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  1. Oh that is sad to hear. Did they lose the license or is someone else going to pick it up, or better yet is there a second edition on the horizon? Just curious why it is winding down.
  2. I see that everything for the game shows not available...is the game cancelled? I am just wanting to get into it so that is a big concern.
  3. I have recently gotten into this game and really have been enjoying it since purchasing the revised core set. I would like to order the campagin sets (Cyclone, Seelowe, Cerberus and Zverograd) and was curious if those sets and units that originally came out back before the revision, would have been updated in recent shipments to include the revised cards? I am looking at getting all 4 campaign boxes and the Axis Gorillas, Kommandtruppe, Grim Reapers and Office Corps as well as the medium walkers (Steel Rain and Lothar I think). Any info on if I will need to buy the revised card set or if these now include the updated cards?
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