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  1. The way I've handled multiple targets with SA/FA firing is as follows: 1. Select initial target, add up modifiers, roll to hit. 2. Determine total number of hits scored by DoS, Storm, etc. 3. Allocate 'hits' to various targets. 4. Target(s) roll Dodge or similar to determine 'actual' hits. 5. Work out results of actual hits. I see this as no different to the way 1v1 combat works. 1. Select target, add up modifiers, roll to hit. 2. Determine total number of hits scored by DoS, Storm, etc. 3. Target rolls Dodge or similar to determine 'actual' hits. 4. Work out results of actual hits. Just that in the first case, you have the option of allocating multiple hits elsewhere. In a 1v1 fight, I consider it the same steps, just with the allocation a moot point, unless the player wanted to shoot some inanimate object with some of his 'spare' shots ("I put 3 rounds into the guardsman, and 1 into the prometheum tank behind him" etc). With the melee attacks, however, I believe that since they are seperate attacks which follow after each other (owing to the fact each can only be ignored by an individual Dodge/Parry/other), you have time to switch targets between individual attacks. It's not one attack which causes multiple hits, it's two/three separate attacks, which are resolved subsequently. As a matter of interest, how does attacking multiple targets with dual-wielded pistols work in comparison to this?
  2. Following strict RAW, I would say the base Willpower Test drops from (-30) to (-20) by Tempered Will. Then you add the additional fatigue penalty and so the test is, all up, taken at a -30 penalty. It is my understanding that Tempered Will is checked against the base test difficulty itself, without any additional modifiers for resistances, drugs, fatigue, or traumas etc. Therefre, if you were taking a (-20) test whilst fatigued, it would be at (-30) all up, as the initial test is not hard enough to warrant a decrease from the Trait, and then the additional modifier(s) pile on. Also, by strict RAW I would say that tests at (-40) or worse would not be reduced because I believe the text exclusively states (-30) tests only, but I may be wrong. I would personally houserule it to apply to any harder tests anyways, as the only other stuff a S.P. character really gets is a few untrained basic lores and social penalties when slumming it in the underhive.
  3. Redemptionists. Redemptionists with Frenzon and lots of nonmechanical weapons. It's not just a case of GM-Fiat; any reasonable adversary is going to take into account the knowledge of "That guy who scares the crap out of our mooks", and adjust his/her/their plans accordingly if they can. If they can't, then, it's only appropriate thematically that the psyker curbstomps them. Just start playing your antagonists with every dirty trick they're likely to actually use, and you should find it much easier
  4. I personally think a Dialogious->Sage would be rather awesome, relatively speaking, compared to other possible characters (considering I don't particularly like the expansion in itself).
  5. Brother Praetus said: I don't know. The Assassin in the game I play in has his Security practically mastered. He's also focused on range, as opposed to the seemingly more common close combat Assassin. And while my Adept does indeed have a plethora of lores, he's more focused on Medicae, Tech-Use, and linguistics; whether ciphers, codes or Xenos tongues. Oh, and I'm also the groups primary pilot and one of its two drivers. Can't climb or swim for the life of me, though. There's a lot of room to do things differently the way things are. Could it have been better? Sure. Does it work okay as is? Pretty much. -=Brother Praetus=- The assassin in our game at the moment is going along a poison/spymaster route. 54 Int, Lore skills everywhere (including all the chemistry-based ones), and while I'm not sure about the rest of the skills and talents, he's basically playing a face-man and information gatherer. Come to think of it, I don't think we have a single 'dedicated combat character' amongst him, our darkhold psyker, either of our clerics (one is an Int 40 Redemptionist; he's scary), our arbitrator, OR our newfound adept. I haven't found anywhere near the versatility in RT characters, and I'm not sure I'll find the same in DW.
  6. Oh, Mechanicus Politics will be interesting enough without being hounded for cool gear (lower-tier individuals rushing to fill the power gap left by an assassinated leader, with Legs fully determined and ruthless enough to make a grab himself), but since we haven't returned to that cell in a long time, in fact since our last campaign reached its conclusion, I'll worry about that when we return there. Right now, our current party is, how do I put this delicately, rather screwed (isn't that always the case?).
  7. I had our PCs fight a Callidus Assassin once towards the finale of our campaign (a small cruiser hosting a charity ball for tranch war orphans, for much Fifth-Element styled fun). This was pre-ascension (about a week or two before it was released IIRC), so I had to guess the approximate power of an assassinorum operative, looking to our rank 8 assassins as guides, but compared to the published Eversor she didn't end up being too far behind, aside from lacking unnatural traits, which I personally believe is a bit silly so I wasn't too worried. I don't remember the exact details, but she was basically built like a High WS, AG, and Fel melee-assassin (assassin's strike, step-aside/wall-of-steel, the works) with a heavy focus on social combat and chemistry knowledge. That being said, there were also a lot of "non-callidus" abilities granted to her; you can't forget that while assassinorum operatives may have their specialties, they are still highly badass at all forms of killing things. So don't forget stuff like Demolitions, even if it's not +20/Talented/Supermegabadass. Equipmentwise, she just had a best-quality bodyglove (AP4), Phase Sword and Neural Shredder, and a small assortment of chemicals. The Phase Sword I used as a re-skinned Ghost Sword from Rogue Trader, while the Neural Shredder was a bit more interesting. After tinkering somewhat, I produced a weapon which functioned gamewise like a hand flamer, but dealing the effects of a high strength Blood Boil power, with the degress of failure for "dodging" stacking up for a more powerful effect. Ironically, for pulling out all the stops on a character like this, she probably died in one of the most demeaning and underwhelming ways known to a character in the entire campaign. Even the BBEG who was headshotted by Nrvnqsr in the first round of the final battle had a more badass death. Admittedly, it's the best example of teamwork I've ever seen our party pull off, but nevertheless... She was confronted "backstage" by our techpriest (Right of Awe stops most menials bothering to ask what a 200kg mass of robes and dendrites is doing backstage) as they had a quick duel behind the curtain, alerting everyone attending to the fact something was not right. During the battle, the callidus dives through a hole/elevator built into the main stage as the PCs use it to rush the plot Macguffin away from her. Our untouchable moritat assassin is holding her off in melee while our arbitrator whisks the plot character away down a hallway, and our techpriest gives chase down the disabled lift shaft, dropping down and trying to impale her with his 8 robolegs. She parries and cuts his legs off, leaving him floored. Someone ditches a hallucinogen grenade into the hole from the fight outside, and while everyone important passes, assassinorum operatives evidently don't have Fate Points. She drops to the ground, playing dead. Our techpriest realises the sham instantly and vaporises her with his hellgun. Now the lucky sonofagrox has a neural shredder, phase sword, has superseded his master through various shenanigans 'eliminating' him, and is chasing down a certain servo-skull named Morte, now possessed by an AI program he almost had in his grasp.
  8. Considering I still have a character kicking around who's a sister militant with said Scourge Boltgun, I'm intererested in this one/two-handed weapon argument. the standard melee attachment counts the weapon itself as a spear, and thus is used 2-handed in melee. the Scourge Boltgun counts as a Mono-Axe in melee. Mono-axes are one-handed. So which do I use? It's kind of a moot point considering she's neither ambidextrous nor dual-wielding-proficient, and has a chainsword for melee anyway, but while logic would dictate a 2-handed weapon (it's still a 10kg boltgun with a bigass axe blade), RAW it would apppear to be 1-handed. I suppose the fundamental point of this argument is: Do I consider the weapon to take fully the traits of the "melee attachment", or does it still class itself as the original basic weapon but with a "counts-as" traits?
  9. Ironically, with all the cool stuff I thought up, I wasn't actually the one who designed Nrvnqsr's daemonknife, or even gave it to him. Props to the GM of that mini-arc though, wherever he is, if he can see this. I remembered another cool item or two from our epic adventures. Our moritat assassin is verging on the radical side of things, being a bit of an eldar-phile. When the party raided elements of the dungeons under the Tricorn during their escape, some of the equipment he personally took were: A suit of eldar mesh (I judged his character, at about 2.1m tall and thinly built, could actually wear it): Best-Quality Xeno-Mesh, in mechanical terms. A Dark-Eldar Stinger. In game-terms, I treated it as a slightly-buffed Needle Pistol who's "toxic" damage dealt X damage. It also counted as a lathe-knife in melee due to SPIKES SPIKES SPIKES. A 'necklace' made from a collection of Eldar Soulstones (it was hilarious imagining the torment inflicted from a psychic null wearing soulstones around his neck, but our psyker eventually 'ate' them as part of his daemonic pact). A small stash of Shuriken weapons (traded to our allied Rogue Trader for cool bionic arms; one incorporating a lascutter and the other an auspex+dataslate) A sanctified Plasma Gun 'liberated' from a reliquary located in an alcove, apparently wielded by Saint Nimrod during the banishing of a powerful daemon several hundred years earlier. The party encountered this after being 'acquainted' with a certain Daemonhost who had freed himself from the bowels of the vaults whilst the party did the same (their inquisitor tried to crash the localised security systems to get her imprisoned acolytes out, and let out a LOT of other nasties in the process). The daemon possessing the host body turned out to be none other than the daemon banished initially, who had sought out the relic after freeing himself. He politely 'requested' the party destroy the gun for him (since it was anathema to "him", he could not touch it). the party promptly told him to go [RECORDS PURGED] himself. The daemonhost made the party aware he would return for them at a later time for this insult. I had expected this, and was fully ready to let them keep such an awesome treasure fo taking on what was possibly the most powerful entity out of the Core Rules, because I figured they would pay something dearly for it. Unfortunately, making your grand killing entrance isn't the smartest move to make when you apppear right next to a psychic null. One turn of fizzled effects later, Plagueface the guardsman had mowed the daemonspawn down with a pair of hellguns, some lucky rolls, and houseruling on firing 2-handed weapons one-handed on autofire. I still remember jotting down the damage values, taking a quick double check, and the party looking up at me expectantly. Player 1: Did... did we just kill it? Me: Let's see... i think, adding this, and this.... Player 2: You can throw all that hard work that away now [trollface] Me:....35.....46....yep, 46 odd points of damage in total, post-toughness. Yeah, it's dead [scrunches stat entry into a ball and throws at bin, begin to describe super epic death sequence as pulled off by our guardsman] If I had to include any more cool items, one thing I've thought about is the constant dissonance created by the existence of "genuine" Faith Talents, and their seeming lack of ability to basically everyone but the Adepta Sororitas. My next item will probably be some sort of "mundane" melee weapon (to encourage a choice between solid arsekicking and situation-specific abilities) which has the ability to grant "Pure Faith" to those considered truly faithful but otherwise lacking the ability. I would make this at the GM's discretion to avoid "rules-lawyering the faithful from the masses" and having all sorts of definition-wars, but I would consider a good guideline to be both falling under the same requirements as Pure Faith/Suffer Not the Unclean, and a generall cappacity of the character itself to be roleplayed as faithful. Just a few more interesting toys to throw out there.
  10. Pretty much. Since a parry is not considered an attack, you can use that arm to parry without the -20 "offhand" penalty. So grab something defensive and hold it in the other hand, and lay about with your main weapon instead. Of course, a good chain/powersword and TWW means you can just as easily attack with it as parry, rather than a shield or sigilite.
  11. Indeed. I just thought I'd mention, however, that with TWW(melee) and Lightning Attack, you're looking at 4 melee attacks (3 / 1) at "only" a -10 penalty, as opposed to 2 attacks which may or may not be autofiring, and will likely struggle to do as much damage or penetration as a good chainsword. Or 3 attacks with a badass weapon, and a +10 parry via a sword in the offhand. You don't even need to attack with it; just keep it around offhand to parry. You can do this without TWW though, so it's kind of a moot point.
  12. The IH has some stuff on Mining Helot Implants, drug glanding/feeding implants, and a bit beyond I think if you count Secutors and Machinator-Array options as feasible material. The RH has Maletek Stalker upgrades, and some more...alternative options. The RT Corebook has some more stuff again, like muscle grafting, subdermal armour plates, and MIU-weapon links, which might be worth looking into. That's all I can remember from the "important" books in those fields. I could take a more detailed look if you're after anything in particular, but alas, I'm too lazy to go through it all off the bat
  13. Thanks for the compliments guys. I didn't personally come up with the idea myself, but I saw no one had posted it here yet so I had to include it. So hats off to whoever it was who first came up with it.
  14. Cheers for the positive feedback on my stuff guys; I'll try and incorporate some of it into my next campaign since it seems decently liked. As for Nrvnqsr, I'll try and get hold of his player some time (he's our GM for this campaign so it can't be hard) and get the stats off him for his Daemonknife and accompanying warding amulet. That thing made for some 'interesting' combat encounters when our formerly gunslinging assassin would drop his twin hand-cannons, whip out a funky knife which split the air with a bloodcurdling scream with each swing, and decapitate some poor chap in a literal shower of blood. Because his WP wasn't high enough to master the weapon, the GM at the time fiated a special 'warding amulet' for him. He needs to wear it at all times to get enough of a 'boost' to resist the daemon. Because I'm a sucker for the concept of radical 'choices' being about the trade between raw effectiveness and exceptionally bad drawbacks which nibble at the soul over time, each time he used the Daemon weapon while relying on the amulet, he would gain a slight "bleedoff" of a single CP or so. He ended up being our most radical agent IMHO, over his career slowly sinking so far as to mutate into a fully-fledged psychic wyrd during the fnale against the daemon known as The Bringer of the Eclipse. Taking 1CP a round was quite harsh for everyone. And the best part? He did all of this just so he could go back to his orphanage on Malfi, train his adopted orphans (which had blown into a full-scale messianic cult worshipping his return during his 10-year "absence"), and look after them.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, being on Fire in Dark Heresy requires a Full Acton to put yourself out. Pinning reduces actions to Half-Action(s). I'm not sure if they meant one half acton or two separate halfactions, but it's moot in this case. Set a bunch of people on fire, then have a buddy supress them with autofire. They'll never put themselves out unless they can unpin themselves (-20 WP test), while on fire (-30WP test I think), then a successful Ag test next round. That's assuming they aren't pinned again straight away.
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