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  1. I can kill a goat by using my relentless stare.
  2. My character is a roadwarden why dont i get any free skills like wizard ?
  3. acrobatic strike has disarm as option, better use that card if want to disarm ?
  4. This is awesome... wanna make one of my witchhunter ? Ill even paypal u for it His name is Grimwald Hartmann, age 32 , male His is physically big as STR 5 and Toughness 4 but also intelligent eyes with 3 in Int and Willpower, and fortune on Int, only 2 in fell He is 185 cm tall, brown medium lenght hair with sideburns. His face is grim as he has a large permanent fleshwound in his face giving him +1 in intimidation and minus 1 in fellowship. He wears and plate and chain armour, worn of many battles. Over it he has the traditional witch hunter coat, made in black leather and with several pockets for storage. He has a large metal tower shield in shape as a kite shield, painted black and with a white comet. His main weapon is a superior made broadsword with a wolf hilt, its actually silver lined in the blade for killing werewolves, its worn in his belt left side in a scabbard. He also has a two handed sword on his back, together with a crossbow. Across his chest there he has stored a rope, tied from left shoulder down to right hip. He is also wearing heavy leather boots and a large broadbrimmed black hat with a silver skull attached to the rim' Looking forward to it!
  5. Hi i have some questions about rules , which i hope you guys can shed some light on. 1. About experience and rank , does experience count towards rank even if unspent. Ie. character has 9 xp, and then recieves 2 xp. Is character rank 2 immediately then or not before he has spent 1 xp ? 2. When changing careers do character need the trappings to change career, or need to have started working as that career before can do the actual career change and get career card ? Ie. To be initiated in witch hunter organization and recieve legal papers before can buy the career card and start buying witch hunter advances ? 3. Do the benefits for heavy cloth and robes stack? Ie. if have both get 1 defence and 1 soak 4. Can Troll slayer wear light armour like heavy cloth or robes ? If not, what about winter time, cant a trollslayer wear warm winter clothes (which sounds weid) or does he just not recieve the armour bonus for them even if he wears the armour? 5. Is there a limit to number of fatigue a player can spend in a round to get extra maneuvers ? 6. To sheet/store a sword and shield, is that counted as one manouver or two ? Example. Player has shield and sword in hand, he then wants to store shield and sword and instead draw a crossbow and start shooting. How many maneuvers would this be ? 1 for whole process, or seperated into 3 maneuvers? 7. Btw, anyone have any idea when horse rules will come out ?
  6. Thanks for answer. Example: Player is attacked by beastman. Player plays out block,parry and dodge. Beastman misses. Can player then play out both ripost and counterattack to attack beastman twice ?
  7. Hi i was wondering if there by the rules is any limit on number of reaction cards that can be played in one combat round ? Ie can a player play out both riposte and counterblow in the same round ? Thnx for answer
  8. 2 str is very little, you cannot carry anything at all before being encumbered
  9. Is this a card that can be used together with a horse. Like this : Im on a horse, i use my manouver to move the horse's movement, then attack with cut and run and use the free manouver to disengage and move the horse's movement again to move away ? And btw, how much movement does a horse have compared to human ?
  10. i assumed that meant the character can specialize in a school and it would benefit all spells in that school, for example if a fire mage specialize in fire magic , etc
  11. 42! said: Sat down with my players and made characters last night and when we came to shopping equipment it seemed that the characters can't carry much of anything. Especially our Wood Elf Hunter seemed dissapointed that he with an average strength of 2 couldn't have a longbow (with some arrows) a spear and a dagger without being encumbered since these things seem to be pretty standard for a hunter (and then we haven't even taken into account carrying anything like a blanket, utensils or food) - and that even a guy with average strength should be able to walk around with these items and possibly a leather jerkin. Even the strength 4 dwarf quickly used up quite a bit of his encumbrance by carrying a hand weapon, armor, shield and blunderbuss. I don't mind there being limits to how much you can carry, but I don't want it to hinder the game flow either, so how have you handled encumbrance? Have you made any changes like saying it's strength*5 + 5 or 10 or maybe made it Strength*6 or 7 or do you think it works fine as is? Personally I'm tempted to either add 5 to the baseline and not bother counting encumbrance for most items that fit easily in a backpack or to add 10 and then keep track of most items. I think your hunter should consider increasing strenght, with 2 in str he is a wimp, and i dont see many hunters that wouyd have 2 in str. < Maybe a scribe that sits indoors all day but not a hunter. With 3 str which is an average person he can walk around with hand weapon, shield and armor all day, which seems pretty realistic for me. Al the other gear they can have on a party mule for example. Of course if you are a GM and want them to carry more why not just increase it, but it would make it unrealistic.
  12. ragnar63 said: If you get into a prolonged fight, not having a shield could be a major problem. even more so if you come up against multiple ranged weapons, as you may be able to dodge one attack, but without a shield will be unable to block the next before the Dodge has recharged. If you think double strike is too powerful and all your players are using it., put a couple of adversaries wearing plate and wielding tower shields, plus henchmen with longbows, and see how long your players last without shields. A Brettonian raiding party should do! exactly, ebverything has its counter, double strike is good damage wise, but a shield and sword build is much better soakwise and defencewise. Also I dont feel its correct to compare double strike with twin pistols, its like comparing apples and oranges. Range has its positive and negative sides, same has meleee, its two different fighting styles.
  13. Emirikol said: I'm bringing up these individual cards (see other posts) because they seem to be the most oft' asked things by my players (so far). What's up with double strike compared to twin pistols? Double strike seems to be the most broken card in the game..or am I missing something? What would you do to fix it? Add a purple and black die? Give a minimum 2 recharge time like Troll Feller Strike? jh what do you want ? That twin pistols should work same as double strike , but be ranged ? I think most people see the imbalance in that..Ranged is powerful. Can you parry a ranged attack, i would think not. Block and dodge yes, but parry seems weird. So ranged has a benfit there as well as the obvious benefit of being away of the close combat
  14. AaronC said: It is hard to see the down side when the thug in my group with 5 STR rolls 5 dice + 1 specialty die + 1 training dice and hits for 16 pts damage( hand weapon plus morningstar and the GM made him specialise in both weapons to get 1 die benefit). It just seems that 2 successes isnt enough to warrant this. then he hits again with the primary weapon when he scores a comet! My character has 5 AG and uses a pistol and I cant get close to that! He did suffer fatigue but due to such massive damage outlay the fight didn't last long enough for that to be a big problem. It surprises me a little that there is no connection between this card and the parry card, like sword and board, as the second weapon would as often (if not more) be used for parrying as attacking. well you can use shield , for example tower shield that gives u 1 soak and 2 defence, + if improved block also extra 1 soak and misfortune dice. + since u have a pistol you can attack from range for good damage as welll,. i dont see the imbalance. Forfeiting a shield is also forfeiting much defence and soak
  15. Hum in real world morningstar is just like a mace with spikes not like one handed flails http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morning_star_%28weapon%29
  16. better follow the rule of the movie zombieland, rule number 2, always double tap hehe
  17. an optimized warrior character with two morningstars and double strike easy cause 17 dmg in ONE STRIKE, this would slay a commoner with t3 on the spot
  18. shallya has warrior priests as well, the hospitaliers. However i was thinking they could focus more on conservative stance then reckelss stance, otherwise much the same, any comments ?
  19. So if character choose 3 points in creation and gain 4 skills/ 2 sepecialization then char will also get three free specializations in these at career completement ?
  20. Question: On rank on can a character have several specializations in the same skill? Example: Spends 3 points in character creation on skills, and gains 2 sepcializations. Spends one on weaponskill and other on ballistcskill. Would the character get new ones in these when finishing the career ?
  21. Here is mine Name: Grimwald Hartmann (hartmann is german and means strong man ) Career: Roadwarden (however i just used this as the template. His real profession is monster bounty hunter. This means he travels around and makes money killing monsters, like orcs, beastmen and whatever has a bounty on it ) Stats: Str: 5 Toughness: 4 Ag: 3 Int: 3 Wp:3 Fell: 2 Skills: Folklore Intuition Weapon skill (specialization ordinary) Observation (specialization tracking ) Equipment: Broke as he starts with the last memory being he took on an assigment to investigate some strange lightsin the forest outside a village in Reikland. He found some strange tracks, but after that dont remember anything, except he woke up only wearing his clothes, his hidden dagger and 45 coppers hidden in his sock. Talents: None Action: Double strike.
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