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  1. DarkPrimus said: I find it somewhat ludicrous that such a thread exists before the first release is even available at retailers. Is this thread supposed to be humorously ironic criticism on people who make similar threads about new editions of role-playing games? I think it's more likely this is just another instance of the Goddamn Nerd. Every hobby has them and everyone has been one at least once in their life.
  2. Yea didn't think there would be something but figured why not ask anyway. I knew I should have used my free time last semester to learn some form of programming language.
  3. A friend and I were talking about how theres entirely too many decks of cards for this game and it led to me wishing I knew how to code so I could make a program to handle all the cards for me. Tell it what deck to deal from and what color card to deal (if needed) and it would show all the text on the card. Does anyone know if a program like this has been made or have the skill to make one of their own? I would but the only thing I don't remember anything from my highschool c++ class.
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