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  1. I am wonder if these are going to be available for general purchase or only available as kits for the stores. Also I am wondering if they will be available in per unit, so I can just buy 4 draft packs if I want to do a 4 person draft with friends.
  2. Does each faction really have a tier 1 deck right now?
  3. Woot! Break out the automatic card shuffler and get me a boot for my deck!
  4. I am not showing any posts for Roxas_L... in the posting about the FAQ. I notice he states he is an intern and I know internships don't last forever. Does anyone know if he is still with FFG? or if someone else has picked up the project?
  5. Don't have it in front of me, but it is my understanding that Bast tokens only prevent monsters from "moving" to your location. They don't prevent them from appearing.
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