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  1. If anyone is still looking for this game, I have a copy that's used I wouldn't mind selling, just PM me if interested.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am curious though if anyone else has some opinions on the subject? Thanks again!
  3. Ok so 2 easy questions I just want to get some clarification on: 1. When using a spell on another investigator, do the effects that are on the back of the card happen to the investigator that cast the spell or the subject of the spell. For example, Player 1 casts blood pact to heal Player 2, if Player 1 fails, do the negative effects happen to Player 1 or Player 2? Obviously if it succeeds it happens to Player 2 (with a possibly bonus) but if theres a horror side effect for instance, who does that happen to? Clear as mud? 2. If the Keepers Objective is to kill 2 investigators does this apply at ANY time in the game or ONLY when the Objective card is revealed? In addition, if the Objective has been revealed and it is for ALL investigators to escape, if Keeper kills an investigator (at this point being eliminated), does that mean the investigators can't win now or can just the remaining investigators escape and still win? Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Just a side question/thought, wouldn't it make sense to let some gates remain open since if you get a Mythos card with an already opened gate you don't have to advance the DOOOOOOOOM track? I realize a monster surge isn't the most wonderful thing, but in a two play game vs. Yig, I like the surging rather than the Dooming... or are we do something wrong? The last part is always quite possible.
  5. Ok, so to clarify. If my characters go insanse/get killed in the Terror or Comabt Struggle, that is the end of the Story Phase. The opponent doesn't get to "win" the Arcane or Investigation Struggles. Just want to make sure I've got this right.
  6. If I'm the active player and I commit a single character to a story and my opponent commits a character who, during either the Terror or Combat Struggles, makes insane or kills (respectively), my character, does my Story Phase end at that point OR if my opponents character has Arcane or Investigator icons, does he go on to win those struggles? Thanks in Advance!
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