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  1. Interesting to see how the topic has evolved. That's how it should be. We must hope Game's Workshop will provide an explanation on the topic in the future
  2. Thanks for your ideas. I've never read that eldar using psychic-biotechnology, but maybe that's an option. I am considering writing to one of the authors of various Eldar the stories. And here what they think.
  3. Hello there. There is no real law outside the Imperius Dominatus. There is only the laws of groups or institutions try to enforce. I do not think Rogue Trader has rules for behaviour, even in Furibundus system. Of course, an attack on Footfall could gather Rogue Trader against an attacker. When I played Lure of the Expanse I let Fel make an alliance with Feckward to make him stronger.
  4. Hello GM's out there. I have a question. What do Eldars do if they lose a limb? They do not use cyberware as far as I know. The Emperor Protects. Lars, Denmark
  5. I dont have my website anymore. Take a look a my deviantart warhammer gallery: http://larsrune.deviantart.com/gallery/23841122 The Emperor Protects Lars, Denmark
  6. Hello all Try to look at my deviantart account if you like Warhammer. Death to Twilight and long live the Emperor;) Lars Rune larsrune.deviantart.com/gallery/23841122
  7. Thanks for the feedback. You are right, that the colors are sharp, but if you thinking about warhammer, its very colorful. Its not dark and colorless Lars Rune, Denmark
  8. Very professional style. Your drawings could easily be used to FFG illustrations.
  9. Cool work. I like your style though not so classic warhammer.
  10. Hello everyone. I've made a drawing of my RT character. Lusius Metalicon The 17 Nobleman of Malfi in The Calixis Sector. Void Master of frigate Void Strider. His origin path is: Noble is Born - Vaunted - Chosen By Destiny - High Vendetta - Endurance - Void Master. My GM gave me permission to jump from High Vendetta to Endurance to keep my concept. Hope you like the drawing. See also my homepage for other things I have done if you like: http://www.larsrune.com/ Best regards Lars Rune, Denmark
  11. Hello everyone. Look at my warhmmer fan art if you wish. I hope you like it. http://larsrune.deviantart.com/gallery/ See also my website: http://www.larsrune.com/ Best regards Lars Rune
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