes to look after his crew. The only problems arise from the facts that he is a total abject Coward and that his libido can usually be counted on to overrule his head.... The "Ask Questions Later..." is an aggressive and paranoid Dauntless Cruiser which is also haunted; the crew are used to seeing ghosts but are constantly slightly unnerved by the situation hence Flash-heart spends copious amounts of cash ensuring that whenever they hit leave, they always have a good time. This has given him the reputation as a good Ships Master, a reputation somewhat tempered by the occasional gaff - such as releasing the ships retinue of Kill Servitors after mistaking a 1000 yr old Transmission from an ancient battle as an attempt at boarding his ship... He is generally apologetic about this and does spend time among his crew, from the Command staff down he is well known and cared for, although he does not use Corporal punishment lightly he will indulge in it if it suits his needs, a fact of which the crew is painfully aware. Essentially, as a Captain he treats his people well but has a definite line he will not cross (unless it involves ladies, or personal danger of any kind...) and is willing to enforce this at the tip of a sword. As a Rogue Trader he can best be described as a "Popinjay", I love that old word! However, his trinkets, rings and costumary hide a number of Jokaero digital weapons and a sharp power sword that goes ting whenever its drawn - which is usually only when he's backed into a corner and has no real choice. He is actually a very proficient swordsman but would rather make love not war, usually repeatedly. He does, however, have 1 major quirk - if there is an audience other than his Command Crew (the PCs) he gets +10 to all WP rolls, etc regarding Fear or running away as he doesn't want to appear a coward. If, however, there is nobodly else about he gets -20 to the roll and is more likely to leg it. He is accompanied at most times by a Gunskull Camera which records his derring do and bravery, usually for later editing and distribution among the crew, local planets, starbases, etc and this has increased his reputation as a Square Jawed Hero and defender of the Imperium. Which, of course, he is anything but - he just spends a fortune on Good PR! Hololiths, Souvenirs and Memoirs litter the Calixis sector all lauding the Great Lord Flash-heart and his brave crew ; this is a double bonus as he earns a small profit on every item sold. He rarely "Orders" his Command Crew around, he usually just makes suggestions backed by sound (in his mind) judgements but as he is very charismatic he has not had to resort to making the Command official, yet. He does look after his Command staff well, replacing limbs, internal organs, etc with good quality implants where necessary - he makes it a point of pride that the replacement is at least as serviceable as the old 1, and preferably has a bit of bling as this always impresses the natives. His last Away team ended badly for the Astropath - they were investigating a long abandoned station when they came under attack by Eldar - they quickly dispatched the Eldar Warriors but came under fire from an Eldar Ranger, well hidden and deadly accurate. Flash-heart quickly deduced that the Eldar were attempting to encircle them and trap them so bravely led the relief efforts to hold the Shuttle bay - only sending the Seneschal ahead to ensure that there were no traps. He succeeded admirably, advancing to a more defensible position in the launch bays he even found time to send his condolences to the Astropath who was cut off and trapped by the Eldar, promising him that he would not be forgotten in the Annals of Flash-heart history. He briefly considered the foolish risk of attempting to rescue him but felt vindicated that ensuring the rest of the Command staff reached safety in the Shuttle was a more noble cause. He was the first to welcome the Astropath back to the safety of the containment bays when the Red Shirt Security sweep found him wounded and near death - the Eldar had captured him and Imprinted an Eldar Electoo sigil into his face, a clear warning to Flash-heart to stay away. Flash-heart only kept him in solitary for a mere month, ensuring the safety of the rest of the crew. Touched by the Astropaths dedication and Sacrifice Flash-heart commissioned a mask for him, to cover the Eldar Rune, even going so far as to have the mask created out of (semi) precious metals and inlaid with brass and the Flash-heart family crest! After all, the Astropath is blind anyway and didn't need eye slots...
  11. Flash-heart runs his Empire from the Command deck of his lineage's last remaining vessel - the Ask Questions Later. The vessel is a modified Dauntless Light Cruiser which has had a massively uprated sensor system, an ancient kill servitor defence system with a twitchy launch button and has been upgraded to carry a Battleship class Lance Turret. On top of that, the ancient Spirit of the vessel is like a Terrier - ready to pick a fight at the drop of a pin and fearless, seeing larger opponents as an opportunity to prove itself. The ship has soul and spirit of a 5ft nothing red headed Glaswegian, called Shuggy (not literally, but I am Glaswegian myself and see this as its persona ) and has to be reigned in, literally on a number of occasions. The Captain has had to order the ammo kept away from the Macro Cannons and the power dialled back on the lances unless he orders it otherwise, as the Ship is likely to "Have a go" if it gets the chance. On their first visit to Footfall the ship changed the approach vector and began pouring on power, figuring that ramming speed was likely to do the most damage against such a large opponent. Flash-heart now has a contract with the Port authorities and regularly uses tugboats to bring the vessel in on low power. The ship itself holds a number of secrets, it was wrested from a Space Hulk centuries previously and is now haunted - on at least 2 occasions the strength of the spectres has placed the ship and crew in direct danger. On other occasions, it has merely caused trouble and confusion. Once, they were in transit through the warp fighting a fierce warp storm, the Bridge hololith came to life, a Leftenant in the 7th Hold was reporting, in a panic, that the ship was under attack and being boarded and that the crew were falling back ; the Vid behind him showed clearly the wounded and dying crewmen falling back from an unseen but aggressive enemy, Flash-heart acted decisively, loosing the Kill Servitors who swept through the Hold killing all before them... as he sent a trusted Advisor to ascertain the identity of the enemy it became clear that there was, in fact, no enemy and that the message he was viewing was a ghost image, from millenia before... The actual attack had been long in the ships past, and the exterior of the 7th hold still showed where they had been boarded with repairs and external scars. The crew were none too happy about the Kill Servitors I can tell you, but such is the price of a haunted vessel. Flash-heart had to spread a lot of cash to increase Morale again after that slipup. The Great Uncle who had squandered the family fortune has left a number of "Cookies" behind, Flash-Heart is still find them from time to time. The central Atrium, his personal quarters are sumptuous and lavish; a huge multi levelled suite topped by a single Clear crystal dome. It has a huge bed alcove and a central firepit, the entire Atrium is clad in rare marble but contains 2 curiousities; first is the Xeno library, compiled over a century by his Uncle, much of the contents of books, scrolls, data crystals, etc are of Xenos origins and much of it is illegible. Why did he collect such a library? Who knows... What is its purpose? Who knows... Flash-heart does know, however, that many of these "books" are highly proscribed and even owning them would result in an immediate Termination by the Inqusition. He has his Spymaster compiling a list of them and attempting to translate many to ascertain just why the collection is there and what its for. As for Flash-heart, there are few of the more esoteric books, the ones with colour pictures that he quite likes, some of them appear to be nawty Xenos pictures, he looked at those twice... The 2nd, and greatest secret is the great vault. Beneath the firepit, in a gene-encoded room is door. That door is coded to open only to the Ruler of the Flash-heart line, behind that door is a vault. This vault is shielded from a seperate source from the ships engines and nobody can even get close enough to touch it. How to open it, what it contains, why its there is a mystery - and its driving Flash-heart mad! . He can't figure out, and he has tried, how to open the **** thing... His trusted Command Staff are; Seneschal - 2ic and Spymaster, Majordomo and occasional butler. Bodyguard - Powerarmor wielding, powerfisting semi psychotic protector. Engineer - Admech with a taste for strong drink and whatever else he can distill from the ship. Astropath - Officially the unluckiest Astropath in the Sector. He has even acquired an Eldar Glyph Electoo after a run in with a pissed off Warlock... Pilot - the most despited and hated man on the ship, he didn't realise he was a Null... Either did the Astropath at first - now that was an amusing 3 sessions. "There is a disturbance in the Warp...." - How the Astropath didn't realise that his powers only failed when the Pilot was near I'll never know. So, thats the crew, A Paranoid ship with some big guns and extreme sensor package, a bunch of misfits led by an abject Coward with panache and a whole vessel full of crew with fancy new Red Shirts... Welcome to the Reign of Lord Flash-heart
  12. The Expanse is not that big a place, Rogue Traders still need to come in to land once in a while and that tends to be when the Ordo Xenos whack em. Orky Freebooters (speaking as an Ork player since Rogue Trader with about 15k of Orks) are renowned as being totally, utterly unreliable and likely to sell out their employer 100% of the time. He has no control over his spores and will soon have a Mob of Boyz lookin to expand, Hey look, here is a ship... one or 2 orky "improvements" later and dem boyz az a ship. Its the fable of the Scorpion and the fox, its in his nature. If they want to play something big n dumb, there are rules floating about the internet for Ogryn, at least they kinda fit the bill as a RT bodyguard type.
  13. My group are fairly careful about what they carry and min/maxing their PCs after a few unfortunate runins. Ok, Paul - you are wearing power armor, carrying about 8 guns, grenades, weapons, etc so you can make that Agility check at -30 to cross that weak planking above the bottomless pit.... Make perception tests at -60 to spot the Eldar Ranger sniper 1.2 km away, nobody make it? Ok, he opens up on the most obviously armed and armored PC - that'll be you again then.... How long are you leaving your forcefield on for? Permanently, ok, so an hour passes of you wandering about the deep dark forest.. oh look your Forcefield is out of juice... With your Refractor field on, you're doing a reasonable impersonation of a ready-brek glow, thats gonna make your hide rolls a little challenging.... The Chaos Marine issues his challenge to the most armed and armored opponent, hey! Thats you dude! I used that one! It was great, he wasn't actually a Chaos Marine but the PC's thought he was... At least 1 PC went a little grey and lost a limb on it. I tend toward similarly armed opposition, once they've been on the receiving end of that a few times their new PCs will get the message. You shoulda heard them squeal the first time an enemy used a fate point.
  14. Well, he has had several pats on the back and a "Don't worry about your leg, the Admech owe us a favour and I'm getting you a shiny replacement!" Admittedly, the Bodyguard PC is getting a bit concerned as this has been followed by "Don't worry about your internal organs, our Admech friends say they can replace those for you..." And.. "The facial scarring isn't actually that bad, and you wear a helmet most of the time so nobody really sees it..." - The Bodyguard is playing his role to the hilt, and doing a good job of it; managing to soak up a lot of the incoming firepower like a sponge. He has, however, used up all of his fate and is about to get some karmic balance by receiving a point back! He is enjoying his part and looking forward to seeing what he gets replaced next.
  15. Flash-heart being Flash-heart, he tried to accomplish the entire task with style, panache and aplomb.... and failed miserably. He has the Admech PC's gunskull rigged up as a mobile Camera drone that captures all of his best moments for re-editing at a later date, but even that struggled to keep up with the long list of hilarious gaffs the PC's made in the final battle. Firstly, they came to the erroneous conclusion that the main enemy Warlord was a Chaos Warrior, coz he was really big, really fighty and had 2 chainswords. This got them rather paranoid, to say the least. When the last battle was going down they had the task of heading in and killing him in person; that would likely swing most of the neutral factions whilst closing down the strongest anti-Imperials. The trouble was that he was fortified in an Old Mineworks sat on top of the rare minerals that had yet to be mined, which were also very unstable hence no orbital bombardment (if there is a non dangerous way to whack an enemy, Flash-heart will take it!) so they had to do it the old fashioned way; in through the mineworkings, through the guards and eliminate the Chaos Warrior?! They headed toward the target in an old Valkyrie lent by a friendly Warlord which proceeded to get shot up and heavily damaged, knowing that they were near the target the pilot came in low and tried to hold it steady for an emergency evac; a few Agility checks were in Order and Flash-heart promptly rolled a 99! No problem, I'll spend a fate point.... followed by a straight 100!!! What are the odds of that?!?! Pretty high I'd say. So, the scene is; damaged Valkyrie trailing smoke in the midst of a warzone, tracer fire and ack ack coming up everywhere, the Valk is jinking and dropping trying to stay level so that the valiant attackers can zip line to the ground. Valiant Flash-heart , misunderstanding the height disdains the zip line, safety wire, etc and merely leaps out, into the fray.... 40ft below.... It made for some **** good Gunskull footage in the later transmissions though, he appeared to be 1 super heroic sonofabitch, right up until he landed in a crumpled heap at the bottom It was ok though, a med pack and some judicious editing later and he'd miraculously made a safe landing and was wading through defenders like they were wheat! The journey through the Tunnels was hilarious, they managed to mess up almost every dice roll they needed to make, silent movement? not a hope, they'd have been quieter bringing a brass band. 8ft wide pit, about 40ft deep - not much of a challenge, but 2 of em fell down it ; even funnier 1 of them had declared he was tied to a length of rope and that he had about 100ft of it so he'd be alright?! At least the other PC managed to fate and grab the edge, being pulled up by his mates. By the time they reached the inner defences they were in a fair sorry state and the ensuing battle resulted in the Bodyguard and Astropath both losing legs, although the Spymaster did well with his sneaking about in Synskin and managed to butcher a fair few of the defenders. They absolutely bricked it with the "Chaos Warrior" appeared, kept falling back and shooting at him. He was a huge fella, about 9ft tall with a naked and scarred chest and 2 chainswords, wearing a Force Field he was near impossible to shoot at and they weren't right keen on engaging him in Close Quarters. That's where the legs were lost, as the cannon fodder got in his way he managed to delimb the first couple that got close (they were on little or no wounds prior to being chainsworded though) and this forced Flash-heart and his Spymaster to do the unthinkable ; charge him! The Spymaster went first and managed to hit a fair old wound, but it was at this point that the Universal balance was restored when Flash-heart charged in with his families trusty Powersword and ran him through, rolling a 10 for damage followed by about an 8, they were pleasantly surprised when the enemy Warlord dropped dead! Turns out he was just a big Mutie and not a Chaos Warrior, but they did have a moment or 2 of utter fear. Needless to say, the Gunskull camera was running the entire time and, after a quick re-edit, a transmission of Flash-heart leaping in the action, cutting through hordes of guards and finally dispatching the enemy Warlord was on every screen and hololith on the planet! After this, the Pro-Imperial factions all swung in behind Flash-heart and most of the enemy were wiped out or went to ground. As newly appointed Trade-Minister, Flash-heart declared the planet back in the Imperial Fold and negotiated a mining exclusivity deal with the Admech, part of which included payment of 2 High Quality replacement limbs and a suit of Power armor for his bodyguard! They finished the adventure by hiring a couple of merchantmen to run back and forth making regular Ore runs outbound and taking shiny baubles inbound. It was a great scenario, everybody had a real laugh. Flash-heart is ran as a completely Cowardly version of Kirk / Blackadder / Flash-heart, he is only brave when he has an audience and chases every remotely attractive female he meets. We've allowed him a quirk which gives a +10 to all Fear type rolls when he has an audience other than his advisors and a -10 when he doesn't. If nobody is looking, he is likely to leg it in other words. Outwardly he is blinged out and has an air of authority, speaks like a true hero and alround Square Jawed good guy ; in reality he's ,more likely to take the money and run.
  16. Our campaign has been running a few months now, the PC's are fitting well into their roles onboard the (very modified) Dauntless Class "... Ask Questions Later", captained by 1 Tiberius Flash-heart. The family line fell to its last remaining heir upon the death of his Grand Uncle Octavius, something of a librarian-recluse who had spent most of the family fortune, but nobody really knows on what. All that remained was the ".... Ask Questions Later", with a very heavily modified sensor array and a few holdings. The shine on the Warrant began to rub off somewhat when Flash-heart realised that he owed a fair bit of cash to a number of people; including the nice AdMech gentlemen who wanted paid for completing the spangly sensor array on his ship as well as a number of other contracts his uncle had left outstanding. He had 2 choices; let them take the ship and move into something much much smaller... or do 1 small Cargo run for the a ranking Admech from a nearby Forgeworld as well as handing them the 13th Hold on the ship permanently (for an undisclosed reason?!). Flash-heart took option 2, reasoning that a cargo run wouldn't be that difficult?! The Admech Ramirez requested that the vessel move to an Admech dock for loading, was a little bit disconcerted to discover that the outbound cargo was Skitarii and combat drop vessels. Admech Ramirez was unavailable for communication until the voyage was well underway, at this point he divulged that the destination planet was Arkazius, a planet undergoing a civil War and currently under Imperial Blockade for the last 25 years - the Admech had been levying the local Imperial Administratum unsuccessfully to pacify the planet so decided to recover a rare mineral themselves. By using a Rogue Trader ship, they maintained pausible deniability, as well as having an expendable vessel. Fortunately, the blockade ship was a small Cobra warship which was 1/2 way through its 8 year mission to orbit Arkazius which possessed no space fairing capability whatsoever. Flash-heart took the simple and direct approach, he pulled alongside the protesting Cobra class ship, pointed out that he had a bigger vessel with more firepower and invited the Captain aboard for "negotiations". His Warrant did not allow him to break the Blockade, but for a small consideration the Captain of the Naval vessel informed Flash-heart of his Orbital path, by falling in about 12 hrs behind the Naval ship the Rogue Trader vessel was in the planetary deadzone for sensors... The Naval Captain could honestly claim to have last seen the Rogue Trader ship breaking orbit as a result of their meeting. The PC's made a hot combat drop with the Admech and cleared a large mining operation where a stockpile of rare minerals had been left store for over 2 decades, wiping out the defending army in the process. The Defenders were merely 1 faction in many, these were anti-Imperial and it was clear that the planet had a fairly low tech-level. The Admech were quite happy to secure the precious minerals and left many lesser (but still worth money) minerals behind, at which point the penny finally dropped and Flash-heart produced his most cunning plan yet.... Why settle for a simple cargo run with the Admech when he could steal the entire planet?! Not literally, but the Imperial Captain had mentioned at the meeting that if the Empire were to establish peace or a pro-Imperial Faction to gain power the blockade would be lifted as there would be no need for a pending attack at some stage to liberate the planet. Flash-heart and his command crew went about locating some friendly pro-Imperial factions and creating a powerblock. Over the next few adventures the PC's joined forces with a few Warlords, whacked a few opponents and finished the scenario with a daring raid on the enemy powerbase, backed by the Admech Skitarii whom they had cut a new deal with and virtually "beheaded" the anti Imperial factions in 1 fell swoop, leaving there pet Warlord as new Governor and Flash-heart as his Advisor / Trade Minister!
  17. We have only 1 PC with power armor, the RT's bodyguard; with powerfist and Stormbolter he is a mini-me-marine but has still gone down squealing on a number of occasions. He has a tendency to act all bodyguardlike and throw himself in harms way, as a result he has burnt all of his fate points thus far...
  18. My Gaming group are so excited about the forthcoming release of Rogue Trader that they're flashing out their characters' backgrounds already, they will then pick the closest class that suits and roll the character up accordingly. This is excellent as they are very rounded out and have some good storyline to them before the game is even released. We are going to be playing Rogue Trader very much with loads of cliches and the crew so far are; Lord Tiberius Flashheart - Captain Kirk meets Lord Flasheart! Very flamboyant, a walking hormone ready to fight or make love at the drop of a floppy hat, complete with thigh length boots and a flashing blade! Very much a rakish Rogue of a Trader willing to make a buck or pick a fight! Leftenant Commander Sharp - Head of Security, in command of a veritable army of redshirts, Lt Cmdr Sharpe is driven and focussed. He spends much of his time backing up Lord Flasheart and helping keep him out of trouble, or at least running interference when the trouble starts! More of a tactical leader of men, Sharp lacks his Captains flamboyance but is a solid warrior. Spooky - The Captains Advisor on all matters Immaterial. Spooky is the ships Navigator; not flashed out much as yet as the Navigator class is still very much an unknown, the player has a few ideas but will pad out more once he knows more. Sgt Harker - Sharps Master at Arms, conversant with most weapons Harker is in charge of the weapons locker and maintenance of shipboard combat gear. He enjoys testing most of the weaponry personally and will happily integrate xeno tech into his arsenal, the bigger the better! Crash & Burn - Ships pilot! Crash & Burn is renowned as an ace hot shot pilot, he follows the ancient adage "any landing you can walk away from....". He is in space for the opportunity simply to fly - everything and anything, from a shuttle to a starship or anything in between he loves nothing more than heading into the black behind the stick of a craft. Thats not to say that he doesn't enjoy a good brawl now and then... - there they are, the crew so far! These will be more fleshed out and have background added to them and probably have a tweak or 2 by the time the rulebook is released but they are a walking, talking collection of cliches and should lead to many humourous moments. 1 player is scratching the ship but they haven't yet decided on name - just that it is a bucket of bolts and barely space worthy as this is more fun.
  19. Its not that clear in the Series but the sourcebooks explain it better, Firefly is set in 1 Solar System - be it a large system with a number of core worlds and terraformed fringe planets. You could give the PC's a large guncutter or big Dropship and let them run around to their hearts content. If you watch Serenity you'll see there are more than enough ideas there to keep them well out of mischief.
  20. I´d fill the time between the scenarios with either Fillers, i.e. throw away stand alones, you´re own campaign arc or just let them research the Haarlock thing and not worry about the next book - the Inquisition get things wrong all the time and I´d bet that the Haarlocks left enough Red Herrings to throw them off the scent or simply mislead them that the Acolytes will not really be sure what is real, what is false and what is legend.
  21. I´ve been running our campaign since the Rulebook first came out, with the odd break, etc they are now up to over 8000 xp each and getting pretty powerful - or so they thought! In preparation for Tattered Fates I ran a little scenario where they were hunting down the "Beast of Solomon", which turned out to be several beasts collecting for the Hellhouse. All the way through the scenario they were getting "interference" from... something else... it wasn´t making sense for them - there was some seriously freaky supernatural stuff going on which didn´t jibe with the beast hunt. When the PC´s eventually met the source of the "interference" they realised just how weak and insignificant they were... it was an Unbound Daemonhost! This thing was hard as nails and really only played with the Player Characters, appearing and disappearing at will to ruin their day and cause havoc for some unknown reasons. As they were deep under Solomon at the time they couldn´t even reach their Inquisitor to squeal for help, being pretty much at this things mercy as it herded them toward trouble with the Hellhouse! Of course, this is part of an ongoing plot - the Daemonhost needs them to accomplish a few deeds way down the line and is simply making sure that they are in the right place at the right time to be taken advantage of, tattered Fates fits nicely into this as it will take them into deep space. What they don´t know is that they will be having an encounter with a not-so-derelict ship as they return home (assuming they survive Tattered Fates that is!). The point is that they felt that they were getting very tough and could face almost anything - when the Daemonhost turned up they realised just how wrong they were, it basically slapped them round like children and made it very clear that it was only playing with them. They could do very little or nothing to even scratch him.
  22. I hope they post early, Monday is our Dark Heresy night and the lads want to try Rogue Trader tonight instead!
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