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  1. How can a Sardakk dreadnought destroy 2 WarSuns? Why do Fighters 2 block movement, but Fighters 1 do not? How do the Saar keep everyone out of Asteroid Fields? There are 3 abilities/racial techs that allow you to destroy one of your units to inflict hits or destroy opponent ships. Exotrireme specifies in the same system. Impulse Core species in the same system. Devotion does not. So far, all the arguments for limiting Devotion to the same system are: It doesn't make sense. Nothing else does that. FFG writes bad rules (most believable) Perhaps we can get a clarification, or something added to a FAQ.
  2. Then why specify the active system for Impulse Core? I can readily believe this was the intent. If so, why not spell it out? It's the racial ability, plenty of room on the race card.
  3. That's .... actually pretty good. I think I'll try it next time.
  4. You know what Hacan? For 10 trade goods and Support for the Throne, right now, I'll go blow up that really big nasty Sardak fleet heading your way.
  5. Getting ready for a game with some actual lawyers..... Using Devotion, does the destroyer or cruiser the Yin destroys HAVE to come from the active system? My first thought was, of course it does, it's a kamikaze run. It makes sense thematically. But reading as written, I'm not so sure. Devotion After each space battle round, you may destroy 1 of your cruisers or destroyers to produce 1 hit and assign it to 1 of your opponent's ships. Impulse Core At the start of a space combat, you may destroy 1 of your cruisers or destroyers in the active system to produce 1 hit against your opponent's ships; that hit must be assigned by your opponent to 1 of his non-fighter ships if able. Both abilities state when it happens (After each round, as the start of Space Combat) what you do to trigger the ability (destroy DD or CA, destroy DD or CA in the active system) what happens (assign hit, opponent assigns hit to non-fighter ship) As an example, Yin have Mecatol with several GF 1 DD and 1 DN. Yin have 6 DD's in the home system. Hacan invades with 2 carriers, 4 GF, 4 fighters, and 2 cruisers. At the start of space combat, Yin use Impulse Core, lose the DD in Mecatol, and inflict 1 hit, which the Hacan assign to a CA, destroying it. Round 1. Hacan get 2 hits and destroy the DN Yin get 1 hit, and Hacan uses a fighter. Yin use Devotion, destroy a DD in the home system, and hit a carrier. Makes no sense. But it fits the rules as written, unless I'm missing something. Where am I wrong?
  6. Why not just toss in an extra You are a Cylon card, without telling anyone next time you play 6. 50/50 ought to help the Cylons.
  7. I can't see any reason why not. It's expensive, but it can provide a system to retreat to.
  8. Blue activates a Red system 3 hexes away from any of his ships. Blue plays flank speed. Red plays sabotage. What happens to the Command Counter in the activated system? Does it keep the Red system activated, and hence Blue loses that turn?
  9. FunkyBunch said: Technology II or Technology I do not allow the holder of the SC to play the Secondary. The Jol Nar, as per the Race Sheet, can use the Primary ability when executing the Secondary (paying a Command Counter from Strategy Allocation). It doesn't say they can use the Secondary Ability when they are executing the Primary. In short, there are 2 scenarios with the Jol Nar: They do NOT have the Tech SC: They can play a command counter to activate the secondary ability They can then buy a tech for free with the Primary, they can then buy a second tech for 8 resources with the secondary They DO have the Tech SC: They can get one Tech for free using the Primary ability. The same scenario applies when using the Tech II SC. The Jol Nar can do both when they do NOT hold the SC and can only do the Primary when they DO hold the SC. This means, if they do NOT hold the SC they can get 3 Techs using Technology II (one for free, one for 6 resources, one for 8 resources). If they DO hold the Tech SC using Tech II they can do the same as any other race (one for free, one for 8 resources). Jol Nar and Technology II Primary: one free, and one for 8 resources. One free tech, and buy a second Technology for 8. Nothing in the Primary about using the secondary ability on the card. Racial ability never applies, as it only kicks in when executing the secondary. Secondary: is one tech for 6 resources. Spend 1 CC from Strategy Allocation, and 6 resources for one Tech advance. SO.. Jol Nar do NOT have the Tech SC: They can play a command counter to activate the secondary ability. Get one tech for 6. Then they execute the primary( racial ability) and get one free tech, plus another tech for 8.3 techs for 14 base cost. They DO have the Tech SC: They can get one Tech for free using the Primary ability, and buy one Tech for 8. Just like everyone else. With Technology II, the Jol Nar can get 2 or 3 techs per turn, if they have the resources to pay for it.
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