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  1. Hey, I don't know where in the world you're located but I work in a brick-and-mortar in the UK and it's only just being offered by our distributors over here so if you've missed it it'd be by weeks tops and you should be able to order it in. In the UK, in my shop at least - we will be getting our stock of them in on this coming Tuesday so it might be worth checking back if you prefer physical over digital.
  2. That's fair, it'd be good to hear how you decide to do it as it could be useful when I run games in future. Hope it goes well for you
  3. My concern is that if you make the opening less narrative and more involved you run the risk of it going too far the other way, I've had some of my most epic moments in Dark Heresy and the other FFG games in a narrative time situation. I don't think you should look at taking it off narrative time just managing it differently and rewarding smart use of the situation, topography, enemy and friendly positions etc. If you do switch from narrative to involved you changed the scope from a zoomed out view of a wide conflict on a battlefield to a close up view of just the squad and you run the risk of loosing the wider focus of what the Guard are doing there. By all means, if the players get into bother roll initiative and get them to have a fight but then duck back out into the narrative. If you scrap narrative for the whole thing then you add a lot of reliance on the crunch of the system and the numbers game and being 100m away from the enemy in combat time with a 18m max run per turn is not a fun situation to be in as a player. Narrative time allows you to move the situation along, allow players to get shots in feel like they're contributing as part of a whole (to have their individual moments of glory later) and it allows this to be done at a swift pace. I can understand why it seems jarring but if you do get rid of the narrative time you need to find a way to move them over that battle quickly otherwise it's going to be a massive 2+ hour speed bump to the game in my opinion, depending on how you play and manage it. Just need to be aware of the positives and the negatives of both choices.
  4. I tend to take the stance of the second option presented by Musclewizard, they'd survive but they would be in a bad, bad way. The most possible damage without death, if the damage caused would cause blood loss then I cancel that as well (I find it upfair to burn a fate point and then die of blood loss). If you're saying that only one Guardsman would go in to blow it up therefore the rest of them will be fine and dandy and just go into drag his corpse out there's a few things you could do. I'd be tempted to have the demolition work require more than one man for various reasons (safety measures requiring deactivating, rigging support struts to blow up at the right time, isolating chambers, calibrations etc), or have the structure collapse onto the man doing it - he's still alive under there but they'd have to dig him out taking time, putting them in danger of a potential attack (explosions are not subtle afterall it'd draw enemies of some kind to that position maybe) etc. If the whole squad was going to blow it and all of them burn a fate point to survive then they can do that, they'd all be at the edge of death and likely pretty crippled and not fuctional as an effective fighting force, I'd be tempted to make them play out an escape as they are with no chance to really heal until they get back until base. Ultimately in Only War PCs don't get as many fate points as they do in the other 40k games, if they want to waste them on things like that then it's just going to get harder for them further down the road.Just my views, I think the 40k fate points can be terribly forgiving compared to some other systems so people shouldn't abuse it or GMs are likely to get mean.
  5. Right, rather than just tell you that the system is different or telling you to read the book I'll try and furnish you with how the system differs in the key areas, what you need to know and things you'll need. Kiton and LuciusT are both correct regarding the weapons and how they work as well as needing a solid introductory session. Hopefully if the rest of your group is new also the GM will account for this and may include something like a prelude it's something that I usually do when introducing a new system or a setting to the group. It'll also give you a chance to realise if you hate the character you're playing. Right first things first, unlike D&D, Pathfinder etc Only War and all of FFGs 40k series are D100 percentile systems with applied modifiers. Each of the core traits (Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Fellowship and Willpower) will have a score generated for them. You then have skills that assign modifiers to these, the aim when testing these abilities is to roll under the score on a D100 dice (incidentally picking up a set of D100 dice would be really helpful if you don't have them already). Rolling under a set score means that the higher the score in an ability the more likely you are to succeed more of the time. The Games Master may decide each test is of different difficulty. Shooting an unaware target in the back at close range might be a +30 wheras making a long shot in bad weather a -30 etc etc. Only War is based around a XP based system, you don't level up as there are no levels but you do accumulate experience points that can be spent on your character to improve them by the purchasing of talents, skills and characteristic upgrades in +5 increments. As far as lore goes, having an idea on the tabletop is a great start, it'll springboard you into the game. I'd also reccommend reading about the Guard and some other things that catch your eye on the Lexicanum as that is an easily accessible resource that communicates a large amount of info effectively. Lastly, as a player it is useful for you to have your own copy of the book but it's not essential. If it's possible to borrow the core rulebook from your friend then I heartily recommend that as it'll make character generation and concept a lot easier and it'll give you at least a start of a reference point during play. That being said if you have the money spare pop down to your local RPG gaming store as Only War is still quite new and they should (in theory) be well stocked, should you decide to invest. Any other questions, or if what I've said made no sense to you please say and I'll try and say it better or answer anything further.
  6. AtoMaki, far be it for me to tell you how to run or play a game that you are involved in. I strongly believe that we play these games to have fun, each game having easily shiftable tolerances for the execution of this primary purpose. So before reading this post believe me when I say if you're having fun doing what you're doing, keep doing it. Have fun and embrace what you like doing in a game with your group. My opinion is only my own but I do feel compelled to share it. I think portraying interactions with comrades as you do, is incorrect and is a type of pastiche of the life of Imperial Guard with many different sources and concepts. I think that you suggesting that is the likel approach is untrue, just from looking at how many people here disagree with that take on it. Just looking at the background of how an Imperial Guard unit is formed it seems unlikely that - outside of a penal legion - you'd get a squad so callous they'd ever consider doing this. Your regiment is raised as one entity, your squad is trained, lives, eats and exists as a unit. Each of you share the knowledge that you are leaving your homeworld, you will likely never return to it, never see your family again - chances are that you'll die in combat, it is certain you'll see otherss die. In my opinion all those experiences bind you together as a unit, it makes you trust the person next to you because they are your friends, your family, the people you confide in. In short, they are all you have. Just from the practical side of things, trust is essential to the effective operation of a military unit. If your new ammo loader knows that he's only there because you've chewed through the previous five ammo feeders you bet he's not loading the ammo as effectively because he's watching his back like a hawk. Whilst it is possible, with some tweaking to use comrades as shields against known threats and initially that may seem grimdark I think eventually it lessens the impact. For me, what is grimdark is the GM roleplaying your comrade, you getting to know him - to like him - to rely on him and then having to watch that comrade die and having to know there wasn't a **** thing you could have done to save him. Having them as bullet shields isn't grim, having them as people is - because the loss of people can be more keenly felt.
  7. I'd be really interested too, I was on a boards based rpg but it stalled and I think Only War looks great, I've got the core book so if you'll have me I'd like to join - I'm on GMT if that affects it.
  8. Yeah, Schola Progenium characters are generated as usual due to having served for a long time with the regiment as has been pointed out. However, I personally will be giving anyone in my group who plays a character who grew up in the Schola Progenium the ability to talk, read and write High Gothic as well as Low Gothic. I know thay this is technically a free skill but in my mind it doesn't matter how ingratiated with the ways of the unit you're attached to, people with that background and in the positions they're in they wouldn't forget the languages that they've had meticulously drilled into them since childhood. It's more of a characterful addition than an in game breaker so I'm not worried but it does involve me playing a bit looser with the rules.
  9. That's not a problem, I did think that it would be good to be able to get a lot of shots down range so I shall go for Devastator Marine. My BS is better than my WS anyway so it makes sense to run a ranged character.
  10. Hey everyone, I've gone for an Iron Hands Marine character, I like N0-1_H3r3 I was between a Librarian, Techmarine and in my case Devastator marine. N01 if you have a preference, I'm pretty fine with going either option so I can take over what remains if you like? Also as far as that goes doe everyone feel we need an (un)freindly neighbourhood devastator marine or can we go without? As long as everyone is cool with how I'm doing it I'll get writing up a back history and establishing the characters personality that'll be done by the end of tomorrow.
  11. Hey felixlucena I dropped you a PM expressing an interest in playing, just re-stating that here and that I'll get my character stats rolled and a back ground penned as soon as physically possible it'll be the next couple of days max. If that's still okay?
  12. Here's my issue with the not allowing him power armour because he lost his set - why would the Deathwatch do that? I mean yes to punish, but realistically if this Marine is to go on regular combat sorties to protect the Imperium from the gribblies of the universe why would the Deathwatch make it easier for their team to fail "Sorry Lord Inquisitor if we had a full squad in power armour maybe we'd have stopped the alien menace…but you didn't need that world anyway did you?". I totally agree he should be tasked with recovering his armour, in his own time between missions as it's not the Deathwatch's responsibility to bear. I'd have him lose renown and issue him with a suit of Deathwatch power armour, I assume they have some around. Maybe have it so it doesn't work so good, use the Black Crusade rules to have it jenky and have it all black with no markings not even the Deathwatch honorific silver arm. That way he's marked out, he's punished but his lack of equipment isn't going to get him or others on his team and risk the very thing the Deathwatch is there to do. Cutting off nose to spite face much?
  13. Not quite, I imagine over the years (he's an ancient warrior so he's been around a while) he's got talented individuals to reverse some of the surgery, disconnect the bits that they can and in some cases in anger has literally torn some of the more exposed bits out. The really embedded stuff that would be tearing bits of his own brain out will still function, so the pain still exists but I imagine that through a variety of means he's caused it to cease to function enough so that what he does have he can keep it under control a lot better.
  14. My current character is a World Eater with all the usual trappings of being a World Eater in that he's good at hitting things pretty hard. But I was worried that he'd just become two dimensional being "melee orientated" and "angry" so I've really latched onto the martial pride and almost a sense of martial "nobility" that is associated with Khorne. The idea that there are some people that are either weak or helpless and they're not even worth his wrath. He's pulled out a lot of his cranial surgery as well, he still gets all the pain that the implants cause however he is in control of his frenzy state, I thought that having him frenzy out of devotion and seeing it as a far more "pure" rage adds a different level. The reason he fights (apart from dedication to the Lord of Battles) is he truly believes he and his Legion and Primarch were wronged by the Emperor and that the Imperium is oppressive, cruel and hypocritical refusing to acknowledge the truth or that there is "another way". War and death are facts of life, he's just an instrument. In our first episode I spared someone who shot at me because they dropped the gun and were injured, it wasn't compassion there was just no sport in it. It wouldn't honour Khorne. I say spared...I wounded but didn't kill him, I also left him on a crashing space station so the outlook didn't look good. Pride and honour were the same motivators that made him go back and fight a Slaaneshi swordsman (Emperor's Children) in one on one combat when escaping would have been a much better idea. So there we go. So far I'm loving it, hope I can get to develop his character a lot more...have to see.
  15. I did list other examples, other than Vulkan himself such as their Chapter Master Tu'shan, Praetor and Ba'ken. There are strong marines in every Chapter but they don't seem to be as numerous, it is quite a contrast to their more gentle nature. Even so, yes Salamanders are the most human and compassionate but it is in spite of their condition. Captain Ka'dai says that they are so compassionate because of how they look, because they understand that they appear as monsters and must try harder. All I'm saying is that giving them a fellowship boost in the stats actually defeats this characteristic in terms of roleplaying a Space Marine from the Salamanders. There is no way a mortal wouldn't be bricking himself when not used to how a Salamander appears without a helm, and human traits and compassion of a Salamander would do little to endear him to his more pragmatic squad mates in a mission. In theory it's a nice idea, but I personally don't think it accurately reflects how they would be seen by other Astartes or by the mortals they protect. The Salamanders are noble because of the ideals they extol despite themselves, they are in no way helped by how they look, in some situations granted they are much gentler with mortals that I will agree. I'm not knocking the Salamanders I'm a huge fan, if we had official rules I'd be a lot quicker to actually bother playing Deathwatch for more than a handful of missions. If it is only a +10 total to both skills that is needed then of course a lowering of the S trait to +5 is fine, as is the using of the fellowship trait to reflect how you want. I think a case can be made either way. The - to agility only comes from the previous editions of the codex where because of the Salamanders homeworld being so high gravity their reflexes were apparently marginally slower than their fellow Astartes. I never really liked this bit of story, but unless its been totally retconned it's there muddying the waters. I do like the idea of giving them an additional wound to emphasise that they are tougher than most, I think that works well.
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