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  1. Running something for my kids here in the next few weeks and one of them mentioned in passing this would scare the crap out of them...I wanted to oblige. (They are 16, 16 and 13) I have seen the bipedal Assassin Droid, am looking for something a little more like the one mentioned. Any suggestions or help is appreciated!
  2. Thanks but I saw that and what I'm looking for was more detailed than that...I'm afraid that its not on this board...I will keep looking....hopefully I can find it, thanks for the help!!
  3. To add on I believe the Clone Wars era ship was a Venator, it had been found by some smugglers who tried to keep it a secret...**** I can't remember more than that.
  4. A few months ago I saw an adventure idea about a Clone Wars era ship that was being used as a "shadowport"...or something similar and I cannot find it now. I'm not even sure if it was here but if anyone can help...please let me know. Secondly, anybody used a Tailring from the WEG product Black Sands of Socorro? IF so did you stat it up or just hand wave it. I was going to use the Bogwing as a base but no stats for those either, thanks!
  5. The missing player has the rest of the crew waiting in a bar while they meet with someone who has information...they just need to wait because the contact is very nervous. While waiting they are pretty sure that there is a bounty hunter, Imperial officer, Black Sun operrative (whatever fits your game) that recognizes them and they can't stay here too long. Make it chase through the city, kind of like old movie The Warriors...they have to find a place to lay low, not get killed or taken AND meet back up with the owner of the ship...
  6. We are kicking the idea of starting our Edge of the Empire game as a direct re-start from our d6 game. The one thing that I am trying to find though is a conversion or help in converting the Deep Water Class Ship from the Old Stock Ships book that WEG put out. Any help is appreciated.
  7. That must of been it, downloaded and it looks nice!! Thanks!!
  8. Getting nothing but warnings from my malware programs....
  9. I know a few of the other games have one of these, does Only War have one yet?
  10. Sorry for the Thread Necromancy but does anyone still have those tokens lying about…I am planning on running this with my sons and three of their friends and would like to have them. Thanks in advance! Ronin
  11. I have been thinking about new ideas and one of the ones that came to mind was, a shipwrecked crew on a backwater planet. The PC's are the survivors and now have to figure out how to get back to civilization, but of course there are numerous obstacles in the way... 1. I was thinking of some kind of pirate base on the planet that has been plundering ships in the area for sometime, now the pc's have stumbled upon the base... 2. A cult of some sort is using the locals to do some mining for something, a lost artifact perhaps. Problem is that the RT crew know that there are not supposed to be any locals here.... 3. The wreckage of a Ork ship is here, there are some orks who have survived, but they cannot repair the ship. The RT crew by themselves cannot crew the ship..what to do? Just some ideas I have been pondering.
  12. As above, what kind of ship is the Sovereign Venture?
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