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  1. I pretty much only check the other forums. Every now and then.
  2. Umm, anybody have a clue who the Writefags are? And what the hell Project Avnari is?
  3. Of course this forum can help. There's a rules Q&A section for that purpose. By the way, welcome to our wonderful little community. Please keep away from the rails, and watch out for trolls.
  4. I was wondering what that was. How about a hint?
  5. What? There is no limit on Friends unless someone plays Monstro. In that case, if the Magic Friend was the 4th Friend you would have to discard one because of Monstro, and then discard the Magic Friend at the Discard Phase.
  6. Trothael said: simulacra said: ! Those bottles and chopsticks are clearly Japanese. DAWN I THINK I'VE LOCATED THEIR HEADQUARTERS Unless it's a decoy...
  7. Uh oh! Run! I'll keep him busy! 1+2=6 !
  8. I'd recommend trashing Selphie. Her combo with Kairi is just hard to set up. Also, you might want to get rid of Twilight Town lvl3. It's effect is pointless, since your player is Sora, and 9 heartless is just not worth it. Might I recommend trying to find Disney Castle to replace lvl 3 TT? I wouldn't use Dragoons unless I was running a Xaldin deck. Try replacing them with Bouncywild. I ALWAYS put three of them in my decks. They're not much in terms of blocking a WR, but they're negative deck space. Add in an extra Cure, get more Tinks. Dusks are kind of useless, except in a spam deck, so how about replacing them with Attack cards? Rumbling Rose is good, so are Oblivion and Ultima Weapon. If you can't follow some things I suggested here, try to get more Goofys in your deck, and get your hands on Valor Form. That'll put your two Equipment Cards to good use. Whew, that's all I can think of, at the moment.
  9. Is your caps stuck, Darkwing? Anyway, Duck's answers are all correct, to my knowledge. I'm not certain about Guard Armor in the Friend Area, but I can clarify his answer concerning DiZ. His +1 counters can be added once per phase, and last until the end of the turn.
  10. Leigh said: The riku lv 2 seems to be wanting...kind of a lame effect compared to stage 3. Stage one is kinda cool, what with the game inspired ansem power borrowing. And the storm rider is lovely =) With Set 5 Riku lvl1, you can reach an effective attack of 45. Of course, with a couple of control cards, he plummets right back down to 4, but still. 3 Ansems equipped means +27 to his attack, bringing him to 31, if he can manage to get Sephiroth out, that's another constant +9 when challenging, bringing him up to 40, and with Kairi lvl 3, he goes up (Effectively) to 45. Not counting DiZ. So unless you can win quickly, you're doomed against Riku.
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