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  1. Sure, I will let you all know
  2. I do not have that domain anymore, but will probably make me a new place to make my stuff available ... Just don't know when yet.
  3. He is sculpted with green stuff from the buttom. I will be making more copies, or at least I plan to do so ... It is good to be back in the world of Talisman
  4. Hallo fellas I have been away from this forum for some time now, actually for some years Well, I have beginning to play Talisman again, mostly with my children. Anyway, I was painting my city minatures and took a look in my stuff and found these two old toads. I have got a lot off request on the Toad King through the time, so I am considering to sell these. Well, what else should I do with them ?
  5. Those new minis seems to be of better quality than previuos minis Reminds me that I want to be sculpting minis again... but I now have these new cool minis to paint first
  6. Also, what will happen when you kill Lord of Darkness - wil you still go directly to crown of command evading all the "dragon stuf" ? ... I wonder!
  7. The_Warlock said: There's a full Talisman reprint undergoing, from base set to most recent expansions (only Highland and Frostmarch have not been announced, but Frostmarch came out some months ago). It seems that the "printer issue" has been solved, if there was any. Let's hope this wave of reprints will soon be followed by the new big box expansion. Everybody is waiting for it. Yea, that could be a good explanation for them to wait with the new expansion, since they have to have the Talisman main game and other expansion ready for new interested talisman players.
  8. I am working on having someone in england casting her for me. She will then be sold very cheap online from their online store.
  9. My experience is that a character with about 5 to 6 strength/craft can go into Dungeon and with a little luck boost very fast and get way ahead of other characters. My tactic is often to boost my character to strength /craft 5 or 6 in the outer and middle region and then go for the Dungeon. I get stronger munch faster than everyone wandering around in the Mountain or main board. My opinion is that Dungeon is the best place to boost your character. Cheers
  10. Here is my clollection of painted minis: Painted minis cheers
  11. Thank you very munch every one
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