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  1. Hi! Im Shadow_Roxas, or Rainn, It doesnt matter what you call me I've been buying Kingdom Hearts Cards for a while over the shop here at FFG, but no-one that lives near me thats interested in Kingdom Hearts feel like buying things over the internet. (So lazy) So, as I stand I have two decks with extra cards- mostly from the base set. I have bought about 5 or 6 non-base set packs, and a Kingdom Pack, Starter Deck, and Key Packs. If any of my friends decide to ever start playing, I'll invite them to the forums and who knows, we might even get a KH CCG retailer near us! I decided to go on the FFG forums to find out more info on the new sets and such, so thanks everyone for posting them If I find any of my own Ill be sure to let you guys know!
  2. Someone else in PA!! I live near Philly though. Are there any stores that sell KH cards near you?
  3. I live in PA and as of now, I've had to order all my KH cards from the store on FFG's site. I just wanted to know if anyone knew if there is a place I can buy them. I've checked all around me and none of the Targets have them. Same with Toy's R Us and Wallmart. My local Gamestop had them online for less than a day and it's really starting to aggrivate me!
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