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  1. How on earth are you loading up 50 points on a single Punisher? Most of my builds with either of the two named pilots top out at 38 points and the generics rarely go above 31...Still, I don't think the Punisher itself is bad as much as they are lacking in unique options compared to the standard bomber. The systems slot only has one option currently that really synergises well with ordnance (fire control system) and the extra bomb slot is hard to take advantage of when the two biggest meta threats can either soak bomb damage or avoid them. The named pilots are both good at what they specialize in, just they don't really fit into current Imperial list archetypes (neither really benefits from Palpatine and they are too pricey to add into crack swarms). I personally would love to see a system upgrade that allowed you to play with the detonation timing on bombs dropped by the ship carrying it. Being able to detonate a bomb immediatly after executing your maneuver or delaying it by a turn would be a huge boon for the generic Punishers and Deathrain. Scum could use such an upgrade with the IGs and Rebels could make do with Sabine on the Ghost or a B-wing. Edit: Just as an aside, but I have been having quite a bit of fun lately with a pair of Punishers carrying Extra Munitions, Fire Control System, Guidance Chips, and Advanced Proton Torpedoes. Haven't settled on what to do with the last 34-38 points yet, but last game the Punishers nearly 1-shot a full health Ghost and one did 1-shot an Attack Shuttle after it was jettisoned. opps. my bad. 37pts of Redline would be enough to make it playable, at least before the nerf. shows you how often i have played the punisher (never). I cant see myself playing it anytime soon. even at 35-40pts.
  2. So the punisher is now casual ship that is actually good in epic play? imo any fix for it is a long way off. it is overcosted and has underpowered stats. if its generic pilots were cheap it might get used a bit more but at its current price it is hardly a filler ship. The name pilots are going to soak up 50pts or so to be playable imo.
  3. not really any good and broken are one and the same. is anyone actually playing the punisher in your area?
  4. Is the punisher broken? Will it see competitive play again other than a rare appearance? Have you seen a punisher list that is any good post FAQ? Is it in need of a fix? what will make it more playable?
  5. agree extra munitions should have been in there. its a bomber after all. clearly marketing decision to make max $. nothing new here.
  6. plasma torps for 3pts r a good universal choice. virtually every list except crack swarm has ships with shields.
  7. imo this is the strongest loadout on deathrain. it hits hard.
  8. actually reading this reminds me of a game i was playing vs a decimator list. it was a tournament. we were playing off to make the top8. i was on the losing end. the writing was on the wall. i managed to stress his decimator with a crit. he pushes the limit to get extra stress. This is his undoing. next turn he realizes he cant do sharp turns due to crit he had taken earlier in the game... hes close to my edge of the board and tries to one bank but fails to clear. Boom! he flies off the board and this lets me get back into the game. its still very close but i narrowly win. whew. he is clearly gutted but takes the loss well. Its never fun flying off the board, especially when u r winning.
  9. im getting flashbacks of when i used to play magic here. thankfully the crowd that play x-wing are great guys. im crushed a few people with a flawless victory before but been on the end of many crushing defeats myself too. i recently took apart a palp aces list with my 2x scout +ZZ list and my opponent was left deflated and humiliated. It was round 3 of a small local tournament so wasnt huge amount at stake but he was fuming. Its non fun getting trounced. He lost inquisitor in first exchange due to a bump and vader went up in flames the following turn thanks to multiple Feedback Arrays (yes its a nasty card but if you get caught at range one you get hurt by it) leaving him with a shuttle with no shields vs my fleet (i lost one headhunter). He quickly conceded but then immediately regretted it because he may have been able to improve his MOV by taking out another headhunter. Not really a sore looser story I know but an example of a situation which can cause some players to snap.He didnt and all credit to him. Some wouldnt have taken it as well.
  10. so mindlinked broboats is as good as crackbots?
  11. ****. guess it was too good to be true its good to figure these things out before you rock up to a tournament thanks for the suggestions for other mindlink strategies tho.
  12. zuckuss + attanni mindlink + rec spec this seems like a decent combo. has anyone tried it? its only 32pts. which leaves ample options for support ships with mindlink. off the top of my head im thinking mindlinked IG-88B with mangler cannon and AT still points left for a mindlinked N'dru has anyone seen a list like this in action? giving other ships as well as yourself double focus seems strong. focus + focus + evade on IG-88 with AT every turn? thats some beefy defense right there. have mindlink lists caught on yet? im not seeing many do well in tournaments, have you?
  13. tough matchup for scum. multiple high agility ships vs large base ships.
  14. Deathrain + FCS + clusters + guidance chips. It hits hard. i got smashed by this combo at a tourney.
  15. Could the T-70 be suffering from the power creep that exists in x-wing? It seems that the power level of the jumpmasters with their uber efficient damage from ordnance has slightly tipped the scales towards damage output lists vs arc dodging lists. Look at how efficient the top tier scum lists and imperial aces/pal aces lists are right now. You are getting a lot of bang for your buck. Thats what i mean about power creep. when you look at what rebels can get for 25-35pts compared to what imperials and scum can get it is obvious to me that rebel squads using the T-70 just cant compete right now because the T-70 is a little (or a lot depending on you point of view) overcosted for what you get in terms of raw firepower, defense, potential action economy and jousting ability. That T-roll is amazing but imo it isnt quite enough to propel the T-70 into the must-play category. A-Wings with AT and or crackshot, Y-Wings with stressbot/TLT and even multiple headhunters are simply more efficient for the same cost. Rebel players have loads of competitive options (VCX-100 and Dash to the rescue) but sadly few of them seem to include the T-70 right now.
  16. stressgiving strategies seem to be relegated to rebel stressbots aka R3-A2 astro on a Y-Wing right now so is tactician still seeing play in "competitive" squads? I'm just not seeing tactician in many top8 squads, are you? imo the palp-aces and imperial aces lists are too slippery at arc dodging and range control for tactician crew to be very effective, at least on a single ship. interested in your opinions. Tactician crew. Is it Still worthwhile and even relevant in the current meta or no? What lists do you think tactician is most effective against?
  17. iv heard brobots r out of favour right now but i still see them ocasionally at the top tables at some events. i think theyr still strong but may be troubled by palp and imp aces lists. i think brobots is durable enough to defeat u-boats. its a strong list and can surprise ppl who r ill prepared for them. my tip? use feedback arrays. imp players dislike this card and for good reason.
  18. taking 1-2 shots from their ordnance early on is sortof unavoidable.u should be able to survive two shots on a lead YV and then get shots into them at close range. u need to block their lead u-boat i think and then focus on the one behind it. u-boat players will often try to stagger their ships using the first one to fire then block while the ones behind will pound the damage ships being blocked. asteroids can be ur friend if you can manage the range of engagement and limit the number of u-boats that r firing on you early on. u-boats are surprisingly effective in close with their 360 turret as its 3 dice to the face each turn.
  19. the scout player had initiative. the asteroid placement was L shaped and helped neither player. i think the hwk player should have made a centre cluster and used these in his approach. it is suicide to run right into an aplha strike from 3 scouts. some credit should go to the scout player for setting up his ships how he did. by approaching from directly across from the hwks he effectively gave him little option in the first three turns.if hed veered left and run he would have been quickly caught in a killing zone. i wonder if the hwk payer considered splitting into two groups?
  20. the scout player had initiative. the asteroid placement was L shaped and helped neither player. i think the hwk player should have made a centre cluster and used these in his approach. it is suicide to run right into an aplha strike from 3 scouts.
  21. the hwk player walking into that alpha strike. the hwks r slow so its hard to get them into range1-2 quickly. in hindsight i wonder if he could have used the asteroids to aid his approach. nomatter what i guess he was going to lose a hwk in the first exchange. a hard match for the hwk player.
  22. id switch out R5-P8 for agromech and fett crew or for overclocked R4 + fett crew and upgrade plasma torps to proton torps. imo the rest of ur list is solid.
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