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  1. 40k is pretty all-encompassing alright so I'll try to break this down into themes or genres. For the Rogue Trader creepy scifi horror in space vibe - Alien Aliens Event Horizon Pandorum Doom and Ghosts of Mars (both not great to be honest) For the OMG WTF! dystopian futureshock of 40k - Dune (both the Lynch movie and the miniseries) Twelve Monkeys Mad Max 2 Logans Run Soylent Green Total Recall Starship Troopers For warp/psyker weirdness - They Live Dark City Scanners Carrie
  2. HeavensThunderHammer said: Cromwell Bootstrap said: A full MIU to plug into the guns machine spirit can kick in a +10 Note that particularly in ship combat getting ridiculous BS is still useful. With a great gunner and pilot you can run evasive maneuvers for -60 to be hit while still having a gunnery score over 100. Game breakingly good. I should know as my players did it to me. Page Reference? So of that now 154 total, anyone able to tell me how much is applicable at any one time? The backgrounds add up to +24, with 45 base, and you can buy another +20, for a starting total of +89. Is it then from this 89 that another 60 can be added? The MIU is on page 150 of Rogue Trader. Good quality adds to BS tests when interfaced. It doesn't really go into what the requirements on the machine side but I presume macrocannons would be generally MIU compatible. The extra +/- 60 is a final net modifier limit. If you have ways of taking penalties that give you a benefit (like evasive maneuvers or called shots in regular combat) then you can use more of your situational pluses to cancel out the penalties.
  3. A full MIU to plug into the guns machine spirit can kick in a +10 Note that particularly in ship combat getting ridiculous BS is still useful. With a great gunner and pilot you can run evasive maneuvers for -60 to be hit while still having a gunnery score over 100. Game breakingly good. I should know as my players did it to me.
  4. Hidaowin said: I'd grab the Warpsbane hull regardless, that reroll is just too good unless you really like Daemonic Incursions. This is wisdom. Warpsbane hull is probably the best ship component in the game.
  5. Lots of good suggestions upthread but I found them to be band-aids on a chainsword wound as I ran a campaign up to 45000 XP. It was fun at lower ranks but swiftly got to the 'Fate Point or No Effect' stage in fights. I switched the campaign to Mongoose Runequest 2 to get back the exciting and dangerous combat. One session in and had fun so far (void master got impaled by an ork choppa and missionary was almost decapitated by a deffgun). The PCs said it felt more dangerous with opposed resolution in dodges - essentially you need to roll a better dodge than your opponent for all attacks (not just semi/full auto) rather than just get under the 90%. the DH system doesn't scale very well IMO. Deathwatch is a prime example of this but high rank RT characters can be worse in some areas. I would like to see a book of optional system rules to patch this as far as possible. Still great books for the background and art.
  6. The Repulsive is nice alright. My players have an Avenger class (bought long before BK came out). The player of the RT was trying to pick up an awesome power sword (They were at an Imperial Navy Base) but kept fluffing the availability rolls horribly - I've never seen die rolling like it. In frustration he picked up his dice proclaiming he would go looking for a Grand cruiser . He found one and with awesome bargaining skills managed to generate a 6% chance of buying it. He rolled a five and sent a message to the Seneschal. 'Bought Ship. We better go and earn some money right now. If we have to make a support role for this whale we are rightly screwed.' The Seneschal asked if the new Cruiser was ready for endeavours and was told that once about 150,000 able voidsmen were rounded up she would be on her way. 'You better get right on that too,' he was told. For Weapons the advice on macrocannons upthread is on the money. With the barrage/salvo rules as written they outperform lances bigtime. Hecutor Broadsides and Sunsear Broadsides kick ass. The arc for port/starboard weapons is pretty narrow so extending the range really opens up options in targeting. Check out the quality upgrades (range and strength are pretty handy) as well as the turbo battery options in Into the Storm. A dorsal lance battery might be handy if you want the ability to do precision strikes for story reasons (hitting buildings from orbit without nuking the whole city for example) but otherwise a sunsear battery will do nicely. Someone in the crew (maybe two people) should get as awesome as possible with ballistic skill, get the +10% shooting ship weapons talent and an MIU to plug in to the ships shouty gun spirits. If they are a voidmaster with the ordnance reroll so much the better. The VM in my group got up to 73 BS basic and once destoyed a Battlecruiser and two frigates in a single rounds firing from the Avenger. Longer range weapons also increase the short range which provides a +10 to shoot. Another important feature of naval combat is controlling the speed of your ship. The strategic actions and various upgrades/components that augment speed can be awesome. Going from outside an enemies gun range to point blanking them with bradsides in one turn seems to be the key for attrition free space combat. Get good at tech-use and build a cruiser that can race destroyers and win. Torpeoes seem pretty competitive but I haven't played with them yet so am loth to recommend them on that basis. They are certainly cool and thematic though so I will recommend them on that basis.
  7. Errant said: Personally, I capped the combined salvo's hits to the highest strength of the guns used. Makes it good for a low-skill crew to use it, reduces the monstrous damage of broadsides when used by high-skill crews (ie, any of the shooty Explorers above Rank 1). Good call. I've capped the Strength of Salvos to 8 hits. As my explorers were one-shotting battlecruisers with twin mars broadsides. The players agreed as I painted a picture of every space battle ending in a space-hulking by round 2. Eventually they would lose initiative. I probably should have gone further but I didn't want to limit NPC vessels too much. With 8 hits it is still sometimes worth salvoing the broadsides against very high armour opponents and lighter frigates rocking twin sunsears are unaffected - and so can still threaten even triple voided grand cruisers a little. Since the dynasties master of ordnance has BS 73 and the void tactician talent it was getting rapidly ridiculous. Throw in some strategic action help and some RT leadership and no vessel is safe. The only time my explorers wanted lances was when they desired surgical orbital strikes. They could blow up cities but not a single building and that made them sad.
  8. Evilgm said: Weapons are Unwieldy as a balance to them doing more damage. It has next to nothing to do with how a weapon works in real life. I can understand the desire to balance things in this regard but the fix is IMO overly punitive. Particularly at high-ranking play where parries and counterattacks are a core (and often deciding) part of any melee exchange. From what I've seen these weapons are simply not being used (I'm involved in 2 DH, 1 RT and a DW game - only one 2-handed melee weapon and that was a chapter trapping so more for story) then players are voting with their feet and the balance is shifted too far against the great weapons. The extra hand required, poor concealability and greater encumbrance are also balancing factors. Not having a pistol readied can be very harsh. When I see a player wielding a power fist and a mordian power sword together very effectively I know the ruleset isn't quite emulating the 40k we are familiar with.
  9. Siranui said: *Puts on the Classical Fencing hat* A combat shield is more akin to a rotella: Strapped to the forearm. Bucklers are defined pretty much by the fact that they are NOT strapped to the arm, and are gripped by a single hand, in a fist-like grip, and are used in forward extension. A rotella keeps a hand free (sometimes), whereas a buckler does not. Bucklers are a completely different piece of kit to combat shields. More relevantly; that's just not how you ever use a sword. There's not much point in fighting with a two-handed blade and trying to use a rotella. It really doesn't work well. Better just to use the sword to displace blows. You certainly don't use it by taking your controlling hand (the left one) off your weapon. I'm trying to think of a single blow that you could block in time by taking your hand off your weapon which you couldn't have dealt with much earlier by simply moving your weapon to cut the angle off, or voided. The idea is just... wrong, in simple terms. By all means carry a done-handed weapon, combat shield, and carry a plasma pistol (or even a combat knife if you want that proper Scotsman Space Marine *ahem* I mean Stormwarden look) but a two-hander... just no. But I'm with you on retaining the renown requirement. Good points there and I think it shows some of the weakness in the way larger weapons are modelled in DW/RT/DH. Big swords are awesome at parrying IRL but get no love from the system. There is a 20% difference between parrying with a chainsword and a sacris claymore which seems a bit off. Maybe the rules are designed to simulate the oversized heroic proportions of the TT models in which case we should be happy that the characters can even lift their weapons. On the issue at hand I think dropping the power field and 10 req is probably fair enough for the mini-shield but if the end result is the same why not just make claymores balanced or remove unbalanced? As Siranui said it is difficult to envisage how the parry even works. Continuing on the weapons that don't parry well train of thought I was reading through the Inquisitor wargame recently and reread the power fist (another weapon i'm a bit unhappy with in the 40k rpgs). Its damage is in the same range as most other one-handed power weapons with extra knockback and it can parry reasonably well (it is essentially a giant arming glove I suppose) but you can attempt a trickier crushing attack by grabbing an opponent and crushing him for mega-damage (same as lascannon plus strength bonus!).
  10. If I'm reading it correctly you are looking for a way to get the Kroot character involved in morality debates and the tough decisions that often face RT command crew. That is a tough one as the Kroot are generally pretty predatory and pragmatic in outlook. I know that over time Kroot can take on some of the characteristics of the species they consume. If this particular Kroot had spent some time eating humans, eldar or Tau he could easily have picked up the beginnings of a conscience or sense of community beyond his clan or warsphere. If that doesn't work for you how about some archaeotech/psionic or xeno incident that links the Kroots mind to those of the Bridge crew briefly. Such an experience could be life-changing and create a bond between the mercenary and his new emplyer species. Good luck with it. The use and abuse of immense power and wealth are core themes in RT and it would be annoying for a player to miss out on that aspect of the story.
  11. TorogTarkdacil said: Cromwell Bootstrap said: Spoilers Finally we get a write up for Sendak Voltrasse, one of Karad Valls unwilling thralls. He is pretty messed up and scary - a zombie wizard pirate in the worst sense. He has a murder cruiser - the Promise of Sedition that is quite nippy and packs some serious plasma firepower. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NinjaPirateZombieRobot Oh, thanks for info:) Is it written/implied who are those Chaos Marines? Traitor Legions/Renegades, or even specific warband? spoiler and wild speculation alert The marines are unstatted and only referenced obliquely as huge dudes in runed and sigiled armour that accompany Vall. Whether they are his masters/handlers or servants is unclear. Vall is described as the 'Faceless Lord' and the word faceless is also used to describe the mysterious warriors. This puts me in mind of the first adventure trilogy for Dark Heresy where the big reveal at the end was the identity of the 'Faceless One', Eloeholth Palidius of Prospero. Could these guys be linked? Eloeholth appears to be out of favour with the ruinous powers but still a potent sorcerer and he could still have allies or pawns within Chaos. could valls faceless warriors be thousand sons or are they just keeping their helmets on? Perhaps a stretch.
  12. Thanks, another book I definitely have to buy. Just out of curiosity, do they describe the paint schemes of the craftworld and corsairs? The children of thorns have black hulled ships and armour Can't find anything on the twilight swords though a picture that may be the big hat has generally darkish/grey twilighty colours. Kaelor has apparently turned up before in GW fluff with paint schemes and everything http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Kaelor
  13. Mjoellnir said: What exactly is there about Eldar? We get a craftworld (Kaelor) with a darker than normal background - a recent civil war harking back to the excesses of the fall. There is a big writeup on the Twilight Swords who appear to be pirates primarily from Kaelor or at least loosely allied with the craftworld. There are stats for a Twilight Swords leader who is a pretty lethal void-swashbuckler as well as a whole page devoted to the memory of lament - a tricked out eldar light cruiser which is the ultimate glass cannon - in theory it could close to point blank with an imperial cruiser starting from outside the cruisers range and then one shot the poor lunar class with some good rolls on its pulsar lances. There is a little bit on the children of thorns who appear to be spiky dark eldar pirates. We see more on the Crow Spirits who seem to be independent operators who fight everyone dark eldar, not-dark eldar, humans etc. and have some kind of goal related to an ancient menace that feels a lot like the necrons. We are in the Halo stars after all. We also get stats for a Crow spirit badass who is even more badass than the previous swashbuckler. Could have used a psyker perhaps but might have taken up too much space. Finall there are some ideas for endeavours and misfortunes relating to the eldar.
  14. guest469 said: >Dragon-Ogres Dragon Ogres are giant. Is there any resemblance between the Rak'Gol and the centauroid Zoats? >"He has a murder cruiser - the Promise of Sedition that is quite nippy and packs some serious plasma firepower. " What weapon mounts does it have? Are there any new ship classes statted? This could be a sneak peek into what Battlefleet Koronus has in store for us! They are pretty large (2.5m, 175 kg) and have 8 appendages and can alter their stance to use between 4 and 8 limbs for moving about. Possibly a little too insectoid for zoats and their background hints strongly at a Yu'Vath connection putting them in the Chaosy camp I reckon. The murder has the same mounts as the Lunar (Prow and 2xD/S). We only get the stats for the completed vessel rather than the base hull numbers but with a bit of number crunching and some guestimating you should be able to get ballparks for the Avenger grand cruiser, Murder cruiser, the Ignis class cruiser and the Exchequer class merchant as well as a bunch of xeno vessels. Looking forward to Battlefleet Koronus. The missionary-turned-inquisitor in my game is trying to put a fleet together, call it Battlefleet Koronus and use it as the stepping stone to declaring the Koronus sector with the lord-captain as governor and himself whispering behind the throne. Ambition does know no bounds. Stats for winterscale will definitely be useful....
  15. Spoilers There is more info on the Saynay and Karad Vall in particular. This guy (who is not given stats disappointingly) appears to have some Chaos marines in tow and looks like he could be an excellent big bad for a campaign. He is possibly searching for something in the expanse which cannot bode well. I'd expect to see more on this chap in future supplements. There is a large section containing chaos psyker powers - curses, pain touch, daemon summoning and so forth, all pretty nasty. We also get a guide to sorcery - much rehashed/converted from Dark Heresy but definitely useful and we see stats for a Saynay Sorcerer to show these rules in action. There are two write-ups for Daemons - a bladey type assassin favoured by the Saynay for slotting their enemies, dangerous and skilled. However he is eclipsed by the greater Daemon who is a walking nightmare TPK of doom. You better have a missionary with a holy power fist around if this guy gets through the Gellar field. Finally we get a write up for Sendak Voltrasse, one of Karad Valls unwilling thralls. He is pretty messed up and scary - a zombie wizard pirate in the worst sense. He has a murder cruiser - the Promise of Sedition that is quite nippy and packs some serious plasma firepower.
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