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    piper_vgl got a reaction from Marinealver in Do you have to Shoot?   
    You know what Hacan? 
    For 10 trade goods and Support for the Throne, right now, I'll go blow up that really big nasty Sardak fleet heading your way.
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    piper_vgl got a reaction from Conza89 in 5 Player rebalanced   
    That's .... actually pretty good.  I think I'll try it next time.
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    piper_vgl reacted to Network57 in Do you have to Shoot?   
    Nope, you have to shoot. I don't think there's any ruling for it other than the Space Combat section stating "Each player makes combat rolls." No "may".
    That's why the Brotherhood flagship is better than people realize. It's ability is expensive and situational, but it's like a real nuke - the threat of using it gives you more negotiating power. Park it near and important system, or home planet, and just threaten to move it in.
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    piper_vgl reacted to Zorprime in Can you assign hits to infantry(GF) in space combat?   
    Thanks for the response. 16.3 Capacity was the key.  
    Previous games have made me wary of assuming the rules follow logical flow that you know they should.   I like finding the text in rules reference early before it becomes second hand and you've learned they broke with logic.
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