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  1. I admit that I have been playing that way for years. I guess I just looked at it dynamically. The hero gets off an attack at long range, closes in for melee, and the combatants back off after trading blows close range. That opens him up for a quick magic attack, which may or may not hit, which would the start the round over again at long range. It always seemed slow and dumb to only be able to do one thing and then block twice. If the monster can do it, the my hero should be able to kick as much butt as that thing is. I can see it now... Hero - "There's the beast! Let me hit it long range since I go first....yes I hit it! Now to wait patiently here while he assaults me at melee range, then thows a magic attack at me so I can wait until it flies away to attack again." Shouldn't it be more like...I don't know..Conan (comic book not Arnold) where they battle it out at the same time? I roll to hit; I make it I damage it; I don't he damages me?
  2. The recently released Ipad is awesome so far, howevereven better is the news that some companies are porting their boargames to the device. Days of Wonder ported over Small World and it plays great, even though it's 2 players max. I was wondering if FFG would consider doing the same for some of their games. Runebound, Arkham,and others wouldn't be bad as 2 player experiences.
  3. Well, you have to remember that the Arrer Boyz don't have that damage protection if they haven't been damaged beforehand. Big 'Uns ONLY give toughness 1 to DAMAGED enemies. Meaning that they have to have at least 1 damage point on them before they get the bonus. So if you were playing them with toughness 1 and they were in perfect health, yeah you were doing it wrong. However, after let's say that they used their ability once their life would be at 2 out of 3 and then would qualify to get toughness 1 from then onwards.
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