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  1. Been wanting to try this: Boba Fett — Firespray-31 39 Veteran Instincts 1 Navigator 3 Sigma Squadron Pilot — TIE Phantom 25 Intelligence Agent 1 Stygium Particle Accelerator 2 Sigma Squadron Pilot — TIE Phantom 25 Intelligence Agent 1 Stygium Particle Accelerator 2 Can also swap Boba for a BH with upgrades, maybe captive or eventually Mara, and give phantoms fcs. Whole squad can hit and run fairly well without being as squishy as interceptors.
  2. I had a similar experience with a list that I'd beat phantoms with several times, but never ran into one, instead playing against two falcon lists, then a double firespray list. Just didn't bring enough firepower for large ships. Had fun for the remaining 4 rounds, though.
  3. No, it doesn't determine the match, but it does provide an advantage between equality skilled players. Look at the regionals results. Phantom still beat Falcon in the final round. But the meta is still with thinking about if you want to do well. I feel like that list would get eaten by a Phantom. It only has to arc-dodge one ship in order to maintain its advantage. I don't think a single stress will do it, either. Phantom and YT alike just green maneuver and continue on. Need to ion-stress or double stress to get the effect you want against both builds.
  4. So something like this: Roark Garnet — HWK-290 19 Ion Cannon Turret 5 Tactician 2 "Dutch" Vander — Y-Wing 23 Ion Cannon Turret 5 R3-A2 2 Blue Squadron Pilot — B-Wing 22 Blue Squadron Pilot — B-Wing 22 Might do better against the Falcon, but harder to get a Phantom stressed. It has to be in Dutch's arc and range 2 of Roark. Though I guess with Roark and Dutch, they have a decent chance of successfully ioning it instead. Depends much more on slow ships surviving the approach.
  5. My delta and two bombers were chasing the Phantom, with Soontir behind. Would have been more effective if I didn't have the last bomber taking advantage of an ion+stress Carnor for Soontir to chase instead. Yup, you're right. Forgot about that stipulation. You win the thread. Anyone have any other ideas? Haha
  6. Triple-stress it, then run in to block with the prox bomber, who can also drop his bomb. It'll get hit hard if they don't bump, but only after its dropped all its payload, and they'll probably have to skip green maneuvers to avoid the bump. If the falcon has no actions from the stress, 4 naked dice isn't so bad against 2 green and 6 hull.
  7. From the regionals results, it looks like wave 4 tournaments are being dominated by named Phantom lists and Falcons. I've got a few ideas for lists that might be strong against those two (though consequently weak vs. swarms) and I'm wondering how folks think they stack up, or other ideas that people might have for having a good chance against both list types. The core of my idea is: Delta + Ion 3x Scimitar w/ Flechette. To handle Phantoms, you need two Bombers with arc and TL on it at the same time. A bomber and the Defender may work as well. This can be tricky, but not impossible. The main trouble is getting the TL allows your opponent the chance to rush in to range 1, denying your shot. In my experience, phantoms tend to move a lot, but mostly laterally, closing slowly for range 3 shots. Against a Falcon the intent is to generate enough action denial to hit it while you can. I realize there are lists that are better against one or the other. I'm trying to find a middle ground that stands a chance against both. What I've tried for the remaining 13 points: Two proton bombs and a proximity mine vs Echo, Soontir, Carnor. The proton bombs did no damage but might've deterred Soontir chasing my damaged Delta. I won this game even after badly underestimating Echo, who managed to allow only one flechette to have arc. My opponent had some pretty bad dice rolls at opportune times, but I think I did as well. Finished the game with a prox mine drop on Soontir. Munitions Failsafe x3, 2x Seismic, 1 Prox, SD on Delta vs Chewie w/ Falcon + C3P0, Garven, Hobbie w/ R3-A2. I won this one but due to time and against a new player who bumped his Garven repeatedly. The Falcon made some unexpected maneuvers and stayed away from my flechettes, so I handily took out the Xs with ions and flechettes instead, which was the opposite of the plan. Didn't have time to see what would happen next, but I had only lost 1 bomber. Also considering upgrading Delta to Vessery + Adrenaline Rush, 3x Munitions Failsafes, 1 Prox, but this means Vessery gets TL+F, but has nothing to strip tokens before his shot. Any other ideas to add a Lizard or Spock to the Rock, Paper, Scissors? Totally different builds are fine.
  8. Used an Ion Defender in my last game, and killed it myself by hitting an asteroid on a consecutive k-turn because I forgot I'd barrel rolled the previous turn. Got beat up real fast in the beginning, but then it stayed alive for quite a while. Defender excels at breaking away and coming back for another pass later. Good way to deny points for letting it and meeting it come back later if needed.
  9. Or if you really want to focus on Biggs, give him r2-f2 and a stealth or hull upgrade.
  10. All the reasons you listed in OP, plus it's just a better game. The rules are elegant but deep, extremely well balanced, fun, and you still get surprising results like come-from-behind victories and stunning maneuvering.
  11. Or give Biggs wingman, now you can k-turn the B, remove its stress, then give it an action from Airen. Poor man's advanced sensors.
  12. Both! Drop the dagger to a blue. If you're going to be swarming anyway, why waste the points. It's easier to fly if they're both PS 2 as well. Drop the Failsafe and take both. Biggs should be keeping the PS2s alive long enough to fire anyway. Or keep failsafe, r2-f2, and give blue fcs. Now he can hit really hard with TL+F, is still protected for a while from Biggs, with F2+Focus from Airen. After Biggs bites it, Blue can hit with TL+F before Airen with swarm, then barrel roll out of arc with Airen's ability.
  13. I would boot players like that from my events if they didn't clean up their act. It's un-sportsmanlike. I would have the backing of my LGS as well.
  14. Any upgrades unique to large ships. I've got one of each, but I'd like more Sensor Jammers and Prox Mines. I'd be happy to buy a small ship for these, but I'm never going to fly multiple large ships and they'd take up too much storage space anyway.
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