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    New Zealand Players?

    Kia ora from New Zealand! I realize this post is likely posted in the wrong section but it is the MOST frequented and I need to get in touch with any NZ X-Wing players fast. please post a reply here only if u r a NZ player and i will forward u the details on an upcoming event that will be running over the next few months. cheers
  2. looking for players in New Zealand, esp waikato/auckland/tauranga im in cambridge/waikato
  3. The_Brown_Bomber

    Poll: Worst Looking Ship in X-Wing

  4. The_Brown_Bomber

    Looking at getting into X-Wing

    Good advice here already. 2 core sets a must. you will need those templates and dice. For casual play you have more options with upgrades. Proxy them or even better, visit ur local game store and let players know u are a new casual player and would really appreciate any unwanted extra upgrade cards they dont use. Most established Players have loads of spare upgrade cards and tokens. This will give you a pool of stuff you can use in your casual games.
  5. The_Brown_Bomber

    Changing Maneuvering

    I agree some of the larger ships are too fast and turn too easily compared to smaller supposedly 'more agile' ships. What about a new 1 sharp turn template for large ships only that turns 45 degrees not 90 degrees? Large ships with engine upgrade can be a problem, its got to do more with their 360 firing arc giving them easy shots while they zoom away. Maybe restricting the boost action to 1 straight would solve this? This goes with the school of thought that large ships are fast but less agile
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    Which top 5 things do you believe need to be looked at the most?

    this is my hunch also. its from wave1 and has had no love to make it more competitive in a game that has steadily got more powerful.
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    How does new FAQ impact in Dengaroo?

    How does new FAQ impact on Dengaroo? This list seems pretty optimal (it made US nats finals) Dengar + Punishing One + Lone Wolf + R5-P8 + Glitterstim + Plasma Torpedoes + Zuckuss + Counter-Measures Manaroo + Feedback Array + Push the Limit + Unhinged Astromech + Engine Upgrade + Recon Specialist seems pretty untouched by the FAQ. other lists that were not so viable before FAQ could bother this list now right? thoughts?
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    How does new FAQ impact in Dengaroo?

    ive been out of competitive play for some time, although i try my best to keep up from afar. what is that origins list made up of?
  9. The_Brown_Bomber

    How to improve the Imperial Firespray?

    you know, giving it hard 1's AND a barrel roll will bring it up close to the power level of a jumpmaster in terms of movement (jmaster will still have sloops) seems like a nice fix in my book, its front/rear arc makes it way more skill intensive to fly than large ships with a 360arc so it seems like this sort of fix could work wout unbalancing the game too much.
  10. The_Brown_Bomber

    Why the Jumpmaster nerf is bad for x-wing (hear me out)

    palp range restriction would be good. range3 or under to use his ability on that ship seems balanced. even range 2 but thats harsher and maybe overly restrictive?
  11. The_Brown_Bomber

    Firespray vs Jumpmaster (generic pilots)

    firesprays are great but they have been trumped by the power creep of x-wing and this is glaring when u see the jumpmaster. the firespay has two blindspots and its dial is less forgiving/more predictable. its 3 atk dice are good but without that 360 arc your firing opportunities are considerable less. without a boost by some new fix or title, the firespray will remain on the bench.
  12. The_Brown_Bomber

    Recommended list for teaching beginners?

    maybe 50-60pts per player and limit the ship types to T-65 and tie-fighters but totally depends on ships you have available. id personally avoid intercepters as they are rather skill intensive to fly well. so a mix of tie advanced as previously stated would be good.
  13. The_Brown_Bomber

    The Curious case of the X-wing

    T-65 Title. This ship gains the barrel roll action. Whenever you execute a barrel roll remove one target lock token from your ship and assign one stress token to an enemy ship inside your firing arc.
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    Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Time You Build a Squad

    How would YOU beat this list?
  15. The_Brown_Bomber

    Australian National Championships about to be streamed

    Where did you see the lists? commentators said it during the game. manaroo vs 2x defenders/tie
  16. The_Brown_Bomber

    Australian National Championships about to be streamed

    3 Dengaroo lists in top16. ouch.
  17. The_Brown_Bomber

    How old are you? (Survey)

    45yrs young,
  18. The_Brown_Bomber

    Looking for opinon on some board games

    some of my favourites: (in no particular order) Age of Empires 3 Puerto Rico Antike (hard to find but a top game) Cyclades Risk Axis & Allies (lots of versions) Shogun Settlers of Catan Game of Thrones Chess (very underrated, especially when played with a chess clock)
  19. The_Brown_Bomber


    sad news indeed. no more missions for Artoo.
  20. The_Brown_Bomber

    Longevity of X-Wing

    i agree. card only releases might prolong the game but the mainstay players will demand more ships. For me the game is actually close to terminal velocity now. The rebel alliances set signals the game has now gone full circle and imo is trying to hook in a core group of new fans.
  21. The_Brown_Bomber

    2016 Regionals Results

    some pretty cool tech in that championship list
  22. The_Brown_Bomber

    Dengaroo Tactics

    i like Engine Upgrade and Gonk crew on Manaroo, it gives you the ability to run and away and regen shields similar to Corrin Horn lists ive played against. It takes a bit of getting used to with Lone Wolf on Dengar but i can see why the list is so strong, Dengars double tap ability can really be a pain for them to deal with. Im new to flying the list but i really like it. Dzwonek's list from Vancouver looks pretty solid and obviously did well versus the rest of the field. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada July 16-17 Players: 71 (6 Rounds, Top 8 Cut) List Juggler: http://lists.starwar...tourney_id=1879 Winner: • Patryk Dzwonek (#3 Swiss, 25 / 945) - Manaroo (Push the Limit, Engine Upgrade, Gonk, Feedback Array, R5-P8); Dengar (Lone Wolf, Plasma Torps, Countermeasures, Zuckuss, Punishing One, Glitterstim, Overclocked R4)
  23. The_Brown_Bomber

    Is the punisher broken?

    Is the punisher broken? Will it see competitive play again other than a rare appearance? Have you seen a punisher list that is any good post FAQ? Is it in need of a fix? what will make it more playable?
  24. The_Brown_Bomber

    It really is the little things

    Yes! i like ur style one tourney i was playing my IG88 + Fett list vs shuttle/soontir/phantom list. i lost the game, but it was close. messed up a turn by playing it safe to avoid flying off the map. best moment was when i surprised soontir with a range two shot from my firesprays rear arc, double stressing him (tactician crew baby!), next turn IG88 blew him to pieces. YUS!
  25. The_Brown_Bomber

    Top 10 Best Discussion Threads of all time?

    What FFG X-Wing Forum discussion topic/threads have been the best? Sable Gryphon did one a while back on how to fly the Lambda Shuttle (If my memory serves) that was stellar. I personally look for threads that have tactics, tips and strategies for x-wing gameplay as well as squad lists. So what discussion topic do you think deserves a spot in the top 10 of all time?