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  1. Top 8 (5-1 Swiss, lost to winner in Top 8): 88-B, VI, FCS, HLC, Auto, Title 88-C, VI, Sen Jam, Mangler, Auto, Feedback, Title -97- I like this list. 97pts for initiative bid is interesting. id be tempted to go with two dampeners over the Feedback Array but thats just my preferences.
  2. Rebel Y-Wings are the best platform for TLT right? or do you think scum Y-Wings are superior? If you were running a list of just Y-Wings, whats the best build? What about a list with 3 Y-Wings and something else?
  3. phild0, That has been my initial assessment as well. Its harder to flank this ship than it appears. IG88's head-to-head can get caught in that 180 arc rather easily, even when they S-Loop. ive flown against 2 in the same list and its not as easy as you might expect to keep out of that arc and yes the ship is fast.
  4. I am not seeing much talk about the Hounds Tooth. Its a beast but has its deficiencies in movement being vulnerable to rear attacks much like the much loved and often maligned Lambda Shuttle (one agility for defense and no K-Turn... these ships have their similarities for sure but I suspect the Hounds Tooth will crack into the mainstream meta much faster than the Space Cow did in its hayday (see what I did there?) I have been impressed with Bossk with a Mangler Canon onboard... +2 damage anyone? The jury is still out on how well it will do vs the field, obviously this will depend on what you pair your Hounds Tooth with. Any thoughts on what will make a solid list using the Hounds Tooth?
  5. FFG designers would have to balance a target locking droid somehow. Perhaps range1-2 only? inside your primary firing arc? something like that would probably work wout turning the game into a lets play 4 x-wings meta.
  6. The thing is this hasn't fixed much. It's not going to cause ppl to bust out their x-wings in droves. The Tie-Advanced fix just might.
  7. what HE said. In a word... underwhelming.
  8. im guessing a Scum & Villainy aces expansion is in the pipeline.
  9. i love using advanced sensors but i have a feeling there will be some more control lists emerge that dish out the stress. i see jammer as insurance vs the anticipated rush of TLT lists.
  10. no but if its an aggressor with autothrusters and jammer? much better odds.
  11. With the new wave7 goodness hitting the tables is Sensor Jammer now a better choice over Advanced Sensors? Twin Laser Turret is going to hurt you and chew through your focus/evade tokens rather quickly. imo Sensor Jammer will help take the edge off TLT. thoughts?
  12. so Palpatine is going to become standrd issue for the chirpy lists right? that guy looks OP, just saying.
  13. I am also a teacher. Currently hard materials but started as physical education teacher, then moved to classroom teacher, then moved to science teacher. My school has recently bought a laser cutting machine and i am now able to cut my own acrylic tokens and range rulers .
  14. tie advanced is a bit limited until the Raider hits. Vader is still decent but a bit too many points for a 2 attack dice ship. shuttle is much stronger with engine upgrade on it but u can still go with DoomShuttle for 24pts so id start there. you have the tools to run Soontir at pretty much max power. its a pretty standard setup, the only choice really is Stealth Device or Hull Upgrade or Shield Upgrade and i think u dont have shield upgrade so stealth will get the nod here but for 3pts Hull Upgrade is also decent so go with what u like. LIST 1: Omicron Group Pilot + Vader (crew) = 24pts Soontir Fel + title + autothrusters + stealth device + Push the Limit = 35pts Kath Scarlet + Rebel Captive = 41pts Total = 100pts LIST 2: Omicron Group Pilot + Vader (crew) = 24pts Soontir Fel + title + autothrusters + Push the Limit = 32pts Backstabber = 16pts Turr Phennir + autothrusters + Veteran Instincts = 28pts 100pts iv actually flown list 2 and its solid, if a little fragile. playing intercepters takes guts, especially without shield upgrade or hull upgrade or stealth device for an extra buffer on defense.
  15. id say chewie is virtually unkillable with ur current loadout if u can keep him from getting hit by 6dice or more each turn, two 3 atk dice ships wont be enough. HLC is going to dent you but not if they only get in the single shot. Id say even IG88B with HLC would be struggling on its own. i like boost on chewie and that would give you good range control and some arc dodging (but who needs to dodge when u have that much damage mitigation right?). what do u PTL for on Leebo? focus + TL? evade+focus? at a glance i think that could be something else. Predator? seems like a nice option pairing Predator with Mangler Cannon.
  16. yup, why cant you lose an astromech or crew member to a crit? engine upgrade should not be damage proof. they could simply errata a card to say it can destroy engine upgrade. i think ordnance taking out other upgrades would work well, why not go that way instead of introducing a new damage deck? seems like a quick and easy solution wout changing the game much and might make ordnance a lil better too.
  17. Just had a thought, sorry if this in not strictly related to this threads discussion. It seems to me the crew cards can take the super ships over the top in power. Rebel captive on decimator, gunner on most pancakes, C3-P0 on super chewie, that sort of thing. I guess my point is there is a cumulative effect of power on the super ships, its not one thing but a combination of upgrades that makes them bordering on OP (this is not hating the super ships, pointing out that they are dominating the meta because they are so good). Anyway, back to my point i wanted to make, what if damage cards could take out crew or even an engine upgrade?, im talking about critical damage cards. Chewie would still be immune to it but every other pancake in the meta would be fair game. I dont for a minute think FFG would do this but it would give you a chance to disable something on the super ship right? A lesser 'fix' might be ordnance that targets crew or ship upgrades specifically, now that would be interesting. Would this change the game much, no probably not. would it give the small ships a way to get a lucky shot that hurts the pancakes, yep.
  18. Vader, Soontir, Turr will also be a strong list again.
  19. thanks for sharing this! u r such a talented model maker/mad scientist. your repaint/remodel is like 1000 times better than the original. can u do a scum Boba Fett some time too?
  20. my 5c: gunner on boba is solid tactician and VI are great in a meta with Corran Horn or Soontir Fel dropping to 99 initiative is a good option if u have VI on boba and are expecting other PS10 pilots in your meta Engine Upgrade is essential, it can let you arc dodge and gives you range control im not overly impressed with the stress expert handling gives, yes you can choose when u get stressed but from my experience stress on a firespray is not very good anytime (a reason why I don't like Push the Limit on the firespray... although some will tell you otherwise and in all honesty it really depends HOW you intend to fly boba) dampeners is awesome. FIND room for it, you wont regret it. autoblaster is interesting, it could work for you but it is situational (im guessing you know this though) I run Boba with VI, Engine Upgrade and Tactician (Sable Gryphon-esque but without the proton bomb )
  21. go the tie-advanced! look for its representation to shoot through the roof very soon
  22. im looking for local Hamilton, NZ x-wing players (sorry to hijack this thread) https://www.facebook.com/groups/XWingNewZealand/permalink/1041720179173594/?pnref=story iv posted on facebook (above). Trying to start up a weekly x-wing league in Hamilton. Please direct players you know to the above link to register their interest OR post here if you are an x-wing player in Hamilton and are interested in some regular games in your hometown.
  23. im looking for local Hamilton, NZ x-wing players (sorry to hijack this thread) https://www.facebook.com/groups/XWingNewZealand/permalink/1041720179173594/?pnref=story iv posted on facebook (above). Trying to start up a weekly x-wing league in Hamilton. Please direct players you know to the above link to register their interest. I will also post a link in X-wing Organisation on these forums (but i suspect many players do not go there whoa re ron NZ and will not see it!?) https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/182797-hamilton-nz-players-assemble-looking-to-start-up-a-weekly-league-at-the-new-gamestore-in-centre-place/ drop a post at either thread and ill find you.
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