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  1. Aloha all, Just wanted to let everyone know that the Oahu Board Gamers group is holding a 24-hour board game marathon to support the annual "Extra-Life" fundraiser for kids -- part of the Children's Miracle Network. The non-stop insanity begins 8am Saturday, Oct. 20th and does not end until 8am Sunday the 21st. Every donation that our group raises goes directly to the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children here on Oahu … a very worthy cause! You can visit our official team website at: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.te… We've managed to raise $1,400 so far . We're shooting for $2,000 and can really use a little power-up from you in the final days of the campaign! Although "Extra-Life" is traditionally for video gamers, we have taken it over and will play board games instead! (we checked with the Extra Life people, and they fully approve, lol!). So if you want to support some insane 24-hour board gaming and even more importantly, support the kids at Kapiolani Medical Center, please consider donating today. If you're on Oahu, feel free to email me. Mahalo nui loa ("thanks very much" in Hawaiian!), Steve Diamond
  2. Aloha from a member of Oahu Board Gamers, We really enjoy Don Vaccarino's new game, Infiltration. HOWEVER, the design team made a terrible choice in creating the Item cards in the smallest size possible, with some of the smallest font possible. PLEASE be aware that among your customer base are those of us who are (1) getting a bit long in the tooth, i.e., our vision is becoming less acute, and it's a hassle to read the cards, and (2) physically handicapped, which means it's just plain difficult to manipulate those tiny little cards. A COUPLE OF PROPOSED SOLUTIONS: (1) Make a PDF available of the cards in a larger size, which customers could print out for themselves to make the game more enjoyable. We could take the cards and print them locally … expensive, but worth it. (2) Produce an official enlarged set of cards for sale…generates more income for you, and makes your game(s) more accessible to those with some measure of disability. Thank you. Steve
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