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  1. Hello Planeteers! I (Scott) totally forgot to announce Episode 21, which was another awesome 'community' episode featuring a wide variety of guests. Check it out if you haven't already! Don't worry, we edited out all the naughty bad words that Parker Ince drops throughout the episode. Today, though, is the release of Episode 22! In Episode 22 we go over the plethora of news coming from FFG, including the FAQ update and a new Tau warlord spoiler. We discuss the Waaagh! League, the horrible news regarding a cheating scandal at GenCon Nationals, and (probably the most awaited segment) SPOILERS from the Decree of Ruin! Incredibly, we keep all of this content crammed into less than an hour...barely. Short and sweet! As always, you can find us on Facebook, Podbean, and iTunes.
  2. Hello Planeteers! We have awoken from our slumber! And hopefully the Nids are not too far behind us! (They are shipping now, after all.) We go over the recent articles and spoilers put out by FFG, talk about the WAAAHHG! League with Friend of the Show Sam "The Man" Mann, and have a lively discussion about Regional and National winners in regards to which decks win. With Nids coming out soon, we hope to return to our regular biweekly schedule. Enjoy! As always, you can find us on Facebook, Podbean, and iTunes.
  3. Technical difficulties, Brian is working on it. I'll post here when it's up again. Sorry about this!
  4. Hello Planeteers! The Tyranids have arrived! Brian and Scott pour over the new box, offering some 'knee-jerk' reactions to the cards and some of the new deck building options. Have a listen and see what you think about our new playable faction! As always, you can find us on Facebook, Podbean, and iTunes. (Sorry I'm a bit late posting this, I've been driving through the Rocky Mountains and didn't have the greatest of connections!)
  5. Hello Planeteers! Sorry for the late episode (and a day late on announcing its release!), our schedules just didn't align over the last week. But we are still here! In this episode we go over the mountain of news out of FFG and have a special guest on, Brandon from Cardboard of the Rings, to discuss ideas on how to keep a local meta healthy. Enjoy! As always, you can find us on Facebook, Podbean, and iTunes. (If you downloaded the episode within a few hours of it going live, there is a ~4 minute 'dead air' segment at the beginning. This has been fixed, you just need to delete the episode and re-download it. Or just skip it. It didn't ruin any content.)
  6. So, in the end, the Facebook community is choosing this group as 'the group' for general use and game discussion. Just thought I'd link the group in this thread.
  7. Hello Planeteers, Episode 17 is up! And it is also a huuuuuge episode. We have four guests joining us, all of which are prominent members of the Conquest community, and we discuss a large array of topics. Sit down, strap in, and make sure you're comfortable! You can always find us at PodBean, Facebook, and iTunes! Here is the link to the league Sam mentioned in the show!
  8. Hey Planeteers! New episode is up! Brian and Scott are joined by UK Nationals Champion GKZhukov, aka Varun, to review the winning deck and cover special news out of FFG including updates on the newly announced pack in the Planetfall cycle. Check it out at http://firstplanet.podbean.com/, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FirstPlanetPodcast, and on iTunes. Enjoy!
  9. Hello again! Episode 15 (and 14) is up and we have a great discussion with Brad Andres, lead designer of Conquest! A few other small discussions with Friend of the Show Sam "The Man" Mann, and a spoiler right from the hands of Brad. As always you can find us at http://firstplanet.podbean.com/, http://www.facebook.com/FirstPlanetPodcast, and iTunes. Enjoy! EDIT: Forgot the link to Sam's league! http://40koctgnwaaagh.blogspot.ca/
  10. Hey! Episode 13 - Pure Torture is up! Grab it on iTunes or at http://firstplanet.podbean.com/e/episode-13-pure-torture/. Thanks for listening!
  11. I do not think that Initiative = win. I won a local event tonight with 8 players; I went 3-0 and didn't have first turn initiative in all 3 games. I think it takes a switching of mindset to win when you don't have initiative. Know what planets you can win and which ones you can just leave. It is a bit more complicated than that, but it truly comes down to your decision making. Not being initiative player makes you play more reactionary, both in command and in combat. Good for some decks/factions, not for others.
  12. I...I don't even... It's a package. Store your cards in 'not this package' and move on.
  13. While I think this is generally good advice, it depends on your goals. Do you want to play super competitive (win local events and other higher events) or do decently well in local events and play with friends? If you want to be competitive, 3x core is the way to go. For fun, 2x core is fine, and add packs as you see fit. For building a Coteaz deck, as you mentioned, I'd pick up (in this order): The Threat Beyond (Coteaz himself and his squad) Zogwort's Curse (3/3 good cards for Coteaz/AM) - Not sure why Tekwych thinks this is bad, might be mistaken for another pack. The Scourge (2/3) Gift of the Ethereals/The Howl of Blackmane (1 to 1.5) The last two are about tied, but Howl of Blackmane could be slightly better as you could build a good SM deck with AM ally using Blackmane. Gift of Ethereals has Ammo Depot for Orks which is an amazing card for AM, so I think that may put it slightly above Howl if you are looking strictly for AM. The last pack coming out this cycle, Descendents of Isha, has a pretty powerful card in it for AM. So it probably fits in the middle somewhere. Have fun and enjoy this game!
  14. Just downloaded your whole podcast. Looking forward to it!
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