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  1. 100pts. on the nose. did u remember outlaw tech? its an assymetric build. ive tested a few variants since this event. swapped out the two z's for palob/TLT/4-LOAM, feedback array. this was better in some matchups but worse in others. if i was playing the hwk version again id have gone with... Palob expert handling TLT barrel roll into TLT range or into enemy range 1-2 or arc dodge, shed a target lock and get a stress, not bad. its the range control barrel rolling gives you thats worth the stress imo. easy enough to dial a green and repeat again in consecutive rounds. with TLT u should still get a shot at something. also makes Palob a bit more unpredictable for blocking vs aces.
  2. FFG is onto a hot seller here. Theyre happy to keep making fixes and expansions because players will buy them. a single rulebook while elegant solution to fixes doesnt make as much $.
  3. sloop turns with the falcon will be a nice counter to Autothrusters.
  4. I approve of this post. Well said sir. I salute you.
  5. Bio.P: From what i can tell, ur a very good player. we all make mistakes, even world champion chess players do. i played in an event yesterday and went 3-2. i had some good luck and some bad luck. my result reflects this. i placed 8th from 14 players but could have placed 3rd with some better play and execution of tactics. i think we all have tendencies that 'trap' us into a certain style or tactics. i fall into old habits during setup of my ships at times, using what has worked in the past instead of staying present in the here and now and thinking about each match as a new game with its own unique challenges. reflecting on ur games is important but its easy to dwell on the negative too. matchups play a large role in ur success at a tournament. having an in depth understanding of your local meta isnt going to make a shred of difference if you dont get the matchups u r expecting. For example im a bit surprised i havent seen many triple scout lists being played in my area (just one). im seeing quite a few imperial aces, dash/ghost and scum lists that use 1-2 scouts. heres the thing about the meta. its always changing and hard to predict so dont spend too much time trying to beat it. Defenders are going to be everywhere soon but so are squads that are designed to beat them.
  6. what about... Rebel only. Yoda crew: Attacks made against this ship cannot be modified. shuts down palpatine and focus fire. even hurts overclocked R4 which is seeing a bit of play on scum scouts.
  7. yep, the PS bid is crucial right now. PS4 black squadron pilots and name ties with crackshot could rip a scout apart alarmingly fast. im on the fence about dropping the two headhunters i was running previously, theyre blockers and if left alone can cause problems at close range chipping in damage and of course using feedback array to get rid of damaged small ships at close range is just gravy. However the addition of Palob adds a more consistent offensive threat at med-long range and he has the ability to threaten high agility ships which just laugh at 2 attack dice ships. He is also a counter to enemy scouts
  8. cool list. congrats on ur top2 finish. i watched a few of ur games on twitch. i like ur loadout on Palob, makes the TLT a real certainty vs high agility targets. im running something similar but i am using feedback arrays to help vs imp-aces lists. i dont run zuckuss, but use a 2nd scout (one with proton torp/fett/EM/guidance chips/R4/feedback array, the other with plasma torp/EM/guidance chips/overcockedR4/feedback array). i was previously running 2x binayre pirate/feedback array but was finding them of limited use after the first exchange of fire due to their slow repositioning. So i have recently replaced them with Palob. As uv stated he is a nice counter for other U-Boat lists. my loadout on palob is the same as urs except with adaptability as EPT. have u flown vs many swarms? 5-6 ship imperial swarms seem to be on the rise and of course crackshot swarm is a scary squad.
  9. boba fett crew is a pretty good hard counter to palpatine.
  10. well imo you can tweek U-Boats to beat imp-aces and palp-aces, the mirror is tricky as you really need initiative or a counter to their ordnance, thats why i think 2 boats and something else like Palob could be the answer. ur really trying to give yourself some type of edge in those specific matchups and then its up to you to play well and capitalize on it. iv had success with feedback arrays, they dont help vs other u-boats but palob looks like a nice counter to their focus economy. Positioning him where he can do that is going to take some skill and thats where other variables like experience, asteroid placement, ship placement and your ingame tactics early on will make the difference.
  11. Some great ideas in there mate. what HE said. like the PS6 starviper and the microthrusters. cool.
  12. im testing out some scum variants using 2 torp carrying contracted scouts and 1-2 support ships. you have quite a number of options with what u can do with those remaining 28-34pts. Misthunter, 2x headhunters or hawk all are pretty decent.
  13. if my small ship has two or more ion tokens on it are they ALL removed on its next turn when it moves 1 straight? or is it ionized for the next two turns?
  14. What card would you like to ban? What card would you like to make unique?
  15. What squads beat imp-aces, palp-aces and u-boats?
  16. great report. thanks for sharing. im a scum player also and have found that feedback array is great vs palp-aces and i suspect vs swarm lists although havent played vs them yet.
  17. "He's no good to me dead" Firespray title card scum only cost zero (still pay 1 point for tractor beam) Same effect as the misthunter title: this ship gains the barrel roll action and must attach the tractor beam upgrade (tractor beam can use rear arc or front arc)
  18. the fixes and aces/veterans expansions have me hooked.
  19. if u linkined it to the ship cost it might work so say everything worth 25pts or more? or perhaps all unique pilots. you coulld even say it cost an extra point?
  20. kiharaxz title that gives it scum astromech slot. generic starviper with EPT slot more scum crew illicit upgrades same title for firespray that misthunter gets to give it barrel roll and tractor beam (can use rear arc or front arc)
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