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  1. good report. i like ur list. tactician is a good choice imo and rebel captive on kath as well, very annoying if u get those range2 shots with BH.
  2. The much anticipated tie-advenced fixes are going to shake up the meta. Vader is going to be relevant again and rather dangerous. What tie-advanced squads look strongest post Raider release? There is going to be a viable low pilot skill list with multiple tie-advanced ships right?
  3. nice variation of panic attack. going at 99pts is nice for initiative. i like flachette canon here. obviously that will shoot first so u can double stress ships if needed. watch out for predator, that card will be devastating vs ur list.
  4. dont buy too many ships. build slowly. test out each ship before you buy multiples. everyone i know who plays this game has LOTS of ships they never play. id say in general rebels are cheapest faction to build a competitive list. the bubble will burst on the 2 ship meta soon but if big ships r ur thing grab a falcon. a single decimator if u r into imperials. one of my fav ships is the firespray, its awesome and u can repurpose it as a scum ship once u get the scum and villiany expansion. what faction do you like playing most? the tie-advanced fixes are coming soon, cant wait for that but thats because i like imperials as a faction, soontir is boss, seriously watch him flown by a good pilot with decent upgrades and hes amazing... vader-like even but more offensive.
  5. I love autothrusters. Its saved my behind so many times. On a 3 agility ship its awesome. Vader's Tie Advanced is going to be seeing lots of play very soon. id personally team him up with Kath Scarlet or Boba because i dont like decimators. Iv heard 4 tie-advaced+accuracy corrector with Dark Curse is also going to be good in the new meta. Time will tell.
  6. Hey! i was there at regionals playing a list identical to Pauls Fett+IG88B list (minus the Fett title card). i also went 3-2 on the day finishing middle of the pack and missing out on the shield tokens by one spot. i learnt lots about my list and how to play it optimally. id put in some prep vs mostly 2 ship rebel lists, my losses were to BBBAA and Fel/phantom/dommshuttle. one of those was close, one of those wasnt. with a lil more training i think i might have turned one of those losses into a win but i was happy with my squad choice and as i said, iv learned a lot about how to play it better. The games i lost, i lost Boba too early. There is alway nationals I was part of Team BOP/Waikato, we play every 2nd sunday in tauranga at The Gateway but im trying to get a league organised closer to Hamilton (i live in Cambridge). Hamilton is a 40k stronghold and those old habits die hard so although there are about 12 x-wing players who could play x-wing every week, many of them will opt to play other tabletop games instead. Its not a lost cause but it is taking some time to turn people to the Dark Side and see what an awesome game x-wing is. Theres a new gamestore in hamilton that has just opened that is abled to host games so the future is looking brighter. The secret to getting really good at anything is regular play vs strong opposition. I wonder how many nz x-wing players play online on Vassal?
  7. this is why tactician should be on ppls lists, in the top10 at least as its a decent counter for PTL and how much play is PTL getting?
  8. Rebel Captive doesnt seem to be getting many votes. i rate it highly. maybe top5 even.
  9. yeah Fire Control System belongs in there, not my top5 but still very strong esp on Corran Horn and IG88s.
  10. iv played about with various 'best' loadouts on boba and kath and have come to the following conclusions, 1) it really depends HOW you fly the firespray 2) Engine Upgrade is a must include (arc dodging, range control, hit-and-run tactics anyone?) 3) Tactician, Rebel Captive (imperials), K4 Security Droid and Recon Specialist are imo the strongest crew options you have 4) Veteran Instincts is a strong choice right now in the current meta esp on Boba as you can move after Fel and Corran Horn, even a PS10 Corran can be trumped by a 99pt squad list 5) Push the Limit adds versatility but it comes at a cost. The firespray's movement dial does not have much green meaning that shedding stress is going to reduce your movement options. Even with Engine Upgrade you are sacrificing a fair amount of speed. If you face a rebel captive (a common foil for PTL) you are not going to get maximum value from PTL. If you dont face rebel captive then you will be ok but the shedding stress after PTL will slow your firespray down. 6) K4 Security Droid is another strong option but to maximize it you need to do a green (sound familiar?) so using the droid hurts your speed similar to PTL... to use it you need to fly slower. You are always going to use upgrades that suit your style of play. For me personally I prefer maximizing my movement options. Scum Boba and Scum Kath allow you to play Inertial Dampeners which are simply amazing. To use it stresses your ship but how many times have you wanted to NOT move anywhere and stall with a firespray? The threat of being able to do a stall is not dissimilar to carrying a seismic charge or proton bomb, they are going to 'expect' you to do it and will need to plan accordingly. For my money tactician is the crew of choice right now because he is a decent counter to PTL. Soontir Fel is afraid of getting double stressed. IG88's are not fond of getting double stressed either. Tactician is difficult to maximize and its better vs certain lists but its worth it imo. Once you master range2 shots its deadly.
  11. fett is unique to your squad, so your opponent can play the same fett as you or the other factions (scum/imperials).
  12. R2-D2 isnt my number 1, its in my top5 somewhere.
  13. This is open to opinion of course but i'll take a stab. You can have your own top 5 and it will likely be different to mine) In no particular order... TOP 5 1) R2-D2 (with Shield Upgrade is OP) 2) Push the Limit (on Soontir Fel is OP) 3) Predator (Big reason why swarms have largely disappeared in MY meta) 4) Vader Crew (paired with gunner or on a an omicron shuttle is nasty) 5) Engine Upgrade (on a large base ship is OP) Honorable mention (yes any of these could have made my top 5) 6) Advanced Sensors 7) C3-P0 (with falcon title is nasty) 8) Heavy Laser Cannon 9) Rebel Captive (shouldn't other imperial lists be immune to this?) 10) Gunner 11) Shield Upgrade 12) Stealth Device 13) Tactician (could be higher because its a counter to PTL) Did I miss any? No doubt. What would your top upgrades be?
  14. Hi SableG, I ran this list at Auckland regionals (34 players) yesterday... Boba Fett/VI/tactician/engine upgrade/inertial dampeners (47) IG88B/predator/HCL/advanced sensors/AT/inertial dampeners (52) I spotted the list on these forums winning a regional in Sweden (?) and I'd been testing something very similar and was hooked. i went 3-2 after a 1st round bye but should have probably been 4-1 if id played a little better (still had my training wheels on and developing some sound tactics to keep Boba on the table and into the endgame where he shines) but i really like this version of Boba/IG88B. its got firepower (when u remember to take your rerolls with predator!) and some really nice slippery movement options. The list has very good potential, when flown correctly. I took out soontir turn5 (he was a sharp player) by getting him double stressed followed by a a range2 shot from IG88 with focus (caught him with advanced senors then K-turn). Once i get a lil more time in the saddle with the list I think it can compete with pretty much anything in the meta (solid but not stella vs most lists out there). The 99pts is useful vs other similar lists running PS6 IG88s and the mirror (which i faced and beat handily, although his list ran some questionable upgrades such as calculation and anti-persuit lasers... Engine Upgrade wrecked him in the endgame after he lost his boba very early)
  15. Hi Rogue One, take a gander at this top 8 from Australia... Canberra, Australia July 4, 2015 Attendance: 63 Three D Six List Juggler: http://lists.starwar...?tourney_id=530 Custom software used for event (awesome live updates): http://www.tabletopt.../event.php?id=1 Winner: Dash, PTL, HLC, Kyle, Engine, Title Corran, VI, FCS, R2-D2 2nd place: Han, Pred, Luke, C3P0, Engine, Title 3 x Bandit 3rd: Dash, PTL, HLC, Kyle, Engine, Title Corran, VI, FCS, R2-D2 4th: Dash, PTL, HLC, Kyle, Engine, Title Corran, FCS, R2-D2 5th: Dash, Pred, HLC, Recce Spec, Title Corran, VI, FCS, R2-D2, Engine 6th: IG88-B, Lone Wolf, Sen Jammer, Mangler, Autos, Dampeners IG88-C, PTL, Sen Jammer, Mangler, Autos, Dampeners 7th: 4 x Thug, Ion, R4, Title 8th (Dropped from Top Cut): Lando, PTL, C3P0, Jan Ors, Title Wild Space Fringer, HLC, Gunner, Title (Yes Gunner - It was a mistake as he meant to submit Gunner on Lando and Jan Ors on WSF but got them mixed in his rush to submit his squad on time then it was too late once the tourney started to change)
  16. ties not getn much play in my area. IG-88s, decimators, falcons, corran and soontir fel sure are tho
  17. that story makes me feel better i got 5 green blanks in a row on a ship i had double focus for defense (recon spec). Felt robbed
  18. hi J, that is the same list that Sable G used and won Texas regionals with. strong list. that proton bomb ob PS10 ship is nasty. No kidding? LOL. That's funny, didn't know that. I changed the seismic for proton on Boba because landing crits through shields is nice. Mangler for HLC because 4 red > 3 red. Heres's to hoping i can channel Sable's maneuvering skills. haha. there is no secret maneuvering wins you games as much as list composition does. also tactics and target priority make a difference. this is a cruel game because u can get everything right and still get screwed by poor dice but imo u should concentrate on the factors within your control. HLC is so needed to punch damage thru those heavily armoured large ships. MOV has made target priority even more imp than it used to be imo. i was playing vs a superTANKY chewie/corran list last night and threw everything at chewie and the best i could manage in an hr of play was 4 hull damage. this showed me a super tanky ship isnt ur main target, its the support ship. get those points in the bag and then decide if u can can take out the tank. the risk is if u lose one of ur ships you lose but thats what good lists do, give u hard choices and dont give u a clear choice for target priority.
  19. hi J, that is the same list that Sable G used and won Texas regionals with. strong list. that proton bomb ob PS10 ship is nasty.
  20. the reason i switched from kath to boba in my list was for PS. imo charges wont be as useful on a PS7 ship. i agree that recon spec + PTL gives the firespray much needed defense/survivability but you are trading off some movement options if u want to shed stress. i can see it still working as kath often flies away after a rear shot anyway and repositions herself, a perfect time to one bank, then one boost and clear stress. the higher PS on boba lets him boost or focus after seeing most ships movement. why not trade the VI on IG-88 for predator or PTL? you will need to drop the charges. depends how many swarm lists u r expecting to see i suppose.
  21. my 7yr old daughter got some of my tokens for to put on a cardboard robot she was making for a school project. she was super excited! maybe we could start up a thread called '101 uses for x-wig tokens'
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