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  1. As I see it, not having encountered problems with Overwatch personally in any games I have played: Your interpretation seems right, as near as I can tell. Though do note that enemies can execute Overwatch as well. The player has to assign Standard, Semi, or Full Auto at the time of declaring Overwatch. This determines the rate of fire of their weapon up to the max allowed. Their ability to attack is still limited by clip size and remaining ammo. The action specifies that only targets have to make Pinning checks. The target of a Standard attack is one enemy, who would have to make a Pinning test. If seven people entered (for example, they all arrive at once in an elevator), those exceeding the rate of fire could, by definition, not be targets of a single-shot attack. Powerful in that it denies a Reaction, yes, but I see this as being fine and not overpowered on the first round (where most Overwatch would occur, as far as Entering the Killzone goes) as it shows the danger of an ambush. We've all seen war movies where the good guys are pinned trying to access a corridor or behind an obstruction by enemy fire. The ability to specify multiple conditions ("I fire if anyone enters or if I see something out of the corner of my eye or if someone moves out of cover or if someone tries to lob a grenade or...") introduces the imbalance depending on the imagination of your players.
  2. I'm going from my memory, but it has new home worlds (including death and garden and possibly a third), backgrounds (heretek, navy, rogue trader fleet, and maybe one other), and one role (Ace). The home world options aren't great compared to previous offerings, because they don't grant characteristic aptitudes like Intelligence but rather skill-associated aptitudes like Knowledge. The Ace role gives a great selection of aptitudes for characters who otherwise might have been stuck going the desperado/assassin route for agility. There's an armoury section, which includes Eldar, Ork, and Necron weaponry, as well as lots of new vehicles for Aces (and other operators) to enjoy. The bestiary section is itself fairly expansive, including numerous Eldar and Dark Eldar (including an archon, flesh shapers (and their handiwork) as well as some vehicles. Orks and Kroot make an appearance, as do two types of tyranid under slang names. There are gazetteers of several planets, and a section devoted to research. Though Necron weapons and relics have been found on various deserted worlds, there are no Necron themselves (that I recall seeing). My initial impression is that it's a very handy addition, but as you can tell I haven't delved too deep into the details.
  3. The dice have been really hard to get for a couple years now. It was one of the first hints that the line might be going out of production.
  4. I know I'm going to sound stupid, but I don't see a way of selecting anything. Is this character sheet supposed to do something presently, or is it just a framework to help with generation later down the line?
  5. I have to give kudos. My photo got me a replacement from FFG with no fuss, and the binding looks good right now. But I've discovered I'm almost afraid to open the book in case it develops the problem through use. Does anyone know a way to shore up binding before problems develop? That seems like the best time to take action. I'd like to take any preventative measures I can. At any rate, I'm very pleased with the way FFG handled the replacement.
  6. I like the aptitude system. Not everyone can be good at everything. I'm sure someone will come up with an and/or house rule and share with the community at some point, but I definitely don't think the game is harmed with the current setup. It definitely beats the ridiculously restrictive talent trees from the beta, where you couldn't use suppressive fire without first purchasing overwatch, rite of clearing, independent targeting, and bulging biceps in that specific order.
  7. I'm just worried the replacement copy will have the same issue. I suppose if it is also coming loose, at that point I might be willing to risk trying something drastic with the binding.
  8. Speaking of Abnett, am I the only one who would kill (ok, maim) for a Scarus Sector supplement?
  9. Your GM is punishing your character mechanically for actually roleplaying your character? I would recommend getting out of the game. Unless there are details left out, like an actual altercation erupted between hierophant and interrogator, this is the sort of bad GMing that transcends genre, and will continue to show itself again and again in this game or any other. A new GM might just be rough around the edges and improve over time. An abusive GM will only grow more abusive.
  10. I'll admit that I like a "tamer" WFRP, where there are lurking threats but no overt attacks from Big Bads every direction you turn your head. The timeline rewind was one of my favorite things about 3e.
  11. I haven't been able to get it to download without getting some sort of lame connection lost message. I've never had trouble with drivethru before, so I'm wondering if I'm the only one receiving this error? I've tried several times in different browsers
  12. The email says the discount is for a limited time, which surprised me. Downloading now (or trying to, drivethru always takes a while preparing bigger pdfs)
  13. Considering doing the same. It's a beautiful book, but worried about it splitting like my Creatures Anathema did.
  14. The back half of my book is off the glue as well. I'd noticed the pages seemed to be straining at the stitches, but after reading this thread I checked and can see that the last few bundles of pages are held in place by no glue whatsoever.
  15. Among other things, BC has a sourcebook for each of the Chaos Gods, with monster sections and lots of fluff. Of course, a lot of it is specific to BC.
  16. I intend to continue using Calixis. I'm very fond of some of those planets. Not that they couldn't be re-worked over into Askellon, but I don't see the point when I could just keep the more fleshed-out sector and port in some of the newer stuff.
  17. I hate the whole costless system, but the easiest way to do it would be to count the entire item at the lowest modifier. The red dot sight is going to be Scarce regardless of the other components, and is the hardest to acquire, so the whole thing should be Scarce. I don't know if two Rare components would make a Very Rare, which seems sensible, or not. This will undoubtedly vary tremendously from table to table. I will likely continue to use DH1 prices, where available, just as a guideline as to how things relate to one another value-wise. I'm not sure how a transaction would play out narratively ("you failed to purchase the laspistol, but the Aquila Lander will be delivered at midnight").
  18. Finding various maps of Averheim, Altdorf, and Middenheim might be the best you can hope for. I don't believe anyone has made adventure-specific maps.
  19. I was a big fan of Calixis, the Tyrant Star, and some of the secret lore in Radical's Handbook that teased around the edges of things. I didn't care for the ultimate execution of the Haarlock Legacy, but I loved the idea of it. Mechanically, there's probably nothing keeping anyone from continuing to use Calixis if they wish to.
  20. I agree that I'd prefer more conventional and that this idea would be better as a supplement. In fact, rewinding the timeline was one of my favorite things about 3e.
  21. I spent the last hour on youtube Liking videos on painting Mansions of Madness figures from the Esoteric Order. So now I have a strange feeling of not-quite-deja-vu-but-something-like-it.
  22. WFRP 3e fans can tell you, during the year (or longer?) that the Warhammer proprietary dice were out of production, that if a company is going to make a game that relies on a unique component, that component had better be available if you want to be able to play the game.
  23. I watched all of those GenCon videos hoping for a peep about Warhammer (roleplay), but all they announced was cardgame stuff. You could see a picture of the DH2 books behind the main guy at some points, but he never mentioned it even when pointing out stuff in the cases.
  24. Trying to imagine the levels of problems that would evolve from using the Star Wars licensed system in a Games Workshop licensed game (Although I guess this already kind of happened between Warhammer Fantasy 3e and Star Wars). In any event, luckily there are two games (Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion) that already use the Star Wars system, so there is no shortage of options.
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