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  1. Tonight I dreamt about FFG announcing the 6th deluxe expansion ... an expansion specifically designed for solo gamers! It included special objective sets that can be used to build non-player decks and special rules for playing against them. Such a wonderful dream .... but it was just a dream ....
  2. I do not understand exactly the meaning of the last post. I own lot of card and boardgames designed for solo playing or with officially released solo variants and for what I've seen solo variants in general have different mechanisms from multi-player version of the same games. So I do not think that FFG should release a sort of AI for playing with the same original rules of SW Lcg but should it should release a different set of rules, specifically designed for solo playing. For example, in my opinion solo games do not usually have separate turns for human player and not human player. Phases for both sides are mixed in a sort of response system where the option for not player side are driven by a more or less intelligent logic (think about LOTR lcg, Race for the Galaxy, ...) I'm also trying to provide a solo version based on a different set of rules (trying to keep the original sense of the game). Obviously in both cases it will not be the same (exactly the same!) original game. About the above quoted unofficial solo version I have to say that I do not like solo games where the player has to choose 'the best option for its opponent'. I do not remember any solo game or ufficial solo variant where the player has to do so. As I already said above, usually the mechanism of the game decides automatically what to do.
  3. Wichever subject FFG will choose, I would like to have also solo game rules.
  4. Cosman, on boardgamegeek there are some attempts to produce a solo gaming set of rules. I'm the author of one of them and still thinking abour other versions (I'm thinking about a set of solo rules inspired by LOTR lcg).
  5. Yes. I'd like to buy it but I have the same problem. Is it not yet available??
  6. I really see many similarities between this game and LOTR Lcg. For people who knows both games: - In both games at the beginning of the turn you get resources to spend (removing or adding counters do not alter the concept..) - In both games you draw cards from a deck (ok, this is obvious!) - In both games you choose what to deploy depending on the resources available - SW Destroying objectives looks similar to LOTR quest resolution to me - SW blast icons are so different from LOTR heroes/allies willpower points for objective destroying/resolution? - SW Death Star wheel seems to me like the LOTR threat level - In both games you exhaust/focus cards when you use them - In SW when you resolve force phase you add force icons; in LOTR for questing resolution you add up threat and willpower strenght points. - Many card elements are similar: attack/defense/unique cards/damage capacity/... Obviously SW has been thought for two players and for example event cards often require a choice by one of the player. But I really see many similar aspects between the two games.
  7. Hi, After Balance of the Force for multiplayer games, I'd really like to see a future expansion for solo playing. Solitaire playing rules, specifically designed cards, .... Please, FFG ...... do it!! Who would like to see it????
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