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  1. Cannonball said: If I recall my fluff correctly, the Cobra Destroyer is one of the smallest warp capable ships in the Imperium - certainly the smallest fully functional ship. Tau ships need to be much bigger to enter warp - the Manta can't do it definitely. That's why they have gravity hooks to attach their escort-sized (raiders/destroyers) vessels to much larger cruisers in BFG. I believe the Cobra-class destroyer is ~1.5km in length - it seems there are multiple, if specialised/obscure ships in various fluff that are capable of warp-travel at a smaller size than this (perhaps not in a consistent or "safe/secure" manner though) .
  2. sketchesofpayne said: AkumaKorgar said: A lot of folks have said it already, but I'd like to chime in; excellent map! I'm thrilled to find this, should prove very useful for my game. The only thing I could possibly ask is if you could give us some pointers on how to perhaps fiddle with it to add systems from our own campaigns. If you don't have a copy of photoshop or a similar program, I recently found a free online app that can let you edit the JPEG version of the map. http://pixlr.com/editor/ GIMP is also a free, opensource 'Photoshop' type program that would serve this purpose well (again, if you don't have a copy of Photoshop already...). Thanks for this map btw, great great work!
  3. Just wondering if these miniatures will be getting another manufacturing run, as I seem to have missed the boat on purchasing a complete set!
  4. Alasseo said: I normally direct people to *spits* Dungeons & Dragons for their first pen and paper RPG, especially first time GMs, as it does actually have a pretty good section in the core rules for determining that balance. Rogue Trader, for all its' many other good points, does not. Of course, since you've already bought the books... I always thought that my first foray into proper RPGs would be Dungeons and Dragons (if just due to the prolific nature of content/familiarity with universe etc..). But once I started reading about Rogue Trader I honestly got quite seduced by the themes and scope of the game. Hopefully I haven't bitten off more than my green RPG group can chew...! Thanks so much to everyone for the extensive input - it will be a huge help over the next few weeks as I ease into this campaign.
  5. Hey guys, I have a group of fellow geeks who I boardgame, MtG with etc... All familiar with computer based RPGs. However, we've never played a 'pen and paper' RPG... Rogue Trader has heavily piqued my interest, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for a first time GM/Group. I should mention that the group has varying degrees of familiarity with the 40k universe - from knowledgeable to limited familiarity. I will be GMing (and have a fairly good knowledge of 40k) and there will be 2-4 players. I have already purchased a couple of the RT books/GM kit. I suppose I'm asking about the things that wouldn't necessarily be in a book - tried and true methods, newb traps etc etc.. Any input would be most appreciated - Thanks!
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