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  1. what squad list did u use? iv used fett with proton bomb b4. SableGryphon has had success with this combo also.
  2. could this upgrade be a new title variant that copies the effect of the IG title? this would let any ship carrying the new crew card use the IG ability it is copying and let you use any of the four IG-88 ships. would make scum firesptays pretty decent. firesprays are already a good partner for IG-88B, its just that power creep has pushed them and IG-88s out of the meta.
  3. jumpmasters (cheaper) and even brobots are preferred over them for scum. id like to see a rear firing cannon mod. autoblaster out of front and rear arc seems good.
  4. how about some new name pilots for imperial firespray? throwin some new scum pilots too!
  5. Boost would be more in line with how the ship and its drive looks, and also it would not simply be a copy of the JM5k. What's wrong with the dial? The only thing it lacks are 1 hard turns and it has 2 K-turns to choose from (as its only red maneuvers), I would not call that a "problem dial". sure boost or barrel roll would be great on the name pilots. engine upgrade is already a pretty staple upgrade on the name firesprays this ship is a hit and run specialist. its rear arc is its greatest weapon so anything that strengthens that even more or adds verastility will help it keep pace with the power creep in the game.
  6. jumpmasters r the new big ship for scum and they are cheap. the firespray name pilots for both imperials and scum r expensive. id like to see a fix that strengthens the ship and or adds versatility such as a free barrel roll.
  7. interesting idea. id be interested in seeing some actual cards suggested with costs.
  8. 5 palp aces lists in the top 8. im thinking the imperial lists took care of the uboats in the swiss rounds.
  9. i really like the idea of crew slot here but i think there may be a need to also create specific rebel co-pilot crew cards as well. im not sure stuff like tactician or recon specialist fits the theme but i guess B-Wings get this option so it may work as is i guess.
  10. i like By your Command. it will lead to new squad lists. it might be borderline OP but can benefit two attack dice ships as well so seems like it would be really interesting card to build around.
  11. R4 is strictly better offense but its a point more. if u want an initiative bid as a uboat player u will want to consider going with the cheaper overclocked. as stated here R4 with proton torps is very strong, add if boba fett crew for the crit benefit and its super consistent. u have to play a bit with both R4 and overcloacked to see for yourself which you prefer.
  12. iv flown something similar. its a strong all around list. ive used 2 headhunter or Palob in place of zuckuss. iv found that feedback array is really strong vs imperial aces/palp aces. each variant has its strengths/weaknesses. 2 headhunter/feedback array gives u valuable blockers vs high ps ships and can be employed vs enemy scouts (although it takes skill and guile to pull off) palob/TLT gives u a nice counter to enemy scout lists as it shuts down deadeye (if u get him into range2 when needed) zuckuss/FCS imo is stronger vs rebel lists such as dash-ghost and other low agility big ships. zuckuss melts low agility ships like butter. Feedback Array is strongest with 3-4 ships using it. thats why i like the 2x scout + 2x headhunter variant. you know u have a strong game vs imp aces/palp aces. if ur seeing more large ships in ur meta, go with zuckuss.
  13. do u have punisher? redline + FCS + guidance chips + extra munitions + cluster missiles + torps of your choice is very destructive ordnance carrier.
  14. As a scum player i have found Feedback Array a really effective card vs palp-aces, imp-aces and it can trouble phantoms as well.
  15. BBXX might still be viable. or BBBX, advanced sensors on B-Wings ups their unpredictability in close.Pairing Dutch Vander with two B-Wings with ordnance could work pretty well too.
  16. i agree with there being no truely broken ships. the game designers have allowed room for squad lists to trump the top meta lists. essentially any list can win and any dominant squad can be taken down by a counter squad (this may not have been the case is the past with 360 arc ships like the falcon and decimator, but even these have their weaknesses).. triple scouts are getting a lot of hype as being OP but they r not winning in significant numbers yet. ppl tend to focus on a single event that it wins or features in large numbers in and use this as proof its OP. they forget that if lots of ppl are playing it then the odds are its good and will get to the top8. as long as all factions have a way to build competitive lists this game will keep its diversity. i am seeing power creep. TLT's changed the meta, now ordnance is doing the same. Palpatine is a monster but not unbeatable. Boba Fett crew handles him pretty well. the tie advanced needed a fix, it was way overcosted AND underpowered at 2 atk dice. The tie defender is going to be at least as scary as the contracted scouts are. I can see each faction is getting its time to shine. Right now i think scum has a few more tools in its toolbox, and they r long overdue because the ships up until now with the exception of the IG-88 have been rather lackluster compared to what rebels and imperials have.
  17. my advice. choose a faction. looks like u have more rebel ships than imperial so go rebels. you have the cards to play rebel aces with poe/x-wing/corrin right now. tbh u dont have many options with these ships. im more a scum/imperial player even tho i have a ton of rebel ships. this game makes u buy expansions to get the upgrades u need to make a super competitive squad, for example to get 2 autothruster upgrades u will need to buy a starviper. to play corrin at full strength u will need Fire Control System and Veteran Instincts. Unique pilots are very popular right now but once u have more ships you can play rebel swarm lists like XXZZZZ or even AAAAA. Y-Wings with Twin Laser Turret are very good support ships also.
  18. im thinking it is called Burst of Speed. illicit upgrade giving slam.
  19. squad points? most u-boats making top8 seem to have a dedicated blocker wout ordnance or one torp. may are going for 98pt lists to trump other u-boat lists. initiative in the mirror is a huge advantage.
  20. jumpmaster and misthunter are both very good scum ships. my strongest 100pt list uses 2 jumpmasters (scouts) and 1 misthunter (Zuckus)
  21. i like yr second list but id upgrade the Y-Wing to Palob with TLT and trim some points from the firespray. mangler is limited use as its rear firing arc cant use it. id probably go with gunner and drop mangler and R4 security droid.
  22. Palob counters enemy scouts using deadeye and also A-Wings and high agility ships with proton rockets No focus? no ordnance attacks using deadeye. i still like my chances with 2 contracted scouts + 2 headhunters with feedback array in an imp/palp aces heavy meta.
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