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  1. Yes it does. I use it all the time, although its already sorted by set.
  2. Shan Yu Level: 6 Dark/Villain Pow: 13 Effect: When this card hits play, put Hayabusa on your opponent's world. All "Mulan" and "Mushu" cards are sent to the discard pile and cannot be played. For those who don't know, hayabusa is Shan Yu's falcon. Who wants to create Hayabusa.
  3. well, we already have Universal TCGs. That site has a database already.
  4. how serious are you? And about sephie I actually wanted cloud cause I have Chain of Memories and he is my favorite boss in that game.
  5. Hey guys, new at these forums, just thought I'd tell you the rares I got in my Light and Darkness box. I didn't preorder it, so no Kairi promos. I'm going in numerical order. 2x Dark Riku(1 non-foil, 1 holo) Kairi(nonfoil) Aladdin(nonfoil) 2x Alice(nonfoil) The Cheshire Cat(non-foil) Jasmine(non-foil) Pinocchio(non-foil) 2x Wendy(1 non-foil, 1 holo) 2x Winnie the Pooh(non-foil) Owl(non-foil) Sephiroth 3x Tinker Bell(2 non-foil, 1 holo) Aeroga(non-foil) 2x Lord Fortune(1 non-foil, 1 holo) Ultima Weapon 2x Crescendo(1 non-foil, 1 holo) Trickmaster(non-foil) Agrabah Lv 1(non-foil) Agrabah Lv 3(non-foil) 3x Monstro Lv 2(2 non-foil, 1 holo) Neverland Lv 2(non-foil) Fairy Godmother(non-foil) Tell me what you think!
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